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Featured Mala: Find Focus and Reach Your Goals With Quartz Crystal and Black Onyx

It’s been great to use our stay at home time for meditation and mantra practice. Finding focus and balance in today’s chaotic world can be a challenge for even the most organized among us. The Faceted Crystal Mala contains a blend of quartz crystal and black onyx to produce a grounding, clarifying, and balancing mala to help you feel energized and ready for whatever the day brings. These are hand-cut faceted genuine crystal, that refract a rainbow of light. They are offset with 18k gold plated spacers and a natural cotton tassel. We offer a complimentary brocaded pouch too.

Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystals are sometimes referred to as the “master healers.” These clear minerals are able to absorb and regulate the energies surrounding them. So, if you are looking to kick a bad habit or start a new goal, quartz crystal is an excellent companion. Another benefit of quartz crystal is its ability to improve one’s concentration and focus.

Quartz crystals are considered important to the art of Feng Shui. In this ancient Chinese practice, quartz crystals are placed in strategic locations to create a more harmonious space. Placing a quartz crystal in a small room or hallway with few windows can generate and circulate new energy into the room. You may be surprised by how such a small change can invigorate a space!

Black Onyx

An excellent complement to quartz crystal is dark and moody black onyx. Black onyx has been used widely throughout history. It is folklored to provides strength, vigor, and stamina which is why it is an excellent stone for during labor. Historically, Indians and Persians would place a black onyx stone on a pregnant woman’s belly during labor to reduce her labor pains and ease delivery. Because of its ability to protect and boost courage, it was carried during battles in ancient Roman times.

Black onyx’s strength and protection against negativity paired with quartz crystal’s ability to amplify surrounding energies creates a powerful duo to help you tackle any challenge or new goal. With the Faceted Crystal Mala, you can wear both of these hard-working stones wherever you are. Our designs are well strung and durable, come with a 30 day guarantee.

To learn more about our wide selection of exquisite crystals and gemstones, check out our blog. Find the perfect mala bracelet or necklace for your meditation and mantra needs over at our store, Sakura Designs.

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