cancer mala beads

Zodiac Mala Beads

All Bodhi, Lotus and Sandalwood mala beads are handcrafted by Sakura Designs in the US, unless stated otherwise. Japa and Tibetan Buddhist Malas have been used by Buddhist and Hindu yogis for centuries, these Tibetan Malas are can be used by people of any faith, and are made from natural materials such as seeds and Sandalwood.


The specific use of the beads depends upon the tradition or even the practitioner. Tibetans believe in case a mantra (a prayer) is recited 100,000 times, the practitioner will gain the wisdom and purification from the mantra practice. A mala for this specific purpose also offers counters to keep an eye on each round of recitation and something for teams of 10, as well as others could be put into keep an eye on thousands. For more information, please visit our all about mala’s page.