Antique and Specialty Tibetan Mala Beads

These special malas are specially crafted for beauty using rare materials and many are unique in design! Some days you need to treat yourself to something unusual and designed with great thought and consideration that are far from ordinary. From genuine Baltic amber malas to old bodhi seed malas, there are plenty of antique and specialty Tibetan mala beads we have custom designed and carefully crafted that are ready to be sent directly to you. For more a modern look, Swarovski crystal malas and rose quartz malas also provide a gorgeous and artful addition to one’s spiritual journey. Should any of these not be exactly what you are looking for, we also have a special custom mala design service, where our expert staff will use your personal design to create a mala unique to you with all the care and attention it deserves. If we don’t have the beads you want, we can use those you send to us to complete the beautiful creation of your dreams.

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