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8mm Green Sandal Wood Mala Beads

SKU: MA-42

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  • Fair Trade Imported Prayer Beads/ Jewelry
  • Hand Crafted from Natural Materials
  • 8mm Beads unless otherwise noted  
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About this Mala:

108 8mm Green Sandalwood beads, with jade prosperity emblem with handcrafted knot of eternity end or dharmachakra knotted end.

About Green Sandalwood:

Not a real "sandalwood," it is a lovely, green hardwood, usually boxwood or Vera Wood used as a more affordable alternative as sandalwood continues to become more expensive due to limited supplies.

*These are imported and as with all imported items, our Sakura Designs 30 day craftsmanship guarantee is waived. Silk pouches not included and offered separately.

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