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Ruby Zoisite Mala

SKU: MA-102

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  • Made in the USA by Sakura Designs, unless otherwise noted
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  • Craftsmanship Guarantee, 30 Day Warranty for our Malas  
  • Sakura Designs hand-selects natural materials used in crafting each mala
  • 108 main counting beads with various additional markers on full Malas
  • Our beads are carefully "calibrated," to ensure regularity, and range from A to B grade
  • Traditional 8mm beads, and approx. 18-21" long (36" circumference) unless otherwise noted
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Price: $49.95

About this Mala:

108 8mm Genuine Ruby Zoisite beads, an Aventurine Jade guru bead, turquoise and silver markers, finished with a beaded adjustable knot.

About Zoisite:

Zoisite belongs in the epidote mineral group, and comes in many colors, transparent varieties making good gemstones. It is named after an Austrian scholar Sigmund Zois. In metamorphic rocks, it sometimes forms with ruby inclusions.

Healing Properties:

Zoisite: energy for growth and fertility in the physical world, and development and rebirth in one's spiritual self. Ruby in zoisite adds the energy of passion, courage and vitality to aid in one's journey through life.

Aventurine: Circulation, blood disorders, thyroid. One may get very happy when one wears this stone. One may also use this to help clear congestion/allergies.

Made in the US by Sakura Designs. Free Mala Bag!

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