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You’re ready to experience radical shifts…

to surge towards the next phase of growth in your life and business.
You want to soar the way you know you’re meant to. You’re ready to drop the struggle and activate abundance in every area of your life.

You know you’re ready to stop settling for mediocre and for what everyone else is doing, and to bust through those lingering blocks into bliss. You’ve got a burning desire for more wild adventure and delicious experience and are ready to turn up the volume on what you want.

You want to be tapped in, turned on, tuned into the power that pulses within you.

You’re a catalyst for change, here to make an impact in the world, and create an income to match.

You’re ready to stop hiding, step up and let your light blaze.
And you want to feel on fire about your life and business / career every day.

Who you are…

A spiritual life and success coach, speaker, author and actor.

I support female entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders – like you – to create a higher income and impact; using powerful mBIT (multi-brain integration training) coaching, embodied wisdom and the Law Of Attraction.

I’m here to help you in becoming the highest expression of yourself. Because you deserve everything you’ve ever wanted, and so much more.

It’s time to drop the struggle and focus on flow, strategy and soulful connection, business and bliss – that’s where it’s at. I’m here to support you in consciously creating the kind of lifestyle you want to kiss – where you’ve stepped into your Pinterest board, become the woman you’ve always wanted to be, and are living out the vision you once only dreamed of!

You’re the kind of woman who likes to play by her own rules, and you’re sick of the ‘should do’s’ from every ‘expert’ out there. You want to be more, do less, and create your dream clients and opportunities through living and leading by example, instead of hunched over at your desk pushing and forcing. You want to get out of your head and into your heart more, to connect with who you are and share it with power, purpose and focus, instead of in a busy and exhausting frenzy.

I see you and what you’re truly capable of. And I’ll lovingly challenge you into reaching that full capacity. I’m deeply intuitive and I’ll hold the space for you to go to the depths of your blocks, and I’ll call you on your bs whenever I feel it’s required.

Hey, I’m Louise George!

Feel ready to do what it takes to UPGRADE to new levels of abundance, authenticity and power in every area of your life

My coaching requires you to:

Be prepared to LET GO: of old stories, old patterns of behaviour and your limits

Bring the OPENNESS usually reserved for yourself at 3am: deep-rooted beliefs, burning desires, inner enquiry

Learn to leave your ego at the door and become reconnected with your intuition, your soul, your SUPERPOWERS

Be open to having bold requests made of you and your life and taking the INSPIRED ACTION to match

Drop the struggle and surrender to a simple, streamlined and SOULFUL approach to success

If you’re DONE with settling, are ready to be challenged on your limits, and want to not only access but exceed your full power, I’m the coach for you.

You’ve already achieved a level of success but are scared of burnout.

This is for you if:

You’ve got the enthusiasm, the skills, the passion, but it isn’t translating into the lifestyle, freedom, way of working or reward you truly envision.

You’ve done so much inner work, but you’re still unsure what’s blocking you.

You find old relationships no longer serving you but you’re afraid of letting go.

You’re overwhelmed with all the information on what you ‘should’ be doing, and have forgotten to listen to what YOU want, what feels good to YOU and makes your own rules

You know you’re ready to get to the next level but you’re unsure what that level is.

You’re exhausted by pushing and striving and you’re ready to drop the struggle and reconnect with your soul and your superpowers.

You know you’re capable of so much more but something is still holding you back.

You know you’ve got money blocks that need to be uncovered, busted and eliminated once and for all, for higher financial freedom and confidence.


Discerning or judging what is true or right… for YOU! Connecting to your wisdom.


Wise, Wild, Wealthy Coaching

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