Our 10th Anniversary Celebration and new website reveal!

2015 Marks our 10th year  at BuddhistMala.com and we are making over our whole site, here’s a sneak peak- please stay tuned! https://www.buddhistmala.com

new website for mala beads

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* Offer only available on sales during the 24 hour window- not good on sales prior to or after sale. Cancellation of previous orders and attempts  to reorder using sale coupon not permitted. Thank you all for your kind support and Warmest Holidays from buddhistmala.com.

Mala Prayer Beads with Knotted Ends

Tassel Malas are the strongest and most traditional, but beads with adjustable knots stay cleaner and you can open and close to adjust!


JUNE 27, 2014 We asked customers to write about their best, natural personal or spiritual inspiring stories! Raul won an Aventurine Jade Mala!

Raul B. WINNER! 

“I had bought a mala about a year ago. However, I had never really been serious about making use of it, and it just sort of sat around. Many things were not going my way, and I was suffering from depression. This depression had me isolate myself from friends, and made me unwilling to try to connect with new people or join groups. I would go to my apartment right after my classes had finished, not seeing anyone or talking to anyone the rest of the day. One day a good friend of mine invited me to have lunch with her, which I decided to go to. During our conversation, in which we were catching up, my friend jokingly suggested that I must have had some kind of terrible luck with all the events that were unfolding in my life. It then struck me at that moment that it was a matter of karma, not bad luck. The next thought that came through my head, was well… how does one reduce the bad karma? Ah yes, the mala that I’ve had lying around for awhile! It was that night that I began my practice using the om mani padme hum mantra. I began slow, just one round of the mala beads that night. The next day I could feel something different in not only my state of being, but my environment, everything felt a bit lighter. The following night I ramped it up to three rounds and also set some intentions prior to the mala meditation. The following day, everything seemed even lighter, and I felt a sense of wellness, peacefulness, and bliss. It had been quite a while since I have had these feelings, and I was astonished! Everyday seemed to get better and better. The negative events that were happening ever-so-often in my life had stopped. People seemed friendlier, and things started to go forward in a much better direction. It had been a few weeks that I had been practicing my mala meditation, with the intentions I had set. For some reason it dawned on me to look up the music ensembles in my university. I was attracted to one called Mayupatapi, an andean music ensemble. At the time I had no idea why I was so attracted to this group and felt a general sense of excitement at the thought of joining. Right away I emailed the instructor of the group and was welcomed in. It was in this group that I found the most amazing, loving people that I share so much in common with. This was one of my intentions, to find a group of loving people that I can be around with. Since then I have opened up (I used to be quite shy). The little things that used to bother me, no longer do. I no longer suffer from any type of depression. I constantly encounter positive people and events. My life has changed, and I am ever so grateful.”


Mini Mala Collection- Imported

  • Made in the USA by Sakura Designs, unless otherwise noted
  • Free Brocade Mala Bags with Malas made by Sakura
  • Craftsmanship Guarantee, 30 Day Warranty for our Malas
  • Sakura Designs hand-selects natural materials used in crafting each mala
  • 108 main counting beads with various additional markers on full Malas
  • Our beads are carefully “calibrated,” to ensure regularity, and range from A to B grade
  • Traditional 8mm beads, and approx. 18-21″ long (36″ circumference) unless otherwise noted

Only One! Walrus Fossil Ivory Mala with Gaspeite


About this Mala:
108, 8mm real, Eco-Friendly Alaskan Walrus Ivory beads, with Gaspeite and Turquoise markers. 8mm beads with an adjustable knot to finish this amazing and special, one of a kind mala!

About Walrus Fossil Ivory:
This beautiful mala material originates from Alaska. The color range is creamy ivory with brown outer skin. Fossilized Walrus Ivory is excellent for inlay, cabochons, bead-making and carving. One of the few types of ivory available today that does not endanger a living animal; it is found in melting glaciers in Alaska and the Siberian tundra, and comes from either walrus, mastodon or mammoth that were sacrificed for food and tools in ancient times, when they were not in any ecological danger. Prehistorically, this material was utilized by the Eskimo to make tools and utensils; from harpoons to sled runners, ivory was considered a gift from the gods.
Healing Properties:
Turquoise: Turquoise is known as a master healer stone, with the ability to repair physical injury, mental strife and even past life trauma. Turquoise healing properties promote communication and will help solve petty arguments and resolve hostilities. It can also help people who wear it to gain wisdom. Turquoise healing properties can even protect the wearer from harm by absorbing negative influences.

Fossil Ivory: Many consider ivory useful in stimulating and strengthening the entire skeletal structure, stimulating the pattern of bone tissue regeneration, particularly the enamel on the surface of the teeth, as well as helping one to exert inner discipline through strength and tenacity. It alleviates anger and frustration; opens the third chakra, aligning the emotional body with the etheric body to allow penetration on a cellular level. The primal energies of fossil ivory are very soothing, and therefore aid in meditation as well as past life work.

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Did you know that we are wholesale to the public?

Did you know that we are wholesale to the public? We have ongoing coupon codes for volume orders-


Wholesale Mala Bead Discount Pricing

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BuddhistMala.com Wholesale Site

Custom Designed Malas- Away Notice Update

Custom Designed Malas will be available this week only, and again when our custom designer returns from a trip on Aug. 18th. Our store will be fully open while our designer is away. If you were intending to order a made to order mala, now’s the time!

Natural Cotton Tassel Malas…Still the Best!

108 aventurineTraditional malas with tassels, still the sturdiest! Before this recent trend with knots at the end of malas, almost all had tassels. When you choose a tassel mala, we are able to use very durable nylon line or cable that really lasts, our tassels are 100% cotton and beautifully crafted. Tassel malas are still, by far, our best sellers. Like this AVENTURINE 108 BEAD MALA WITH TASSEL

Buddhist Malas and Gemstone Prayer Beads (Tassel)

All our quality and genuine Buddhist mala prayer beads are made in the USA from semiprecious gemstones with natural cotton tassel and includes Free Mala Bag!

More Yoga Malas Just in!

Introducing Yoga Japa Malas (for wearing too!)

Yoga Jewelry by Sakura Designs
Press Here to Find Yours

Japa Mala Riverstone & Magnesite

Japa Mala- Peruvian Opal & Riverstone
These earth colored Riverstone Japa Malas will remind you to be grounded to mother earth. Press Here to Find Yours

Summer Sale and New Website


aventurine malachite

Good Morning! We have just redesigned our site and are offering a Summer Discount- use coupon code ‘summer13’ for 10% off of all orders over $100 – Mala Necklaces

Please also offer feedback with our new design ~  and thanks to all!!

Our New Site will be revealed…soon!

We should be ready to uncover our new, updated site from Buddhistmala.com this week. We are excited to offer a fresh design with larger images and a very clean layout, as well as a new collection of Yoga Malas. We sincerely thank you all for your many years of support and appreciation, we love what we do. We have been making malas here in Boulder, Colorado, USA since 1993!

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Yoga Beads- New Japa Malas! ♥

Mala Beads Rudraksha Turquoise and Carnelian 108, 8mm real Rudraksha beads with pearl silver, and citrine – Karuna is the Sanskrit term for Compassion of the heart. Complimentary Silk Mala Bag included!

Black Onyx and Gold Mala Beads



NEW! Black Onyx & Gold Mala- Adjustable



Price: $65.00


Black Onyx: Black stone in the Feng Shui tradition is considered “Yin” and is folklored to help with emotional protection and increased power. It is associated with the root “chakra” and can be grounding. Onyx is mined in the US, Italy and Mexico. The color of black is also used extensively in Zen Buddhism, and connotates “emptiness”. Enjoy the richness of this mala, appropriate for men or women. Complimentary Silk Mala Bag included!

All of our malas are handmade to order, here in the US.

  • Made in the USA by Sakura Designs
  • Free Brocade Mala Bag
  • Craftsmanship Guarantee
  • Sakura Designs hand-selects the materials used in crafting your mala.
  • Finished with a Tibetan Snakeknot, 108 main counting beads with various additional markers.
  • Our beads are carefully “calibrated,” to ensure roundness and regularity, and range from A to B grade. Traditional 8mm beads, and approx. 18-21 inches long (36″ circumference).




Featured Buddhist Mala: White Jade Malas Beads

  • agate_lapis_mala2.jpg

    Click images to ENLARGE.
    • Economical imported malas from Sakura Designs
    • Supporting developing countries with FAIR TRADE
    • 108 Beads, natural materials with various markers
    • Durably Strung on Nylon

    8mm White Jade, Lapis and Silver Tibetan Mala

    Was: $49.95 Now: $39.95

    8mm White Jade Malas beads, with Lapis and pewter filigree markers, finished with a snakeknot, and real, three holed white jade guru bead. These white jade beads have subtle bands and are similar to lace agate (Chalcedony).(Current design features silver markers) Free Mala Bag Included! All malas with tassels have a 30 day craftsmanship guarantee to protect from breakage. Complimentary Silk Mala Bag included!

Featured: Pearl and Rhodochrosite Mala


Click images to ENLARGE.
  • Made in the USA by Sakura Designs
  • Free Brocade Mala Bag
  • Craftsmanship Guarantee
  • Sakura Designs hand-selects the materials used in crafting your mala.
  • Finished with a Tibetan Snakeknot, 108 main counting beads with various additional markers.
  • Our beads are carefully “calibrated,” to ensure roundness and regularity, and range from A to B grade. Traditional 8mm beads, and approx. 18-21 inches long (36″ circumference).

Pearl and Rhodochrosite Mala

Was: $69.95 Now: $59.95

Pearl and Rhodochrosite Mala with tassel. Complimentary Silk Mala Bag included!

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glass_power_bead_l3.jpgWrist Mala Clear Crystal
bell_dorje_counters1.jpgCounters Bell & Dorje Red
custom_designed_mala1.jpgCustom Designed Mala

New- 14mm Large Phoenix Eye Polished Bodhi Mala


Click images to ENLARGE.
  • Economical imported malas from Sakura Designs
  • Made in the USA
  • 108 Beads, natural materials with various markers
  • Durably Strung on Nylon, Free mala bag!

14mm Large Phoenix Eye Polished Bodhi Mala

Price: $85.00

14mm Very, Very Large Polished Bodhi Mala, about 62″L. These high end Bodhi beads with Phoenix Eye are gorgeous, laboriously hand cut and polished to bring out the natural beauty. Carnelian Markers, complementary mala bag included.(these are not Lotus seeds)

Spring Sale!

Sakura Designs

Handcrafted Prayer Beads from BuddhistMala.com

Spring 2012


10% off  orders over $100 until Friday!

(April 13)

Just input coupon spring2012 into your cart after $100  has been added.

We have our new spring line of mala prayer beads here: SEE NEW DESIGNS 

“Simply let experience take place very freely, so that your open heart is suffused with the tenderness of true compassion.”
Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Wholesale to the Public!

To Our Sakura Designs Customers,flower Wholesale to the public! Buy many malas for your own collection, gifts or for sale at your local gift store or Dharma Center. We offer many low priced mala designs ranging from simple sandalwoods to the finest gemstones or one of a kind pieces. Since these are made by us in the USA or directly imported, we offer the lowest possible prices for the quality of craftsmanship and materials, shipped quickly from the US.

If you have any questions, comments or you wish to discuss special orders, feel free to contact us at info@buddhistmala.com

To make a wholesale mala order online, please add your items and quantities to your shopping cart, at checkout you will be prompted to enter a “Coupon Code:”, enter (only one) of the appropriate codes listed below based on your subtotal, and your order will automatically be discounted the appropriate wholesale percentage discounts.
*Only one coupon per order, please, multiple coupon usage will result in your order being canceled with a 3% cancellation fee. Our specialty, antique/ One of kind malas (Malas over $125) are not offered discounts, and should not be included in the minimum price tiers for discounted orders.
*Large volume orders of gemstone malas that we have to make to order are not refundable/ returnable (unless we make an error!), since we have to special order materials. Please order a sample first if need be. Thank you!

Wholesale Mala Bead Discount Pricing

Order more thanDiscount %Coupon CodeYour Cost

Thank You

We are honored to be of service~

BuddhistMala.com Wholesale Site

A Mala Made…Just for you!

Freshwater Pearl Mala Beads

We are bringing back our custom design option this week!  See Here!

Custom mala, made just for you! If you’d like a mala custom designed from any of our existing semiprecious stones, seeds or bone (most are 8mm), we’d be happy to make one. There are many options to choose from, so for detailed info, visit the the links below, and for more info Click Here There is a drop down menu for each of these items on the next page. There is a base fee of $20 for a custom mala, and each option is an “add on.” We can offer only designs from the menu below only. (If the choices seem overwhelming, you can always keep it simple, and purchase one of our well-crafted malas, just as photographed.) Read more

Photos from our Meditation Retreat!

Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang Crestone ColoradoMonth long retreat in Crestone and Trungpa Rinpoche bringing Dharma to America

I just returned from a month long retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche in Crestone, CO. It was a great integration of practice and teachings. During the first week Rinpoche gave three empowerments from the Chokling Tersar cycle of teachings – a Guru Rinpoche,  Vajrasattva and a Tara. (here’s a link to more on Chokgyur Lingpa

The Life of Chokgyur Lingpa (PDF version)

Month long retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Crestone, COMonth long retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Crestone, CO

For the next three weeks we moved to a Tibetan tent on Pundarika land where Rinpoche taught on Gampopa’s “The Precious Garland of the Sublime Path”.  This text includes lots of 10 things to do and not to do on the path…10 useless things, 10 ways to destroy yourself, 10 necessities, etc.(a big change from Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s usual Dzogchen teachings), but all in all, a very practical guide to the three Yana path. Outside of the 3 hours of daily teaching in the big tent we practiced another 7 hours divided into 3 sessions in our own locations. I personally find this kind of retreat, based on the Tibetan yogi camp style of daily teaching and isolated personal practice, the perfect way to assimilate the dharma.

For some reason the underlying theme of the retreat was summarized by this quote from Buddha that we found one morning on our zafus, “My dream-like form appears to dream-like beings to show the dream-like path to dream-like enlightenment.” Read more

Welcome to Buddhist Mala.com!

Welcome to BuddhistMala.com/ Sakura Designs LLC. Please submit any questions you have here about how to use mala, gemstone qualities or properties, or how to make your own mala. Our staff can usually help, and please, if anyone had any thoughts, don’t be shy!