About Mala Prayer Beads

For those interested in zen practice, or a beautiful accessory crafted with natural gemstones that contain healing properties, we bring to you mala prayer beads in the form of necklaces. These handcrafted pieces can be easily worn in your everyday life as an instrument of self expression and as a compliment to your attire. We have an extensive variety of gemstone colors and properties to ensure that you can do just that.

Our necklace malas contain the traditional number of 108 gemstone prayer beads making them the perfect companion for your meditation and mantra practice. The craftsmen are experienced meditation practitioners that ensure each piece is created from only the best materials, including a durable cord and quality gemstones. The cord may be adjusted so the length is to your taste.

Take some time to browse through our large selection of necklace malas to find the one that focuses on a chosen quality in your life, whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual. Our detailed description of each piece will guide you in your journey to find your perfect mala match. You may also choose to use our extensive guide on the healing properties of our gemstones or shop for your necklace in consideration of your birthstone