A sad story about the Domain Hijacking of buddhistmala.com and tibetanmala.com

trademarked name

Our registered domain from the USPTO, from 2005

These web store domains, are both our original mala bead store from Boulder Colorado, USA, and we have been in business since 2005 and tibetanmala.com since 2004.

Sadly, some one of our competitors saw that we were #1 on Google and decided to register the same domain names, or ones confusingly similar. One company in Nepal ( a previously trusted supplier and friend we thought), registered our exact same domain, but with the suffix of “.np!” Another took our domain and added a hyphen, and ship out of China at exorbitant prices. Another company outside of the US, registered a similar domain that we recently trademarked, and have tried everything including stealing our exact page titles and naming their images and google bombing “buddhist mala” to try to gain higher Google indexing. For some time, Google saw that we had the exact same page names and it was serious problem for our small artisan company, that has since resolved, wheh!

Please do not support these unethical companies, we have tried to have our legal team file URDP disputes but they are all overseas and it’s near impossible to prosecute. If you do shop there, please do not confuse them with us. During the Holiday we got a very upset letter from a customer who thought that they were buying from us in the USA, buddhistmala.com, only to have a low quality item shipped from China, here is what she said:

Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 19:09:08 -0500 Download Re: please send mailing address for return.msg
From: Nicholas M.
To: Dawn Boiani <info@buddhistmala.com>
Subject: Re: please send mailing address for return

I feel very bad and also very angry about this. It is a loss of a sale for your business and a very aggravating situation for me.. I need to jump through allot of hoops to have these returned. I feel this is really a case of fraud. Is there any way that you can place a warning on your website to make sure customers use the correct website to place an order. My husband is buddhist, and to have Malah beads made in China is really offensive. . I am sorry for your business and for myself, I’m not sure that I can return this purchase. You probably should pursue legal action regarding this abuse of your website. You lost a 268.00 sale. And I will probably have to eat this also.

Marlene M.

On Dec 27, 2014, at 4:38 PM, Dawn Boiani <info@buddhistmala.com> wrote:

> Not our order we are buddhistmala.com that company in China stole our domain, we thought about taking action against them.
> Dawn Boiani

However, since we have a strong, fair and ethical business, with lovely US made malas prayer beads, A+ rated by the BBB, our sales are ever increasing, and people type in our original root domain far more than these fakes, so we are just fine. We just wanted to forewarn our dear customers so that the above does not happen to you. Warmest New Year Greetings to everyone, and thanks for your loyalty and support!