Buddhist Mala Beads without Tassels!

Buddhist Mala Beads without Tassels!
We just started to offer mala prayer beads without tassels, and now have a LapisMala on sale this week-
Check them out here:

We still prefer to make malas with tassels, so that we can use the durable, state of the art cable- soft flex-
What experiences with malas breaking or lasting the longest have people had?

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  1. DM Sandberg says:

    *SUMMER SERVICE NOTICE- We will be away on retreat from June 8th until the 22nd and August 13 through Sept.16th and can process orders before or after these dates. We are honored to be able to attend a month long meditation retreat with our Tibetan Buddhist Teacher Tsoknyi Rinpoche- please see his website here:
    http://pundarika.org/ Please do help to support us by purchasing before or after our retreat dates, proceeds will support our retreat practice and thank you so much!


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