Guru Beads and Other Meditation Accessories

In addition to malas, we provide a variety of accessories to enhance your meditation practice.

Scarves and Shawls

Use our soft, cozy prayer shawls or scarves for added comfort and warmth. These silky, light patterned, pastel-colored scarves are an ideal complement to your practice.


Incense is a powerful way to bring one’s mind to center via its pleasant aroma. We feature Shoyeido Incense blends made with a decades-old formula. Incense is ideal for  mediation, casual enjoyment or formal gatherings. Consider Cherry Blossom incense with its artfully combined rhubarb, clove, cinnamon, herbs and spices. The rhubarb adds a pleasantly tart quality that stimulate the senses. Gift-boxed sets are also available.

Mantra Counters

Mantra counters help keep track of the number of repetitions. Counters can be placed on the mala by pulling the counter through the loop, or used separately.

Mala Pouches

Silk mala pouches are great for keeping malas protected when not in use. Choose from our zippered pouches with a coin, Japanese brocade or drawstring pouches. Most of our necklace malas are offered a free mala bag!