Fraud Fraud scam DO NOT WIRE MONEY TO THEM! FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!! THEY STOLE $948 US FROM US. HERE IS THE COMPLAINT TRANSCRIPT FROM THE Complaint Information Internet Crime Complaint Center Complaint ID: I0905150024578642We were contacted repeatedly by company to place order for merchandise. We asked them if they accept Paypal/ Credit Cards, or 1/2 down, 1/2 on receipt some method of protection for first sample order. We placed order, they sent a proforma invoice. They insisted on wire transfer only. We wired 1/2 down plus shipping = $948US and offered to pay remainder on safe receipt. Vendor refused our terms saying that entire invoice had to be prepaid by wire. We canceled order since they had changed terms by insisting on full prepayment via wire and recalled wire before it arrived in their bank account. Vendor declined recall, and phone number became disconnected after money was received. Their Paypal address has a security block. Their physical address on their website is false. We had a Representative go to address on website, no business of their name at that location posted on website. We contacted them repeatedly in attempt to get some merchandise as paid for or refund, or even send at least a photo of merchandise that they claim &”ready to ship” or one valid trade reference and they replied swearing and threatening to come here and insisting us to wire more money, or we would never get the original money back, even though our order was clearly canceled.We insisted that due to security alerts with them, we could never wire and more money and told them that if they intend to keep our funds, we would have to seek legal recourse/ file criminal changes against them. They have now kept $948 US and main number is disconnected. Please, if you have had a bad experience with them and would like to help us file an international criminal case or help us to have our monies refunded or ship 1/2 of the invoice as 100% prepaid samples and thank you. We suspect that they have no merchandise which is why they could provide no photo. They just emailed to us stating that in fact they do not have our order ready, and in previous emails their basis for not refunding us was that our order was already made. BUYER BEWARE!!!! PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, WE PRESUME THAT THEY MAY BE OUT OF BUSINESS AND IF NOT THEY CARE A CRIMINAL COMPANY AND WOULD NOT CANCEL AND REFUND OUR $948! Office: Lianxing jewelry company GB25, Liwang square, Guangzhou city Gunagdong Province, China Tel: 86-20-81390465 013826049243 E-mail: MSM : Website: Factory: Lianxing jewelry factory. Ketang Haifeng Town. Guangdong Province. Tel: 86-660-6762814