Featured Buddhist Mala: White Jade Malas Beads

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    • Economical imported malas from Sakura Designs
    • Supporting developing countries with FAIR TRADE
    • 108 Beads, natural materials with various markers
    • Durably Strung on Nylon

    8mm White Jade, Lapis and Silver Tibetan Mala

    Was: $49.95 Now: $39.95

    8mm White Jade Malas beads, with Lapis and pewter filigree markers, finished with a snakeknot, and real, three holed white jade guru bead. These white jade beads have subtle bands and are similar to lace agate (Chalcedony).(Current design features silver markers) Free Mala Bag Included! All malas with tassels have a 30 day craftsmanship guarantee to protect from breakage. Complimentary Silk Mala Bag included!

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