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What is Enlightenment? Series Part 4.- The Afterlife?

What really happens when we die, we would all love to know once and for all. Is there an afterlife? A young Colorado dharma woman passed away last year, and I read some her last beautiful and poignant words to us again and again that I’d like to re-share here: “As I feel the time […]

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What is Enlightenment? Series Part 3.- Taoist Shangqing, Supreme Clarity

Shang-qing Taoist Enlightenment A Look Inside the Most Mystical Lineage of Taoism   History of Shangqing The Chinese term TAO translates as “The Way.” This Chinese character is a combination of two ideas meaning “walk and head.” It is an esoteric term that refers to the source of all life, movement, existence and nonexistence. According […]

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What is Enlightenment? Series Part 2.- Questioning “Spiritual Evolution”

I am an ardent, rigorously honest, spiritual seeker, the owner of Sakura Designs, and offer Mala Beads for meditation and yoga. I have a degree in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and with a minor in Buddhist Studies, and have been looking to find a viable spiritual path since I was a teen. I’ve recently […]

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What is Enlightenment? Series Part 1.- Looking

During the recent global religious scandals I’ve been reflecting on what it really means to me as a meditation and yoga practitioner to attain enlightenment. I’ve been a spiritual seeker since I was 16 years old and devoted a good part of my life as the owner of Sakura Designs to meditation, yoga introspection and […]

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Our 10th Anniversary Celebration and new website reveal!

Our 10th Anniversary Celebration and new website reveal! We are grateful for so many years in business! Sakura Designs is an offshoot from, the parent company, split in 2006. The owner, Dawn Boiani was starting her family, and a full scale Dharma Supply company was too much to run. She thought she’d make a […]