Custom Designed Malas- Away Notice Update

Custom Designed Malas will be available this week only, and again when our custom designer returns from a trip on Aug. 18th. Our store will be fully open while our designer is away. If you were intending to order a made to order mala, now’s the time!


Click images to ENLARGE.

On the next page, you can choose:

What should we use? Stone/ Material Type  info
How would you like the end? Tassel Color, Snakeknot Colorinfo or Beadknot/ Adjustable Knot info
Metal Spacing Beads? Silver Color, Golden Brass Spacers  info or no Spacers
Bell & Dorje Counters? Sterling Counters info or Metal Counters info
What type of mala would you like? Mala Type info (Marker Placement)
Interval bead color? Marker and Guru Bead Stone Choice info (Not all stones are available)
Free Pouch or Japanese Brocaded Pouch Upgrade info

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