New Year’s Yoga for Weight Loss

New Years Yoga for Weight Loss

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Can Yoga Practice Help Me to Lose Weight?

It’s January, and time for New Year’s Yoga for Weight Loss. Ok we are there too, it’s after the Holidays, and we’ve stopped our family dinners, deserts, and overeating, and yet, too scared to look at our “karmic accumulation” on the scale. We must make some changes and it’s time to lose those extra pounds. Restarting our morning Yoga practice can help us to come back into inner, outer and spiritual balance where body naturally comes to it’s optimal weight. Doing yoga for fat loss is simply small application of the incredible inner and outer technology which can open doors to a lot more, and it starts with the belly.

Stoke the Digestive Fire

In case our digestion was not optimal and our capacity to convert the food to energy has slowed down during these winter months, whenever we start practicing yoga, the digestive fire become triggered to help with digestion. The conversion of foods into energy will be more effective and you will start loosing weight, we promise! Now, if this digestive fire (or Agni in Sanskrit and Ayurvedic medicine), is activated, however much we eat, we’ll find we can reduce weight. If you are practicing yoga regularly, you may even find that if you eat a bigger quantity of food, you nevertheless do not put on weight, you lose weight. Yoga rejuvenates the system and creates a fast and powerful inner well being,  that you will not continue to overeat. The healthier we get, we are naturally more attracted to healthier food, people, places and lifestyle patterns.

Upa Yoga, All Day!

There is some thing called Upa Yoga – which means startup yoga, active yoga or useful methods of doing things with self care and mindfulness. Upa Yoga is a holistic way of life that starts with a commitment to daily yoga practice, even 15 minutes in the morning. If you practice Upa Yoga methods of yoga, then physical, mental, and emotional fitness is assured, or at least we can bring out our “best selves.” You can slowly develop strength, endurance and may build some muscle tone, and most importantly, gain inner calm. You can certainly gain muscle tone and light cardio with yoga as well, so it’s a heart strengthener and life extender. We can no longer say that we are too tired or don’t have the time, our self care practice can become the basis of everything.

Better than the Gym

In yoga, we do not just focus on this muscular strength alone, like working out in a gym. Even when you’ve created more muscle, if your heart, liver and digestion are never working correctly, it’s not an effective exercise. It is extremely essential that your system is usable and flexible. We see body builders and weight lifters grow muscle mass but without flexibility, and certainly not connect to inner peace and well being. If you see individuals who’ve bulked up, they can’t do an Asana properly. Our Guru said that he looked once at the cover of a body builder magazine and said “the body looks good, but their mind is disturbed.” Upa Yoga, practiced daily is just as effective in building bodily strength as any fat training exercise, and it will not create any pointless stress on the system. Also, the gym with music blasting, our iPods on, multiple TVs., and other people, disconnects us from ourselves, whereas, taking essential, silent time alone, energizes us. Ok, tomorrow morning, from 6-7am, it’s Yoga- salute to the sun, a new year, a new day, a body transformation! Let’s do it- for 2018- New Year’s Yoga for Weight Loss.

Please reply with what inspires you and any success stories, we love to hear from you.

5 Way to Make A (Yoga Practice) Great Again for 2018

new year meditation

The colorful, light-infused, holiday season is once more upon us and with of the holidays come our beloved traditions and it’s time to Make Yoga Practice Great Again! After time with family, eating, more eating, celebrating, traveling, we then have the… both dreaded and inspiring…. New Year’s Resolutions! The source of this tradition dates all the way back into the days of the early Babylonians who wanted to begin the new year off fresh by make promises to their gods to pay debt off, return borrowed items, and clean up old “karma.”

Happiness Starts at Home

Now, hundreds of years later, many of us still keep in this tradition in a more contemporary manner, mostly for self-improvement, and sadly, resolutions seem to fade, after less than a week. However, each day is new, each year is new, and no matter what is happening in the world, peace and happiness start at home with self care. Therefore, let’s, this time, really try these 5 simple suggestions to really M.A.(Yoga Practice)G.A.!

This season we challenge you to hold yourself in charge of 5 doable resolutions instead of just one, we are going to do these too at Sakura, promise!

new year yoga



Wake up 1 hour earlier, and dedicate that quiet time to yourself.


In that morning hour, light a candle, incense or essential oil atomizer, grab your mala beads, practice meditation and yoga, no matter what.


Every day, get outside for at least 15 minutes of fresh air, sun, walking or running and nature.


Do a 30 day cleanse, we found this one, dairy free and healthy! If not, cut portions in 1/2 and drink more water, or eat 1 apple before each meal.


Make A Mind Happy Again! Feel gratitude for whatever gifts this life has, kick out negative thoughts, love well, WE create our world!


Love Ourselves to Love Others

We can really resolve to do something that might benefit our lives in a positive manner, and start anew in 2018. No matter if we are giving up one (or many) bad habits or forming brand-new and healthful ones, these simple changes can have a tremendously beneficial impact on us. The 5 changes above can bring a sense of well-being, open the heart, giving love and of ourselves and actually brings happiness!

Let’s promise to do something which will impact the ones we love, the greatest gift is our presence, and it’s hard these days with us all being “plugged in.” Even when it is the smallest gesture which may help improve someone else’s well-being, show them we appreciate them, or simply try take a small stress away. The happier we feel, it naturally radiates out. Listening and really caring about others is love, is happiness. Self care, yoga, meditation are invaluable tools for this to all happen, but we need discipline to make this time for ourselves.

One Person Can Change the World!

Finally, after we are feeling better, let’s try to make an effort to assist others. We could choose to participate in arbitrary acts of kindness like spend more time with friends and family, or volunteer wherever we feel called. Volunteering, civic or social action, even if we have only a small amount of free time might have a huge influence on of the lives of those we have touched and ours. It’s the same premise with the Holiday famed stories of “A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life and the Grinch,” even one tiny tweet, if spoken from the heart, can change the world!  Taking life and those we appreciate for granted is something all of us are guilty of in one time or another, and let’s, starting today, Make A (Yoga Practice) Great Again…

Cheers to 2018!

Holiday Blues? Try Meditation!

holiday shopping


Cures for Holiday Stress

Holiday Depression got you down… try meditation! The Holidays for many can be a stressful and for some, a poignant, lonely time. As winter sets in, memories of lost family and (for some of us) youth, the shopping craze etc. can trigger feelings that are not always wholly joyful. There are many studies on how quiet simple, sitting meditation can help to reduce stress and improve overall well being. Jon Kabat Zinn, the founder of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, was a pioneer in recognizing that mindfulness meditation might be helpful for adult patients suffering from continual pain. He developed a secular version of the Buddhism practice. He calls it “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.”  Kabat Zinn’s MBSR program has been found to reduce not just continual pain, but additionally high blood pressure level and levels of cholesterol, alleviate depression, nervousness, post traumatic stress, eating disorders and chemical abuse.

holiday blues

Depression, ADHD and Mindfulness

When we feel sad from holiday depression or otherwise, the executive functioning portion of the mind is the most vulnerable. It can especially hard in individuals who have clinical depression, unprocessed grief or even ADHD. Many people who don’t understand grief, clinical depression or ADHD believe the sufferer might be simply stupid, lazy, or unmotivated. Research has indicated that there are opportunities to rewrite the brain circuits in people who have depression. A study on the meditation as a treatment for adults and teens with depression or ADHD was published in the Journal of Attention Disorders. One benefit of practicing meditation is relate to difficult tasks, and become more present, and better integrated into one’s daily life. Mindfulness is defined as the moment to moment awareness of our present experience, being in kind sync with ourselves, without judgment, and can wash away depression.

winter meditation

Relaxation, although frequently induced throughout the training, isn’t the sole objective of the activity. Instead, the most important activity is a cognitive and intention based process characterized by self kindness and attention into the present moment. We can greet each moment with a loving, open and accepting orientation towards one’s experiences, no matter how loud and colorful!  Meditation can help to change attentional networks, alter serotonin levels, change neural activity, and regulate EEG patterns, so it’s really for everyone,and it’s a biochemical key to evoke happiness. This could be enhanced by using meditation recordings which include new age or soothing music, recorded mantras, entrainment and Binaural Beats which assist the individual meditating go from an alpha state to beta state.

Meditate Now!

Meditation is really easy, one can start right now.  Find any quiet place, sit with a straight back, open or close your eyes and then just notice the breath as it come in and out of the nose.  Meditation invites one into the present moment, by slowing down thoughts down and sweeping away those thoughts which are buzzing around in a busy incoherent mind that prohibits the person from relaxing. We at Sakura, practice mantra and silent meditation every day, it really is a true solace!

Mala Beads Can Help to Focus

The depressed or busy mind is likened to a screen which is rapidly turning from one channel to another. We have so much stimulation these days, especially during the Holiday! Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated, religiously oriented, dull, or expensive. There’s a myth surrounding the practice of meditation which it’s attached to eastern religion. Our mala beads, here at Sakura Designs, can be an invaluable tool in helping the mind to focus during meditation. Even though it’s true that Buddhism and Hinduism practice incorporating some form of meditation, the intention is to be in greater peace with oneself, so meditation is helpful for everyone! Warmest welcome to… yourSelf, we can master this busy season beautifully!

The Calming Power of Mantra

What is Mantra?

Depressed, Anxious these days, well we are too, when we don’t practice our manta and meditation. There’s an ancient history of chanting mantras for everything from health to prosperity, and mainly to calm our nervous system. The Calming Power of Mantra offers insight into chanting can shed some light on the advantages of this practice for those that are currently experiencing any kind of anxiety. A mantra is a sacred sound, syllable, intention or symbol, like “I Am Peace,” or “Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha.”  It might be from one word, sound or sequence of words or phases, and evokes some connection to the source of healing, inner wisdom or a divine ancestor or Goddess. Depending on the science of the Yoga lineage, mantras are like medicine, given to address a particular issue or challenge, with the hopes to offer spiritual insight, evolution and to self tara mantra

How to Practice Mantra Meditation

Proponents of  Yoga and mantra imply that the process operates by generating vibrations when a mantra is chanted by the yogini or yogi. First, find a relaxing place, sit up straight, cross legged on a cushion or a straight backed chair. Take your mala beads in your left hand. Close your eyes and let all activity settle. It is stated that while chanting, the tongue and meridian points connect on the roof of the mouth which rests the mind. Begin mantra practice by pulling one bead in connection to one mantra, starting from tegh guru bead clockwise, sliding it slightly like a abacus. Whe you get to the end, skip over the guru bead, as a sign of respect for higher wisdom, and then continue. Among the interesting, magical things about mantra chanting is that it works on our subtle or energetic body, although the chanter does not realize why. A lot of people report after they try chanting for the time discovering a change in their energy level and calmness in no time. This is the case when we do not know just what they’re saying, if Sanskrit or Tibetan is not our native language! It is possible to think of a mantra as a focal object of concentration for one’s meditation and malas are invaluable tools to stay strong in these challenging times.

candles incense

Blessed Space Blessed Mind

Just as you may meditate by looking at a candle and lighting some incense, repeating a mantra is a way to focus and calming the mind. Our minds are often busy, and yet we can only really focus on one thing at a time. Filling our mental space with a blessed mantra can push out ideas, worries and concerns which are causing anxiety. (Please remember to keep the TV and you Cell phone… off!)  Mantras also help develop awareness as their goal is to bring their focus back to their mantra whenever your mind wanders. Learning the right pronunciation of mantras could make them even more effective. If you chant out loud, but semi-audibly, you also create a physical vibration that’s said to have a number of spiritual advantages, connecting us to our natural inner stillness, as well as the “source.”

man meditating

Listening to Inner Wisdom

It’s a very individual practice, and only you will know if you’re chanting in a way that is healing and effective for you. Once we’ve leaned to listen and trust ourselves, answers to questions like how to start, how to position yourself and how long to chant will come to you with time. Some mantras are traditionally chanted a certain number about times or at specific times of their day, in a special place like outdoors or a meditation room, but again, this is something you’ll decide based on one’s own experience with mantra. Any mantra which has a calming effect is a good option if you suffer from stress, anxiety or sadness. If you have a spiritual teacher or tradition, they can also guide you as the best “mantra medicine” for your particular nature.

Love, well wishes, Om Mani and Namaste to all!

Warm up to Sagittarius Season – The Sagittarius Inspired Mala

Sagittarius mala beads

Dear fiery Sagittarius souls, it’s your time to shine! At Sakura Designs, we welcome Sagittarius season with open arms with our Sagittarius Malas. As we enter the cold season, the warm- hearted Sagittarius in your life can bring some heat! This zodiac sign is represented by the mythical Centaur, described as half-man and half-horse. The Archer boldly shoots an arrow to whatever endeavor the Sagittarius wants to take on next. The Sagittarius essence is known to be charismatic, optimistic, and a bit restless.

The Sagittarius Inspired Mala

The Sagittarius Inspired Mala is designed with care and made in the USA for the beloved Sagittarius spirit. These Mala necklaces are handcrafted with quality beads that are known for their wondrous healing properties.

Healing Properties of the Sagittarius Mala

The necklace features White Jade to cast off any negativity for the ever-positive thinking Sagittarius. White Jade is known to bring about clarity in decision making and heighten harmonious blessings for the lucky Sagittarius. The spiritual properties of the necklace capture the truth-seeking nature of the Sagittarius with Amazonite. This stone can help the wearer express their deep truths with integrity and honesty. Amazonite is a powerful influence for healing and balancing the Throat and Heart Chakras, to help the Sagittarius wearer become open and receiving to self-expression and love.

The healing stone Turquoise Magnesite  adorns the wearer in protection and luck. As the Sagittarius birthstone, the bluish-green stone captivates the wearer and all eyes that observe its beauty. Turquoise has been used for centuries in many cultures, including the regal Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt. This powerful amulet has been worn by Aztecs as they marched into battle. Turquoise has stood the test of time and we still use it today for its reparation qualities in healing the heart and soul.saggitarius-mala1

These Mala necklaces are sure to bring peace, serenity, and protection to any Sagittarius wearer. During meditation and yoga, or everyday use, Mala prayer beads are a stylish way to raise vibrations and provide healing properties.

You can also see our Sagittarius mala bracelet here. Warmest Winter wishes to all!

The Empowering Mala Necklace

Empowering Mala Necklace


Lavish in the luxurious allure of the Empowering Mala Necklace from Sakura Designs. Bestowing the wearer with healing energies and providing protection from negativity, this Mala takes action for you. The Empowering Mala showcases two essential stones that band together to create a stunning representation of personal power. Black Onyx and bluish-green Amazonite collaborate to create this remarkable necklace with special healing qualities. Not only do the stones grant the wearer the highest of vibrations, but the necklace itself is simply opulent!

Empowering Mala Necklace


Beads of Onyx stimulate the Root Chakra, grounding the wearer with physical and emotional strength and vitality. Healing the Root Chakra is crucial for the foundation of life. Safety, security, and preservation of the self are keys to having an empowered life. All negative energies are elegantly absorbed by the powerful stones, shielding the wearer completely. Each 8mm bead acts as a guardian against negative energies. The Empowering Mala banishes worry and despair with ease and grace. The elegant beauty of the black Onyx bestows the wearer and a sea of serenity and calm, untouched by stress. Decrease stress and worry and receive only the good that life has to offer!

Empowering Mala Necklace


Luminous Amazonite beads are delicately placed in between gold markers, helping them to stand out. Amazonite is another support stone that assists in communication in relationships, creates peace and dissipates stress and tension. Take chances without worry, because Amazonite is a personal lucky charm. The prosperous stone can attract new opportunities and people to the wearer. This turquoise stone calms the mind and aids in the expression of deep truths and straightforwardness. This stone balances the Throat and Heart Chakras, so the wearer of Amazonite communicates clearly and efficiently.

Create happiness and wellness in all areas of life with this Empowering Mala Necklace.

Sakura Designs offers the highest quality Mala Jewelry and are made in the USA!

Ancient Prayer Beads & Bodhi Mala History

buddha beads


Everything has a history, we are especially interested in the bodhi mala history, here at buddhistmala. Sometimes we forget that with the mundane things in life. Everything we see around us that we take for granted all has an origin story that one could call fascinating. This is about the origin of our inspired, mala prayer beads (as you would expect from us, here at Sakura!) While maybe not mundane, they are certainly colorfully storied…

The history of prayer beads for Buddhism begins like Buddhism itself in India. Mala (Sanskrit for ‘garland‘) got its start in Hinduism. A garland of flowers was offered in appreciation to spiritual teachers. Later, instead of flowers, beads were used to count mantra recitations, as an aid to meditation. They had different numbers of beads depending on the tradition.  Followers of Siva (called Shaivites) used between 32 and 108 large rudraksha beads made from the seeds of a tree native to Java (in Indonesia.) The rough and rigid seeds represented the hard life a devotee of Siva would be required to practice. Followers of Vishnu (Vaishnavites) also usually had 108 beads as well and were carved from wood from the sacred basil shrub or tulsi. In the west, Yoga traditions now will often use rudraksaha beads.

As an interesting side note, the English word ‘rosary’ is thought to have come from the Sanskrit words jap mala.  When Roman explorers came to India and were shown jap mala, they misunderstood the meaning, as ‘jap’ was the Roman word for ‘rose.’ Thus the mala was carried back to Rome as ‘rosarium’ which is the root of ‘rosary.’ So, we can see the etymological evolution of how we come to use the word rosary for prayer beads!

yogi beads

Mala typically consisted of strands of these 108 beads as well. Symbolically,  it represents the impurities that one must overcome. This reflects Buddhisms historical connection to Hinduism, which is far older. Most Monks wear 108 beads in representing the overcoming of 108 impurities, whereas others will use a 1/2 or quarter mala.

Mantras are used to calm and still the mind, to progress towards enlightenment. Buddhist prayer beads have traditionally been made from the wood or seeds of the sacred  ancient Bodhi tree. These beads age and become more beautiful over time, and have become quite costly these days, even thousands of dollars for the desired smaller sizes.  As Buddhism spread throughout Asia, it was influenced by various cultures that touched it and doing so brought on a whole new batch of materials, and we at Sakura, offer over 400 different styles, Bodhi, Woods and Gemstones.

A great source of knowledge for beads is The history of beads : from 30,000 B.C. to the present by Lois Sherr Dubin.

Next time you look at your mala, you can get a new understanding as to why they are the way they are. And a little understanding is a great thing, to appreciate your new set of sacred prayer beads! We love making them here for you, and thanks for reading!

Tiger’s Eye Astrology Mala for Scorpio

November Birthstone Mala Beads: Tiger’s Eye for Scorpio

scorpio mala

The winds are picking up, the temperatures are dropping, and the trees are shedding their final leaves: November is upon us, the month of the Scorpio. Known for their fierce loyalty, bravery, and passion, Scorpios have a reputation of being the most intense zodiac. Often misunderstood, Scorpio energy constantly changes and reinvents itself through the cycles of life, fully embracing whatever gets thrown at it. Scorpios do this by finding ways to stay grounded through the tumult. One great way to maintain a centered energy is through counting or using a physical, and a Scorpio mala bracelet or Tiger’s Eye Astrology Mala for Scorpio, is the perfect tool for doing just that. Made of smooth Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Black Onyx, and metal beads, this  necklace or matching adjustable bracelet can help manifest greater wisdom, prosperity, and healing.

November Birthstones

scorpio mala bracelet

Tiger’s Eye: Thought of as the all-seeing, all-knowing eye, Tiger’s Eye is said to help the wearer see anything, even through closed doors. Known as a power stone, it reputably for good fortune while repelling back bad fortune. As a powerful spiritual tool, Tiger’s Eye bring’s clarity to one’s inner vision and supports the wearer through changes in their life.

Black Onyx: Historically used in amulets and swords, Black Onyx was thought to protect and strengthen those wearing it in battle. Associated with the root chakra, it is a healing and grounding stone, and is a powerful symbol of strength and self-mastery. Our Black Onyx Prayer Mala Beads would be a fantastic tool for Scorpios in search of grounding.

Citrine: Often called the Merchant’s Stone, Citrine assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth. On the spiritual side, carrying citrine is helps one to accept joy and let go of negative feelings. It is particularly helpful to carry when dealing with relationships, as it promotes love and cohesion.


Scorpios and Mala Beads

Scorpio Mala Bracelet- November

Scorpio is a water sign and can thrive in situations where others may feel out of control. Mastering their own emotions—especially ones tending toward jealousy and possessiveness—is key to maintaining power and staying in control. Born leaders, Scorpios are steadfast friends and confidants, but need to be careful of over-exerting their energies. Scorpios should utilize mala beads and other mind–body tools to calm their minds and refocus their energies, allowing themselves to regroup and prepare for the next curve life throws.

Amber Mala Prayer Beads for November

amber for malas

Golden Prayer Bead Choices for November

Warm up with Golden Sunshine as it gets colder! Prayer Beads, made with one of our birthstone of the month prayer beads, are not only created to be beautiful to your eyes, but also to your yoga soul and spirit. And why not? Our prayers are messages our souls give to the great divine, so it makes sense that prayer beads are a reflection of both prayers and divine energy. Become your Lotus with one of our mala prayer beads by choosing your favorite gemstone, your birthstone or your Zodiac sun sign.

If November is your birth month, then your golden birthstone would be amber, topaz, yellow topaz or citrine, and your sun sign would be either Scorpio or Sagittarius. You may think that there’s nothing that these stones can do for you, November-born friend, but you would be surprised on how well the stones complement the Zodiac. First, a quick run-through of your blessed birthstones, and we are especially proud of our genuine amber!

genuine amber beads

  The Medicine of Amber

Our Genuine Amber Mala Prayer Beads, the beads are imported directly from Poland and is genuine, light Petrified Tree Resin, formed into beads, and we then carefully craft them into prayer beads. You can read about this process here called autoclave.

Amber autoclave preserves the inherent inclusions in the amber resin, much better than the traditonal heating methods that make the amber milky. Our amber looks like golden clear crystal, and real inclusions can be seen like in Jurassic Park. Please, do be careful of faux amber now, plastic has these disk like inclusions, and when heated smells like plastic.  As far as healing….

1. Amber Draws negative energy and disease out of the body.

2. Eases stress, allowing natural, complementary healing to take place. So, for November, it’s the best!

Amber Yellow Jade & Gold Mala

The Topaz/ Yellow Jade Solution.

1. Yellow Topaz/ Golden Jade is a powerful gem that aligns you in all of your intentions. It is the stone of faith and manifestation of divine will in your life.

2. Plain topaz isn’t so plain; it is a stone of love, joy, and good fortune, and capable of aiding you in attaining your goals. We don’t carry yellow Topaz malas, but offer yellow jade, similar in tone here.

And Finally, Citrine Prayer Beads

Citrine, the stone with the power of the sun, similar in power to amber, is also a stone that can cleanse your soul, it can also help relieve depression and help you overcome your phobias.

At the heart of November, a Scorpio is born between the 1st and the 22nd and you, Scorpio, are naturally goal-oriented so topaz, yellow topaz or citrine are perfect helpers in your chosen life’s path. For those born on November 23rd and beyond, are Sagittarians, are known to be adventuresome and independent. These qualities are also naturally enhanced by the mala Zodiac birthstones.

So, as you can see, there is much we can offer to enrich  your mind and spirit with sunny golden tones during the celebration of your birthday!

Riding the Winds Change with Yoga, Meditation and Mantra


Go with the Flow…

Sometimes it feels like change is the only constant in life, and some people are more adaptable than others.  While a go with the flow attitude is second nature to some, many feel paralyzed with indecision in the face of big changes that require life decisions. In those moments of uncertainty, something familiar and practiced will support you.  Yoga, meditation, and mantra are three options for respite.

Create your own asana sequence that brings stillness to your body. In times of stress, the body tends to contract to shield the self from an onslaught of stress whether it is mental, emotional, or physical. Spend some time exploring yoga poses that bring comfort to your body and make you feel good.  This is not a practice to test your skills. Instead, choose postures that are second nature to you. This is the comfort zone that supports your soul during times of unrest.

After practicing your sequence, settle into a meditation that focuses the mind. Meditation comes in many forms. Simply focusing on the breath is a meditation as you bring the thoughts and mind to ease and tune into your body and the universe around you.

If you have problems clearing the mind during meditation, a mantra may be helpful. Mantras are words repeated either mentally or aloud. Focusing on a word or phrase helps to eliminate errant thoughts that clutter your mind and obscure your connection to the universe. Choose a word or phrase that means something positive to you. The key is to focus; one-pointed focus is easy with a mala. As you repeat the mantra word or phrase, roll a bead between your fingers, and move to the next bead with each repetition.

Our galleries feature a wide variety of malas. Choose the beads that speak to you. You may need to meditate to decide because there are so many! Rest assured, the perfect set of beads will find their way to you. Each mala bead description provides the historical meanings and uses, but follow your instinct. For example, you may be searching for heart-healing, which leads you to a beautiful Rose Quartz Mala, but you feel drawn to this Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise Mala which is said to provide great healing. Go with the one that makes your heart sing, and ride the winds of change in peace.


How to Use a Mala for Japa Mantra Meditation

Japa Mantra Meditation and the Use of Malas



Japa Mantra Meditation is an ancient Buddhist practice where a chosen mantra is repeated out loud 108 times in Sanskrit. Japa meditation is a sound meditation. Each sound of the Sanskrit language has a unique vibration which affects the energetic makeup of your mind and body. Sound is a form of energy made up of vibrations or wavelengths. Specific wavelengths in Sanskrit have the power to focus the mind, invoke spiritual qualities, promote healing, and fulfill desires. The intention or belief you are focusing on is embedded in the sound of the Sanskrit words themselves. The word mantra comes from two Sanskrit roots:  manas, meaning “mind,” and tara, meaning “to cross.” Mantra literally means “to cross the mind.” As the mantra is repeated the energy encased in sound is released, thereby creating a specific thought pattern in the mind.For example, the mantra “So Hum” translates to “I am That,” and profoundly declares our existence and communion with the Universe at large. This mantra strengthens and balances the root chakra which is where our sense of existence lies.

To enhance your Japa meditation practice, choose a mala necklace made with gemstones that heighten individual qualities you are seeking to strengthen. Our turquoise and jasper mala necklace aids in balancing the root chakra with grounding energy giving the meditator a sense of safety and security. Japa meditation can be done alone or in a group. It can be done formally with eyes closed on a meditation cushion or informally while you are driving (with eyes open, please!).


To practice formal Japa Mantra Meditation using a mala follow these simple steps:

  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably on the floor, a meditation cushion, or a chair.
  • Hold your mala at the first bead next to the large Guru bead with your thumb and middle finger. Your index finger should point away from you, signifying the ego moving away from self during chanting.
  • Close your eyes. Take a moment to center yourself by taking several deep breaths in and out through the nose.
  • Begin repeating your chosen mantra out loud noticing the vibration of the words as you speak.
  • Slide your thumb to the next mala bead and repeat the mantra, going all the way around the necklace until you reach the Guru bead.
  • After 108 repetitions, check in with yourself and observe any shifts in your mental or energetic state.

To carry these healing energies with you throughout the day, try wearing our jasper mala bracelet. Wrist malas are beautiful reminders to repeat your Japa Mantra Meditation, bring you back to a state of mindfulness, or to pause for a moment of peace during a hectic day.


October Birthstone Mala Beads & Bracelet for Libra

About October Birthstone Libra Mala Beads

libra zodiac

Our October Libra Mala Beads  are traditionally used for prayer and spiritual practices, such as meditation and mantra recitations. The beads are normally worn around wrists, like bracelets, or dangle from fingers while repeating the mantra. Mantras are typically repeated several or even thousands of times, and the beads serve as a reminder of the count, without actually counting allowed or mentally, increasing the calm and tranquility awarded from the mantra. A special bead, the main bead, or the guru bead, is the focus of the strand. Zodiac mala bracelets focus on the qualities of the associated natural gemstone for each month. For October, Opalite is used to connect to the qualities of Opal. While mala prayer beads are traditionally Buddhist, spirituality transcends religion and becomes a necessary quality for peace and tranquility throughout the human lifetime. Using the natural gemstones to reach maximum potential in life will increase spirituality and self-awareness.

October and Opal

The natural gemstone associated with the month of October and those included in the Zodiac period is the Opal. Opal derives from the Sanskrit word upala, which means precious stone. The gemstone is used to amplify traits and pull characteristics forward for transformation and change. Opal will empower spontaneity, self-acceptance, and confidence, while encouraging creativity and understanding of true self. Opal, while amplifying both positive and negative traits, encourages the output of positivity in order to have positivity returned. Because Opal amplifies traits, it is also a stone that will increase passion within the realm of love and friendship. Opal is also protective and loving, much like a mother. Because of the protecting nature of Opal, it also provides strength and acceptance, which in turn provides empowerment for the transformation process.

Libra Mala Bracelet

libra mala beads

Every Zodiac has unique qualities and characteristics, including specific stones that are associated with the Zodiac. Opal and Aquamarine belong to October. Sakura Designs beautifully and uniquely combines the attributes of healing stones in an adjustable natural gemstone bracelet, promoting healing, prosperity, and wisdom.  The combination of  our October Libra Mala Beads: Pearl, Opalite, and Quartz Crystal is unique to the October-inspired Libra Mala Bracelet. Pearl empowers acceptance of love, and also protects as a mother would. Opalite is a gentle and calming stone, which encourages meditation and enhances psychic abilities and communication. Quartz Crystal helps to focus energy, creating a smoother path to achieving goals while enhancing the power of other stones. Using Quartz Crystal during mantra will increase the impact of the practice as the stone provides spiritual clarity.

Featured Mala of the Month: Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli Mala Prayer Beads

Deep Ocean Blue Evokes Emotional Depth

With the coming of the new Millennium also came a drastic change in how we live our daily lives. We are currently living in the age of information, of technology, and of worldly pleasures. Many of us, though with good intentions, still fall victims to the technological dangers of our era making it very easy to lose our ways and to lose sight of our values.

What ever the case may be, our Mala Prayer Beads of the Month, the Lapis Lazuli, by Sakura Designs, can help attract positive energy to bring renewed balance into your life. The beautifully rich blue Lapis Lazuli can help balance us psychologically, spiritually, and physically.

lapis slab

What is Lapis, and what are it’s healing properties?

Lapis has been mined for over 6000 years, according to the Healing Chest, so for six millennia people have admired and benefited from the properties of this indigo gem. It’s been used by royalty, priests, healers, and seekers of wisdom alike, but one does not need to fall into these categories to take advantage of the benefits.

A powerful and potent stone indeed, the stone has many beneficial properties. Very effective as a protective stone, it is often used in crystal grids in order to help be protected from negative energy. The throat chakra and the third eye chakra become activated and balanced, enhancing psychic abilities and intuition.

Lapis lazuli is also a great stone to use during meditation because it helps raise one’s consciousness and dispel negative thoughts. It helps to better align one’s self and with one’s own inner wisdom and truth, allowing us to use words more wisely, as well as to better understand the words of others. No one is perfect, and relationships can become damaged; this stone is great for all kinds of relationships because of its healing properties, and because it serves as a great gift. Among some of the sufferings it helps alleviate are depression, stress, and insomnia.

Bracelet Mala- Lapis Lazuli

This gemstone is a great ally to have by one’s side because it also has great physical healing properties. Some of the more general healing properties that everyone can, and should, take advantage of are: that it helps improve blood circulation and digestive tract movements, and that it helps alleviate headaches. For a more specialized group such as speakers and singers, it can help with vocal chords and the Larynx. You also may consider our Lapis Mala Bracelet- a best seller!

So whether you are looking to benefit from the stone’s healing properties, or you are just looking for an elegant and gorgeously aesthetic piece to wear or gift, the Lapis Lazuli Mala Prayer Beads is a great piece to add to anyone’s collection. Its deep blue color is pleasing to the eyes and to the spirit. With 108 Lapis Lazuli beads, you can have 108 allies helping to heal and protect you, and we all need that these days!

September Birthstone Mala for Virgo

sapphire mala

Oh sweet September, Virgo’s are the stars of your month! September is the months for celebrating Virgo, the kind, hardworking, and practical sign. Virgos are also known for their intellect, tend to love art, science, literature, and mathematics, and usually excel at detailed work. Why not remind yourself how amazing your mind is everyday with a beautiful mala bracelet that shows off your birthstone? Virgo’s tend to appear very practical and shy. They may get stuck on minor details but this makes them great at organization. Virgo’s don’t give into your shyness this month but shine bright and show off your style with our beautiful handcrafted mala September bracelet. This bracelet is sure to set you apart with its incorporation of lapis, citrine and quartz. The citrine may help Virgo’s open up their mind, releasing negative feelings and emotions while the quartz helps in focusing the positive energy on the tasks Virgo’s need to get done. This bracelet has the perfect pairings for Virgo’s to accomplish all their pressing and personal tasks!

Virgo Inspired Mala


Sapphire: The most traditional and thought of birthstone this month. Sapphires convey wisdom and royalty. They create mental clarity and stimulate the throat chakra.

Lapis Lazuli: This stone creates a great connection to the starry night skies and heavens. Lapis lazuli has a distinguished and ancient history from Pharaoh’s in Egypt to Russian royalty! This stone may help with headaches, cramps and sore throats. It promotes mental clarity and focus making it the perfect stone for Virgo’s when they need that added attention to details! Our Lapis Lazuli prayer beads can help any Virgo achieve all they set their mind too this month!

Sodalite: This stone is aptly named due to its high sodium content. It usually is seen in a rich royal blue. Sodalite is an assistive stone and may help heal emotional wounds. Virgo’s can feel confident making emotional decisions while wearing, The Virgo Inspired Mala. This handcrafted mala accentuates the dark blue of lapis and sodalite with wooden beads.

Virgo Mala Bracelet- SeptemberVirgo and Healing

Virgo is an Earth sign along with Taurus and Capricorn. Virgo is an adaptable and resourceful sign, known for quiet reasoning and a strong memory, but they can sometimes bottle things up.

Lapis lazuli is considered to be a stone of truth and friendship all around the world. It is said to promote harmony in relationships as well as providing relief for headaches, cramps, sore throats, stiffness, varicose veins, and fertility problems.

Other Healing Properties

Citrine is said to open the higher mind, allowing you to more easily accept joy while working to release negative emotions, anger, fears, and destructive tendencies. It is also said to help raise self-esteem and reduce sensitivity to criticism while inspiring self-expression and creativity in the wearer.

Quartz crystals magnify the stones around them and assist in focusing the wearer’s energy toward their goals. Clear quartz crystals are perfect for purifying meditative practices and quartz of all kinds can help to bring spiritual clarity into your life.

virgo mala bracelet

The Virgo Mala Bracelet

The zodiac bracelet helps provide a great connection to your sign, all while boosting your energy, mood, and self-esteem. The bracelet contains the September birthstone Lapis as well as citrine, quartz, spacers, and a focal bead, arraigned in a calm but striking color scheme fitting for Virgo. You can stack multiple bracelets for aesthetic purposes or use a single bracelet more traditionally, for prayer.

Whichever bracelet or full size mala you choose, know that Virgo’s will be truly satisfied in their choice with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Give these as a gift to your special Virgo, or spoil yourself this birthday!

Mantra Beads for a Broken Heart

 Beads for a Broken Heart

Most everyone who walks this beautiful planet has experienced a broken heart. When emotional wounds are raw, it is crucial to nourish your physical and spiritual health. The gentle, but rigorous, challenges of mantra practice or a yoga flow, help keep you grounded in your body. Feel the support of, and connection with, the earth as you stand rooted in tree pose. Offer your heart up freely in goddess pose. Remember your strength and power as you extend into warrior two. Let these ancient poses remind your of your complete self.

The guided nature of your time at home in a quiet corner, or in a yoga studio can be very healing: relinquishing control for a beat, and simply concentrating on your breath. Allow your practice to give your mind a vacation from its painful thoughts, and your body a break from the tension it is carrying. With a nourished body and spirit, you are free to concentrate energy on heart healing. This healing source within is always accessible.

earth love malas

Supplement that heart-healing nature of your practice with a beautiful set of our yoga mala beads. Our Earth Love Mala is made from rose quartz and Rhodonite stones. Rhodonite, known as the “stone of compassion,” is a beautiful, vivid pink. It is said to clear “away emotional wounds and scars from the past, leaving one able to nurture love. It stimulates, clears, and activates the heart.”

Does your heart need clarity and activation? Are your emotional wounds harming your ability to nurture love? If so, look to yoga, meditation and mantra to aid you on your journey to a heart-whole self. Bring this exquisite set of beads to your studio home and surrender to a more ancient wisdom. And, of course, always remember what Rumi tells us: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” For men who have heartbreak, please see our Dragon Mala, grounding, African turquoise.

Every emotion, since it is empty of self nature, constructed, situational, in time must and will pass. Sometimes we feel like it will never end. Think back to the saddest or most frightened you have ever been, you may have thought that it would stay forever. Where is that now, it passed! That is the good news, so savor and learn from it now, we can use this human, heartbroken feeling to become more gentle and compassionate.

Leo Birthstone Prayer Beads for August!

leo mala

Leo it’s your month in August! Leo’s are natural-born leaders, and like their lion embodiment, love to take charge always seeking new challenges. We have made sure that this fiery sign will fall in love with our Leo mala bracelet. This amazing bracelet allows you to take your spirituality wherever your search for self-awareness takes you!

The month of August is for celebrating Leo, the sign that loves the new and extraordinary. This is great in the summer as your friends may need someone to push them outside into the beautiful weather! This year, why not treat yourself to something new: a beautiful mala bracelet, complete with your birthstones? Alternatively, you could just keep dropping little hints to your friends and family until they get it for you.

Leo and Healing

The sign Leo, the lion, is the sign of adventure. It is a fixed sign along with Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Leos are ambitions and adventurous, the ultimate spontaneously creative extrovert, but they can also be powerful leaders. They are often idealistic, humane, beneficent, and will usually use their fierce intelligence for good.Leo Mala Bracelet- August

Other Healing Properties

Peridot: A lively green gem that activates the solar and heart chakras. This will open up the wearer to matters of the heart. It may also aid the wearer in financial affluence.  Peridot is a stone for compassion, integrating love and will and giving the wearer strength to act on their heart’s desires. Carnelian is a stone used to help balance the body’s energy levels and coordinate physical exercise. It is said to attract prosperity, new resources, and good luck.

Adventurine: A dark green quartz sprinkled occasionally with mica makes adventurine stunning. It is known as an all-encompassing healer and stress reliever.  This mala may be worn to increase prosperity, develop creativity and even aid circulation. This would be a great addition any birthstone collection!

Amazonite: This feldspar mineral is diverse in it coloration and ranges from bright greens and blues to a dull or opaque white or grey. Amazonite is the mineral of love and marriage and may aid in such ventures.  It also aids in self-love and emotions.

Onyx:Pure black onyx or the black and white snowflake obsidian are both beautiful and can versatility be worn. Black onyx is associated with “yin” and may aid in the protection of the spirit. The snowflake obsidian embodies the power of positivity while linking the wearer to the spiritual realm and perhaps even a past life!

The bracelet also contains Botswana Agate which helps to balance emotional, physical, and intellectual energy. This stone s said to harmonize yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe, and help the wearer find balance.

leo mala bracelet


The Leo Mala Bracelet

The Zodiac Mala Bracelet for August provides a great connection to your sign while giving you the healing benefits of the surrounding stones. The bracelet contains the birthstones peridot and carnelian as well as a focal bead and spacers. Natural carnelian gemstones, peridot crystal, and metal beads complete the design inspired by both precious and semi-precious birthstones and a strong, bold color scheme fitting for a sign like Leo. This bracelet can be stacked with others for an aesthetic focus or can be used more traditionally for prayer. We also have Leo Necklaces

Whichever mala you choose, know that every one is made with care and precision to help the wearer on whatever journey they choose.  At Sakura, our passion is to help you on your journey by bringing these beautiful mala beads to you for your mediation or everyday wearable needs.

An Introduction To The Popular Forms of Yoga

yoga traditions

Yoga, Health and Wellness: healthy living through your choice of yoga traditions-


Entering into the world of yoga can be a bit overwhelming.  A quick search of local classes will often return a seemingly unending selection of different styles.  An aspiring yogi can quickly become lost if they do not know what they are looking at!

Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular styles of yoga, and what they are all about.


Officially founded in 1948 by K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Yoga is said to derive its teachings from ancient texts and practices.

This style consists of a set series of movements, or asanas, which get progressively more difficult as a student progresses over time.  Every class consists of the same movements either called out by the instructor or practiced “Mysore style” in which each student performs the series at his/her own pace with the teacher overseeing.

Due to its repetitive nature, this method is perfect for those who like structure and a measured way to observe their progress.


An offshoot of Ashtanga, Vinyasa is showed up in the late 20th century as a kind of freestyle Ashtanga.

This form uses many of the same poses as Ashtanga but without the prescribed sequencing.  Each class is different, and classes vary greatly from teacher to teacher, with each injecting his/her own style and personality into the class.  Movements flow into one another, and can often feel much more like a cardio workout.

With its dynamic feeling, these classes are perfect for those looking for more of a HIIT workout, or those who do not like to feel constrained by the prescribed sequencing of Ashtanga.


Established in the 1970s by B. K. S. Iyengar, this style is extremely detail oriented with much emphasis placed on the exact positioning of the body.

Poses are held for longer than some other forms, and props such as blocks, bolsters, chairs, and ropes are often utilized to help a practitioner ease their bodies into the poses.

These classes are a good fit for detail-oriented people who want to perfect their alignment, as well as those with injuries, due to the extensive use of props.


Founded in the 1970s by Bikram Choudhury, this is another prescribed sequencing form of yoga with a bit of a steamy twist.

These two-hour classes consisting of a specified series of 26 poses are held in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celsius) and around 40% humidity.  While this heat may sound offputting, practitioners say that the heat helps open the body allowing for deeper stretching and longer holds.


Although the origin of Kundalini Yoga is unknown, the form we often see was introduced to the west in 1968 by Yogi Bhajan.

Often referred to as the “yoga of awareness,” Kundalini is a mixture of physical practice, breathwork, chanting, and meditation.  The ultimate goal of these classes is to transcend the physical and enter into a more spiritual state of being.

This form is perfect for those looking for something beyond themselves or wishing to delve deeper into their own spiritual understanding.

Yin Yoga

Based on the Chinese Taoist tradition, Yin is a very different approach to yoga.

With long holds of 3-5 minutes in each pose, the goal of Yin is to move past the muscles and ease into the connective tissues of the body.  With a focus on fascia and qi (chi) energy, Yin is a wonderful practice both on its own or in addition to other forms.

These classes are great for those needing to destress and relax and are highly recommended for bodybuilders as a way to keep their muscles long and stretched.

Featured Mala Prayer Beads: The Inspiration Mala!


This month is for you writers, singers, artists, performers, and thinkers who strive off of creativity. This month, Sakura celebrates all of you who inspire or seek inspiration with our Inspiration Mala prayer beads. These beautiful and authentic amethyst healing gemstones, offset by jade and citrine with gold-plated accenting, are perfect for you who dream and dream big but need help wielding your energy in order to turn those dreams into reality.

About the Gemstones used in the Inspiration Mala

Inspiration Mala Beads

Amethyst, the royal gemstone of power in the Inspiration Mala prayer beads, is essential to channeling inspiration because it helps center three major aspects of finding and controlling inspiration.

The first is feeling uplifted. Inspirational and creative powers come to us when we are our higher selves. When we are our lower selves and are unable to focus due to external stress and distractions, we cannot control our abilities to create and inspire. Amethyst gives us the power we seek to feel spiritually uplifted which enables us to produce more with our ideas.

Amethyst is also able to help us communicate effectively. Sometimes inspiration comes easily but communicating our ideas with others does not. If the ideas are clear but you cannot find the means to express them, amethyst is what you need. Amethyst empowers us to express ourselves in a way that others will understand, channeling our art into something powerful.

Finally, amethyst is able to simultaneously soothe and stimulate the mind. Inspiration comes with a fine balance. We need stimulation in order to have the energy to create but the mind also needs soothing in order to have the focus for putting ideas into practice. To effectively channel inspiration, the balance between a calm and stimulated mind cannot be altered. Amethyst helps us find and keep that vital balance allowing us to realize our full potential.

While our Inspiration Mala Prayer beads are primarily made of amethyst, they also contain citrine. Citrine, like amethyst, is important in weaving out all negative distractions that can inhibit our creativity or block out inspiration.  It aligns the chakras helping us to reach our goals and receive the inspiration we need to create our art in its best possible form.

Dare, Dream… CREATE!

For the spiritually inclined who need inspiration to be their best selves, the Inspiration Mala prayer beads are perfect. These beautiful prayer beads will aid you in meditation and give you the focus you desire to channel the inspiration you need to create. All Mala prayer beads have a 30 day guarantee to protect from breakage and come with a complimentary silk Mala bag to protect these precious stones. Realize your full potential with these beautiful prayer beads from our Sakura Designs shop.

July Birthstone Prayer Beads for Cancer

cancer crab


The Cancer Mala Bracelet is a great way to keep the Cancerian personality grounded while processing past emotional experiences and bringing awareness to their emotional reactions to others. Ruled by the moon, the sign of Cancer fluctuates to the flow of emotions. Cancer people thrive in peaceful environments and dislike conflict. Known as the sign of the crab, these sensitive individuals can literally get a bit “crabby” when hurt or offended, retreating into their “shell” to sulk. They wear emotions on their sleeves and are prone to brood for days, even sometimes employing emotional manipulation to get back at their source of hurt. But, despite their emotional sensitivity, they are courageous and will defend their home and those they love due to their deep connection to their home roots and caring natures.


Cancer Mala Bracelet-July

Black Onyx Beads

Known as the “Stone of Self-Mastery,” black onyx offers healthy self-confidence and emotional protection by releasing past pain or trauma. It is a grounding stone due to its association with the root chakra and its ability to fortify inner strength. These healing qualities benefit any Cancer person due to their rooted connection to their home and their emotions. This encourages them to heal past wounds so that the individual can move forward by transforming any past negative energy without resorting to bad habits, such as manipulation and other vindictive behaviors or emotional selfishness.

Wearing onyx or meditating with it  further helps to release spiritual blockages in order to bring harmony with others and in relationships. It also aids the individual to stay focused on their own goals and ideas.

Clear Red Crystal

A great stone for clearing heavy emotions and bringing back the joy in life, those born under the sign of Cancer will find themselves releasing grudges and past emotions with ease. Red quartz invigorates life energy, and Cancerians will feel their creative force stronger within themselves while their true, loving personality blossoms. Like any quartz crystal, red quartz serves to balance the individual in the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of their being.

Cancer Mala Bracelet- July

Healing Properties

Cancerians will feel emotionally balanced in their home and life purpose when connecting to the onyx and red quartz found in the Cancer Mala Bracelet. The red quartz brings joy to dark emotions while onyx, with its grounding abilities, brings emotional stability. Cancer people will feel inner harmony, create a peaceful environment, and be able to help and nurture those they care about without smothering or manipulation. Cancerians shine when expressing their caring heart in a truthful and honest manner, while spreading joy through their nurturing love.

Mala Prayer Beads of the Month: ROSE QUARTZ

rose quartz

Rose Quartz Mala Prayer Beads are gentle and understated with powerful healing properties. They feature soft pink rose quartz beads with aquamarine and silver markers, complete with a cotton tassel. The soft pink and blue are perfect for the warmer months and go with anything. While looking stylish, the rose quartz will help open up your Heart Chakra,bringing peace and harmony to your life. Aquamarine will calm your aura and bring physical healing. Working together, they help bring overall balance.


The stone of love, rose quartz not only helps you forgive those around you, but also forgive yourself, helping to let go of repressed guilt and anger. If personal expression is difficult for you, wearing rose quartz over your Heart Chakra will help you let go of emotions in a more positive way. Rose quartz is often used by people who suffer from depression or anxiety as a calming tool. Holding it in your hand over your heart and breathing deeply is a helpful meditation.


According to That Crystal Site, Aquamarine can help you connect to your spiritual self. This is helpful in meditation or yoga. Aquamarine affects the Throat Chakra, which deals with personal expression. If you have a big meeting or presentation, wearing Aquamarine can help you get your point across clearly. Helping to clear away cloudy or negative energy, it is a key tool in aiding the transition to a new career or even a new relationship. Cleansing like water, it lives up to its name by washing away the old and helping to bring in the new.

Rose Quartz Mala Prayer Beads


Rose quartz and aquamarine are a stunning pair, both visually and spiritually. Working together to calm the spirit and neutralize negativity, they bring a sense of calm and peace to the aura. These will quickly become a favorite.

4 Ways to Choose Your Mala

what mala to choose

When selecting your first mala, the choices can seem overwhelming. The varieties of colors, styles, and intentions might dissuade  potential mala users away from utilizing this beautiful tool. Allow this brief guide to help make that decision a bit easier.

Why Malas?

Step into any yoga studio or meditation center, and you are bound to find strands of beautiful beads hanging from necks or wrapped around wrists. These malas can provide different focuses depending on the wearer. Many people use them to assist in meditation, as a mantra reminder, or to bring awareness to a set intention.

Whatever the purpose, choosing a mala which speaks to you is the most important step.

Buddha Stack bracelet


When choosing a mala, trust your intuition. Is there a particular piece that attracts you? If so, there is probably a reason for that. Become curious about this attraction. Maybe you are drawn to the Red Coral Mala, and upon closer inspection find that its attribute of self-acceptance resonates with you.

Keep in mind that we are often attracted to what we need. What is your favorite color, and what does it mean to you? Find a gemstone that corresponds with that color and read more about its properties.

mala bead choice


What is your intention? Are you striving to balance something in your life, or to guide yourself down a particular path? It is believed that gemstones have healing energies that can help us on these journeys. Or perhaps you are looking to balance your chakras; there are stones for that too.

You can use our online Gemstone Calculator to find suggested  power stones based on your Birthdate, or see our Zodiac Malas.

4 Ways to Choose:

Making The Leap

Whatever it is that you are looking for in a mala, trust yourself and make that leap. Choose a piece that is beautiful to you. There is power in beauty, and it is hard to go wrong when you feel drawn to something. We have over 400 prayer bead necklaces and bracelet to choose from, and if that’s not enough, we’ll custom design something, just for you.

Here’s to living and loving well,  ♥ Sakura.

June Birthstone Prayer Beads for Gemini

pearl bracelet

Gemini comes across as a flighty, social but often amicable sign. However, there is more to this sunny, friendly personality. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, which means they are dual-natured and can seem to have two sides to their personality; oftentimes one side is more socially and intellectually expressive while the other is fraught with deep emotions. They generally have strong intellects and mental agility; they can easily delve into complex subjects and situations and detach themselves emotionally in order to see many perspectives. But due to so much mental energy being used, they are often prone to “over-thinking” and leave their emotional world unattended, which can cause mood swings and an inability to communicate their feelings as eloquently as they do their thoughts. One way to keep the sign of the Twins balanced and from mentally over-working, are the use of the following three stones found in the Gemini Mala Bracelet, which are must-haves for any Gemini.

PEARLpearl necklace

Although it is well-known in Chinese medicine that pearl has many healing qualities, such as helping treat the digestive tract, muscular systems and skin, it is also great for promoting positive mental states and curing mental stress, hypertension and even headaches. For the Geminian’s “over-thinking” tendencies, pearl is ideal for maintaining harmonious mental energy and allowing calmness, level-headedness and love to flow through where there is excess mental chatter, confusion, or even mood swings.


OPALITE/ MOONSTONEmoonstone prayer beads

Gemini individuals are great at expressing their inventive thoughts and ideas, but when it comes to verbalizing emotions it can get a bit complicated, as they are often less forthcoming in expressing them. This can cause a lot of confusion and create a dark cloud around the Geminian’s emotional world, making it darker than it is. And in this regard, opalite is a great facilitator for this sign. Often used for meditation and enhancing psychic abilities, opalite also aids to soothingly access deeper, hidden and often uncomfortable emotions  and brings them to the surface for clearing and healing. Opalite also works with the solar plexus and increases self-esteem, which serves the Gemini personality to feel more confident in communicating feelings to others and releasing them. Upon processing their emotions, the dual-natured Gemini will regain more balance between their emotions and mind.


crystals birthstone june

One of the most powerful healing crystals and most common around the world, clear quartz is known as “the master healer” stone, and used for all zodiac signs. It re-balances energy and clears any negativity from the individual, including thoughts and emotions cluttering the soul. For any Gemini person, using clear quartz in meditation will clear and elevate their spiritual energy in order to truly tap into their intelligence and creativity at deeper levels. Quartz also enhances the metaphysical and healing qualities of other stones. Placed side by side with crystal and pearl, the Gemini individual is sure to experience the heightened effects of both stones. In turn, this will create a balanced personality and an emotional stability and openness, which will allow Geminians to better express their beautifully complex natures in a healthier way with the world.

Jade Birthstone Prayer Beads: Taurus Gemstone Mala

The month of May is the time of year that represents change, rebirth, and growth. Sakura’s Taurus Mala Bracelet is a beautiful representation of the lush, vibrant greens that appear in this month. All facets of nature sing in harmony as winter fades away and spring comes to life, and many individuals embrace this season of change and use its tranquility to seek peace within themselves. This bracelet is carefully crafted with jade stones, which promote relaxation and prosperity in the wearer. The spiritual benefits of wearing this bracelet assist the wearer in finding peace.

taurus mala beads

Jade is the true ruling gemstone of individuals born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus. As stated on Zodiac Fire, Taureans are extremely independent and self-reliant. Jade can enhance these independent qualities by guiding its users through difficult times and rough emotional terrain with clarity and good fortune. Handling and wearing jade on a regular basis can also assist in the development of tranquility and serenity, which is incredibly useful for Taureans, who tend to worry often and to let stress overcome them.

Taurus Mala Bracelet- May

According to The Healing Chest, jade is also considered an important “dream stone.” By understanding your dreams, you truly understand your deepest desires and needs. Wearing jade close to your skin can bring clarity and understanding to your dream world, which will aid in self-awareness and emotional growth. In many philosophies, the gain in the knowledge of self is of utmost importance, and it is often considered the ultimate enlightenment.

Taurus Mala Bracelet- May

But please remember, jade is not only beneficial to Taureans. Jade is a stone that can provide protection and good luck to any individual. The Taurus Mala Bracelet is created with varying shades of jade and accentuated by beautiful metal beads. By wearing this bracelet, you will also promote your clarity, courage, justice, wisdom, and modesty. Jade is representative of these traits, and clears the spiritual path to obtain them.


Gemini Birthstone Mala Bracelets

Gemini Mala Bracelet- June

Gemini Mala Bracelet- June

Between May 21 and June 21, the sun will pass through the sign of Gemini, which we see in the night sky as the twin stars Castor and Pollux. Those born in this time frame are known for having a dual nature– hence the “twins” symbolism. In other words, Geminis can change like the wind: their moods, their plans, or their personalities for example, according to

June Zodiac Mala Beads

The Sakura prayer beads for the month of June present us with the healing properties of pearl, opalite, and quartz. Pearl, a June birthstone, is technically not a “crystal”, but nonetheless is known to heal via elements of love and protection. Healing With Crystals tells us that pearl balances and opens all seven chakras. Through unconditional love, pearl aids in the discovery of your true self, or the “you” that you were (and still are, on the inside) before the world’s pressure and expectations adulterated your eternally perfect consciousness.

gemini crystal mala

Opalite, also known as “Tiffany Stone”, is known for opening up communication channels: it allows the wearer to express desires or needs that one had suppressed out of fear or apathy. Crystal Age quotes that opalite helps us work ourselves out of the pits of depression and anxiety by regulating the extremes of our emotions.

Finally, this prayer mala includes clear quartz, the ultimate purifying and unblocking stone. Quartz cleans negative energy from other gemstones, and it amplifies the power of any stone it’s near. It unblocks and opens the chakras and the mind, which makes it a great meditation stone. Holding quartz while meditating will help you to let go of unhelpful or negative thoughts. According to Crystal Vaults, quartz allows you to replace unproductive thoughts with positive feelings and thoughts instead.

Those born under Gemini may experience struggles with indecisiveness or confusion due to their inherent duality. This month’s mala is perfect for not only Geminis, but anyone experiencing confusion or any kind of life change. With opalite and its ability to take the edge off the extreme poles of a Gemini’s personality, paired with quartz for clear thinking and pearl for feeling loved and protected during difficult times, this mala’s benefits manifest in one’s mental clarity and in the direction and purpose of one’s life.

Our Mini Mala Collection-Imported

 What Are Mini Malas?? See Our Collection Here…


mini mala beads

Mala beads are traditionally 8mm in diameter, to be precise, 0.3149606 of an inch, about 1/3rd, the size of an edamame.  We presume all of our readers can relate to that! The mini malas are 6mm, smaller than the norm, about the size of a pea. See our actual size chart here:

Mala Bead Sizes:

mala bead sizes

Our mini malas are on stretchy, elastic cord, imported for select vendors and made from natural materials with cute decorations. Some are gemstones and some are gemstone colored glass “crystal” as noted. These delicate prayer beads can be used to travel, mantra practice, as necklaces, bracelets and make perfect scared gifts at a very reasonable price. Ours ship from the USA not China, so they arrive  in 1-2 days. You can get them for a few dollars cheaper from Asia, but you often have to wait about 25 days, and you don’t get to support our little shop!

mini malas chakra

Why the Price Difference?

Malas are very different in quality and craftsmanship, and it can be hard to tell as a newcomer. Our Asian vendors take great photos and these are very reasonable, for the price if under $29. Mini Malas are all IMPORTED MALAS, not made by us in the USA. Our malas are not on stretchy cord, since stretch cord can break more easily, so we waive our USA Sakura Designs Craftsmanship Warranty. If your mala does break after time, as all malas do, we can repair it for $25 by ordering repair service here.

Yes, thats the “deal” with imports, it cost more in the US to repair then to replace, but then you get to keep your treasure and recycle, so its still a great option. We do not use stretch cords for mini malas we can remake them with an adjustable slipknot or a tassel, your choice! They will not stretch around your wrist like they did with elastic, but with a slipknot you can often open and close to adjust. We can also ‘reincarnate’ mini malas with a new design! Enjoy our US based, US shipping imported mini mala collection.

Mala Prayer Beads of the Month: Pearl and Aventurine

Aventurine & Pearl Prayer Beads

Our Featured Healing Gemstone Mala Prayer Beads


With warmer weather starting to show itself, it’s time to break out of those winter blues and do something for yourself. It’s important to relax and breathe from time to time to help tackle the everyday stresses of life. Pearl and Aventurine Mala prayer beads have both the power of prosperity, relaxing, and self-love for to feel more rested overall. Also, they promote a variety of health benefits for you to take advantage of.

reiki mala beads


According to Gaia, pearls help you find your center and induce calming. They promote a sense of confidence in yourself and abilities. Specifically, for the ladies, pearls help promote femininity and strengthen your inner woman. These properties help you be the best woman you can and not care about what anyone has to say about it. Physically, according to Therapeutic Reiki, pearls help aid in the area of the stomach and digestive tract. Pearls contribute to breaking down your food which leads to fewer stomach and circulatory problems down the road.



The healing properties of Aventurine are near endless. According to Healing Crystals for You, aventurine helps with blood-related issues, in particular. For example, this stone will lower blood pressure which will reduce the chances of heart attack or stroke. Also, Aventurine is known as the “stone of opportunity” which means wearer tends to have good luck and be prosperous. While things won’t just fall into your lap, the possibilities become more open and allow you to make better decisions.

Pearl and Aventurine Mala Prayer Beads

Pearl and aventurine work together well to promote both inner peace and outside prosperity. By combining the two, you will feel relaxed and confident about yourself which allows you to be open to receiving better opportunities headed your way. Also, your circulation, heart, blood flow, and stomach will all feel worlds better and work more efficiently, helping you feel better overall.

Sacred Beads, Rosaries and Calming the Mind

How Sacred Bead Rosaries are Used in Various Spiritual Traditions

christian rosaries

Rosaries are used in nearly every world religion, prayer beads  to mark the repetition of some devotion, usually a specific prayer or mantra. Using the beads to keep track of breaths, mantras, or recitations allows those engaged in meditation to devote themselves entirely to their spiritual self, looking inward with all their awareness rather than dividing their attention between the physical necessity of counting and the spiritual necessity of quiet and calm. While some are made with beads of semiprecious stone and others with knotted rope or notched leather, they all serve the same purpose: to count prayers.

Prayer Beads in Islam and Catholicism


Prayer beads are most commonly associated with Buddhism, but Islam and Roman Catholicism have used them for centuries as well. Beads used in the Islamic religion, usually called Misbaha or Tasbih, have 99 beads, or 33 beads that are counted 3 times. The 99 beads correspond to the 99 names of God, and are used to keep count in a prayer sequence known as the “Tasbih of Fatima.” Roman Catholics use rosaries—a circle of 54 beads, with 5 additional beads hanging off as a tail, usually with a crucifix or cross attached at the end, and typically made with precious gemstones. Eastern Orthodox Christians use knotted ropes, typically absent of a crucifix. The prayer of choice may vary from person to person, but usually it is used to count recitations of the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary prayer. In Buddhism, prayer beads are called mala beads, and are typically made of rosewood or sandalwood, or a sacred seed known as rudraksha. They consist of 108 beads, each bead signifying a mortal desire or fixation, and one additional bead representing gratitude and one’s inherent connection to the divine. Most often, these beads are used to count breaths in meditation, or repetitions of a certain mantra or a Buddha’s name.

Buddhist Prayer Beadsbuddhist dharma beads

Buddhists make up roughly 8% of the world’s population; the heaviest Buddhist concentrations are in Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar, with a sizable population (5%) in the United States and France. There are many sects and variations of Buddhism, as there are with any religion, but the general dharma (or teaching) of Buddhism revolves around teachings attributed to the first Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama—a prince who abandoned his pleasure palace in search of the origins of suffering, and who attained Enlightenment. The word Buddha literally means “awakened one”; one who has cast off all fixations and desires, and who has escaped the cyclical existence of birth, death, and reincarnation.

A key component of Buddhism, as well as Hinduism, is meditation: the act of consciously attempting to alter the way your mind works. If fixations are inherent to human nature, then to remove fixations and become Enlightened is against our nature; and therefore, to overcome it and ascend, we must consciously clear our minds and shape them by our will and spirit, not by our innate tendencies to bicker and grumble and moan. Prayer beads are used to count breaths during a meditative session, to avoid exhausting oneself by meditating for too long, and to prevent you from concentrating overmuch on how long you’ve been meditating. Meditation refers to the quieting of a human’s chaotic mind, and the act of attuning a silent, patient mind to the greater universe; make yourself aware of your flaws, dispose of the desires that cause them, and become Enlightened. Easier said than done, and according to Buddhist traditions it can take hundreds of lifetimes to accomplish. The first rule of meditation is patience.

If you feel the call to meditation and the peace it can bring you, and you’d like some prayer beads to help you on your way, visit us here to find a set of beautiful, handcrafted beads that’s perfect for you.

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February Birthstone Malas- Aquarius

february birthstone

Image thanks to:


Your individual nature and broad-mindedness are what makes you Aquarius.  You belong to the air element and as such are full of ideas which can inspire and insight, but sometimes cause you to easily lose patience and have feelings of non-fulfillment.  But like everything in life, nature has a way of counteracting negativity with joy and positiveness.  In February, the visionary and purposeful Aquarius experiences calm and peace through healing of the amethyst stone. So take time and relax.  Mediate and renew your thoughts using the amethyst Aquarius mala bracelet to help you focus and increase intuition- enjoying that calm and tranquility you deserve.

new mala amethyst
February Enlightenment

February is rooted in the Latin word meaning “to purify.” While the month is still part of winter and energy levels can be low during the season, now is the time to savor a bit of solitude and understand your present environment. As your ideas flow, take time to connect with your present self and circumstances and learn to have not only compassion for others, but for yourself as well.  Let go of what you cannot control and focus on what you can.
Make it a habit to meditate Aquarius.  The amethyst stone is a good reminder to take time and simply breathe. The natural violet color of amethyst is like no other; dark but with an inner light that shines through.  It is easy to feel in harmony while wearing these mala beads, connecting and centering with your full being as you allow the smooth stones to gently glide through your fingers or simply acknowledge their power as they touch your skin…

Amethyst Mala Beads and Bracelets

Aquarius Mala Bracelet- February

Whether in prayer or mediation or perhaps seeking a beautiful piece as a reminder to slow down sometimes, the Aquarius mala bracelet is perfect for the balanced Aquarius.  The wondrous combination of amethyst, opalite and quartz crystal is ideal for all around healing and meditative devotion.  The gentle calming energy of these mala beads not only promotes peace and emotional stability, these stones have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes and healing.
And while amethyst benefits the Aquarius, balancing general nature, you don’t have to be born in February to embrace amethyst mala beads.  Often associated with the third eye chakra, amethyst mala beads are perfect or those seeking personal growth and insight. The stone traditionally is said to keep the mind sober- making the bracelet a wonderful gift for anyone seeking a clear mind and to center self during meditation. It further is said to have multi-faceted energy, typically known for its calming effects- balancing out our emotional and spiritual state whether we find ourselves in disarray or seeking energy to get through the day.  Generally found in places such as Brazil and Africa, it has been used by many cultures around the world effectively proving its worth and suitability.
Another piece to love this February and beyond includes the artful,  Wellbeing mala beads a necklace of amethyst, turquoise and citrine for spiritual upliftment, healing and personal acceptance- what better to delight and find joy in from February going forward.

Garnet Prayer Beads: The Mala of the Month

garnet birthstone mala

Image thanks to:

In honor of this wonderful New Year of starting fresh, it seemed fitting that we focus this month on the importance of gratitude. It’s hard to believe we’re starting a whole new year. As you’re beginning to make preparations for 2017, take a moment every once in a while to reflect on all the beautiful blessings given to you over the last 12 months. The Garnet, Gold, and Pearl mala beads are the best choice for the month of January to assist in our theme of being thankful.

garnet pearl mala


This fierce, dark, blood-red stone carries a powerful ability to rid the body of negative energy. If ever you feel an overwhelming sadness, anxiety, worry, or complete depression pulling you into a darkened state, this could be a sign of an imbalance in your root chakra. Garnet brings healing to this area of your body, clearing away toxins, and creating a calm, relaxed state. Your mind is free to embrace positive thoughts, making it easier to focus on the aspects of life that make you smile. Here is our Garnet Mala Bracelet too.

Quartz Crystal

A small amount of quartz crystal can be found in this mala, which is just enough to magnify the potency of the garnet stone. As an additional bonus, quartz crystal also brings marvelous spiritual clarity to the one who possess it. Now you have even more healing power working to bring restoration and renewal into your life. A truly magnificent stone.


Unconditional love. What better way to show how grateful you are for family and friends than to love them tenderly? The immense splendor of the pearl gemstone is sure to open your heart, promoting kindness and compassion. It’s both a benefit to you, the giver, as well as the one receiving the warmth of your affection.

Hold the Garnet, Gold, and Pearl Mala in your hands as you pray daily, and give thanks in all that you do. There will always be trouble to pray away, and negative energy is, unfortunately, everywhere. But, there will always be a reason for gratitude. You have your health, those who love you, and a wonderful life filled with even more blessings to come. Get your mala of the month here, and make this your best month yet! <3

Mini Mala Garnet, Jade & Gold



Capricorn Mala Bracelet- January

Healing Properties of our Mala Beads

collection set of semi-precious gemstones

collection set of semi-precious gemstones

If you are wondering which set of mala beads to choose from, we have a really cool Gemstone Numerology Birthstone Calculator at the bottom of this page. Just type in your birthdate and the suggested healing  stones specific to you will appear!

But in general, how is your spiritual life? Do you find it easy to focus on peaceful thoughts or mantras? If you’re already well aware of the many uses of mala prayer beads, consider, for a moment, the ways in which malas have positively impacted your spiritual life.

crystal healing

Many of us, during the earlier stages of meditation practice, find it difficult to quiet the mind. There’s a great deal of external “noise” coming at us from all directions on a daily basis. The life stressors are seemingly endless. Finding inner peace amid all of that chaos is undoubtedly challenging. Have you considered mala beads as a soothing solution during your quiet moments of meditation? If so, how have the 108 bead necklaces strengthened your concentration? Do you find it’s easier to keep track of your mantra count?

Consider how your body feels as a whole. Have you noticed any great changes to your inner self, depending on the gemstone you choose to pray with? Many people, new to this way of living, may not realize that malas made with gemstones may contain the ability to heal the body of mental and physical sickness. Prayer is vital in and of itself, but the 108 bead counts enhance your prayer life, align your chakras, and aid in your overall well-being. Mala beads are an incredible asset. *

Genuine Crystal Saffron Mala

I ask these questions in the hopes of getting you to think about your own spiritual journey. Sometimes in the quest for enlightenment, we forget just how far we’ve come in our perspective journeys. Chances are, you’re significantly more peaceful, healthier, mentally stronger, and happier now than you were when you first began. You may not be exactly where you’d like to be, but you’re certainly not where you used to be. This is why I strongly encourage the use of mala beads. They’re for strength. For healing. For prosperity. For anything you may be lacking in your own self-development that needs improvement. My hope is that your own set of zen beads will help you grow in such a tremendous way that when you look back, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come over time.

Click here if you’re in search of a certain gemstone for its specific healing property. If you’re looking for your very first set of naturally created, quality mala prayer beads, we’d love to help, and believe you’ll find whatever it is you desire most.

*These are traditional metaphysical folklore, not intended as medical advice or to treat illness, and pertains to all references on site to healing properties. These are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness, and are for entertainment purposes only.

December Birthstone Mala Beads- Sagittarius


Birthstone Prayer Beads for December

December celebrates Sagittarius, the sign that represents those who love adventure and freedom. It’s the perfect month for you as you’ll be surrounded by family and friends during the holiday season. They will flock to you because of your excellent skill in conversation and fun nature. Gift yourself this year with a Sagittarius mala bracelet, featuring your birthstone, Turquoise. Or maybe if you drop the hint to your multitude of friends, they’ll get you one, instead!


More About Sagittarius

Sagittarius love to travel and will attract a variety of friends from around the world if they choose to do so. Those close to a Sagittarius know they can find generosity and honesty from them, although sometimes that honesty is not expressed diplomatically. Those born of this sign are unhindered by emotions allowing them to accomplish much, but it can cause issues in relationships.


Turquoise’s physical appearance it that of a mix of cool greens and blues, it’s very look promoting tranquility. It is a master healer, and will offer protection to its wearer in their travels. This makes it perfect company for a Sagittarius, who long for travel and experience in the many cultures across the globe. It also promotes communication and wisdom, which may help the emotionally detached Sagittarius to understand the feelings of their companions.


The Sagittarius Mala Bracelet

Use this mala to connect yourself to your sign. It contains Black Onyx and Quartz Crystal, in addition to your birthstone, Turquoise. Black onyx helps ground an individual and assists in changing bad habits. This may help a Sagittarius with their tendency to grow bored of a project and leave it incomplete. Quartz Crystal magnifies the capabilities of the other stones, allowing you to really focus on the healing powers they bestow upon you.

The beautiful Sagittarius mala bracelet is perfect for proudly displaying your sign to everyone around you, as well as offering healing properties and traditional use in prayer.

Post Election Stress Disorder: Calming Anxieties with Mantra

healing girl

Whether you appreciate the outcome of the recent presidential elections or not, it is clear that many of us are dealing with a tremendous amount of emotions, thoughts, feelings and anxieties concerning the current state of society and how we play a role in it.  With the overwhelming reaction on a global scale of fear and unknowing when it comes to the views of the next American leader, many of us have simply forgot how to calm, and harness our emotions and anxieties. We want to know how to take control by taking a moment to self-reflect and meditate, seeking calm even in the middle of a seemingly global storm.

Meditation in several forms is consistently used for centuries by spiritual practitioners  to calm anxiety and bring a balance to life through the recollection of inner peace.  Using mala beads is an added benefit to this practice; the various stone beads hold healing properties and can help to restore spiritual and emotional balance. Hindu and Buddhist practitioners have used mala beads to calm the mind, regulate breathing during meditation  as well as to recite spiritual mantras and intentions. Wear Peace, and when you have free time, when you wake up, driving, lunch break, take your beads and recite a calming mantra to restore balance, it’s always within us, no matter what is happening “out there.”

The healing properties of natural gemstones, the smoothness of the stones against the skin as well as a reminder of our spiritual practice can calm nerves, and we need that these days!  We recommend malas made with Lepidolite, a naturally occurring form of Lithium.  The minerals in the stones may react positively with internal chemical imbalances to create a general feeling of peace.  What better way to heal from all the rush and sometimes toxic situation we face post-election and going forward.  Mala beads can be worn around the neck as a reminder that even when our world seems unsure or unfair and life is weary, taking.

Lastly, mala beads can be worn around the neck as a reminder that even when our world seems unsure or unfair and life is weary, taking some time to reflect- whether through meditation or silent surrender to the calmness that is within our reach- is a great healing too. Make an effort to enjoy life and rebalance.  Seek the calm we have within us,  moving forward from Post Election Stress Disorder and check out how mala beads and mantra meditation can help to get though this time!

The Saga of Milarepa and a Journey to Truth through Compassion

Milarepa Saint Compassion

There’s Always Hope

Seeking truth seems like an endless endeavor.  Yet it is one that offers great spiritual rewards to the seeker especially as time progresses, and we are willing to put in the effort.  In many religions, practices and philosophical thoughts, realizing truth has no end and what distinguishes truth from worldly pursuit is the goal of enlightenment.  But how do we get to attain this? Buddhism teaches us “how” in an number of ways through practice, insight and experience as illustrated through stories, parables and so much more.

One such story, that of Tibetan Buddhism- the Saint, Milarepa, speaks of this realization and can be a great source of inspiration for those on their way to experiencing truth and the path we often must take to really get there.  A story of finding strength in weakness, suffering and losing everything, ultimately ends in attaining everything the fullness of our body, minds and souls need.

According to legend, the Milarepa and his mother lost everything his father worked hard for upon his father’s death.  His aunt and uncle, father’s siblings, ultimately took everything leaving the young boy and his mother desolate and unhappy.  When he was a teen, Milarepa sought out to become an apprentice to a black art’s Lama known in the region.  He would use his new skills to curse his father’s siblings and restore what was lost to his mother and siblings.  Bent toward revenge and using his new found sorcery, Milarepa caused a house to collapse on a wedding party killing many people inside  and created a storm to lay waste to all the land’s harvest.  He sought refuge in a cave in order to hide from the community who soon found out that it was him who was creating the sudden havoc.

He soon returned to the black magic lama feeling deep remorse and grief for what he had done.  He tearfully begged for repentance and wanted to seek forgiveness for what had transpired.  The lama soon sent him to another Lama, Marpa the Translator, for new teachings and spiritual renewal.  It was during this time that Milarepa experienced a lot of self realization and his life would dramatically change, until he eventually attained full enlightenment through arduous, disciplined, solitary retreat in a cave, eating only nettles. He was a master poet, and still widely revered today.  This story suggests that no matter how dark our past actions were, everyone is redeemable.

The Milarepa saga teaches us about the greater things we can achieve outside of worldly possessions.  If we allow ourselves to heal over the pain of loss and embrace what is good we can learn much about ourselves and be that much closer to truth.  It was the Milarepa who once said in an enlightened state while speaking on universal compassion and forgiveness

“There is a need of mentally praying and wishing for blessings for others so earnestly that one’s mind processes also transcend thought.”

Please use our mala beads to inspire your own meditation practice, we can always start fresh!

Featured Mala: Black Onyx Mala Beads

Mala Prayer Beads of the Month- Balance by Black Onyx

Black Onyx Mala Prayer Beads

Life has a way of becoming stagnant. It is easy to lose connection with oneself as well as with the world around us. Bad habits can form and behaviors start to take place that no longer serve us or help us grow. If these feelings are all too familiar and you need something to re-ignite a spark in your life the Black Onyx Mala prayer beads are the ideal healing tool to bring into your life. The Black Onyx Mala prayer beads consist of Black Onyx and Snowflake Obsidian, offset by tiny silver toned spacers, a black natural tassel and a free mala pouch all for under $50! It’s by far and wide our #1 bestseller of all time, and we can see why!

Get Grounded and Healed…

Snowflake Obsidian Mala

Black Onyx is known for absorbing negative energy. The sooner this negativity clears from your body and mind you will free up space for positivity to flow and progressive habits to form. Black Onyx is also connected with the root chakra. The root chakra is near the base of the spine and connects oneself to their physical body as well as the surrounding environment. Reviving ones root chakra will help increase productivity as well as being more present and aware.

Snowflake Obsidian helps clear negative thoughts and increase productivity. This stone brings forward self-inspiration and forward thinking. Snowflake Obsidian assists with self-improvement and moving towards a new and positive direction in life. This stone helps you feel inspired and revived.If you have found yourself feeling detached, un-motivated, or stuck with negative thoughts or habits the Black Onyx Mala prayer beads are the ideal beads for you. Using the beads during yoga, meditation, prayer or any sort of personal time will help you to become centered and at peace. Visit Sakura Designs to start your journey towards a healthier and happier you!

Birthstone Mala Bracelet for November- Scorpio

Scorpio Mala Bracelet- November

November is here! This is your month, Scorpio. Time to shine your brightest. The birthstone for the month of November is Citrine, a stone of brilliant oranges and yellows with the warmth of the sun. In honor of our Scorpio friends, we have a specially made combination of mala beads, created to complement your wonderfully unique personality. The Scorpio Mala bracelet can be used for prayer, healing, as well as self-expression. This week, the spotlight is on you guys.

The Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

They’re friendly, yet mysterious. They’re kind and compassionate. As a water sign, Scorpio longs for connection and unity. They’re sensitive to the needs of others and always eager to lend a listening ear. Intuitive in their thinking, a Scorpio tends to follow the flow of their heart’s energy and also uses intuition to aid those around them. These are just a few of the many great qualities the Scorpio possess.


For such a calming and caring sign as this, it’s only natural that the birthstone for November should be one with the ability to spread peace and understanding. The breathtaking Citrine birthstone has healing properties that include the dispelling of negative energy and fears, an increase in self-esteem and creativity, a lessening of defensive behaviors, and a decrease in anger resulting in pure joy and bliss.

The Scorpio Mala Bracelet

The mixture of your peaceful water sign paired with the tranquil healing abilities of Citrine, plus Tiger’s Eye and the Black Onyx stones create the perfect recipe for a month filled with health, prosperity, and joy. The Tiger’s Eye is believed to be a powerful spiritual stone. Black Onyx will help keep you grounded. This combination has been carefully woven together to create a bracelet you can keep with you always. Wear it when you leave home and feel positive energy with you all throughout the day. You can purchase the Scorpio Mala bracelet here, for yourself or as a gift to a Scorpio dear to your heart.

The Mala Prayer Beads of the Month: The Well-Being Mala

wellbeing mala

Well-being Mala Beads

Evoke Inner Joy with our Well-Being Mala Beads!

With the holidays quickly approaching, it seems there’s no better time than the present to focus on family and living in harmony, reminding ourselves how fortunate we are to be surrounded by those we love during this special time of the year. This month, we will highlight the magnificent power of the Well-Being Mala Beads. The beads are made using Amethyst, Turquoise, and Citrine. Together, these stones pave the way to unity and togetherness.


Deep, and rich in color, amethyst is ever so soothing for the soul. Holding the beads in your hands you will begin to feel your crown chakra energy flow freely. Amethyst carries calming properties. It slows the hectic mind, eases the emotions, and relieves physical pain. With your body in such a relaxed state, acceptance and open communication are made easier.


This Caribbean sea-colored stone will make you feel as though you’ve truly escaped to a paradise of your own. Allow the power of Turquoise to also heal aches and pains with its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the emotional pain that may be buried deep within. Turquoise placed next to your throat chakra enhances your ability to speak effectively and resolve family conflicts.


The last important piece to your healing: the Citrine stone. It’s a perfect complement to Amethyst in that it also calms the mind and emotions. Citrine chases away dark, negative thoughts, leaving you free to laugh, love, and enjoy yourself and the ones you love.

well being mala

We just love the Well-Being Mala beads because they’re a perfect blend of the stones you need to heal your mind, body, and spirit, connecting you to your higher self, and enabling you to live in peace with those around you. Retrieve these beads whenever you’re in need of healing, and try to form a habit of praying with them daily, as this will prevent negative energy from seeping in. If you do not own the Well-Being Mala beads, you may purchase them here and begin the journey to unleashing your truest self.

Mala Beads for October- Opalite

october malas

Birthstone Mala of the Month for October – Opal

Zodiac bracelets with mala beads connect you to your inner animal spirit or element with an astrological gemstone bracelet. Our gemstone bracelets are adjustable and natural and can provide wisdom, prosperity and healing to the wearer. You can even stack many together for additional accessorizing. The products are designed and created carefully in the USA by Sakura Designs who specialize in designing and crafting these mala bracelets, at a very reasonable price!

Libra Mala Bracelet

The Libra Mala bead bracelet is has a unique and beautiful design that looks good on anyone and has a variety of rainbow colors streaming out. The Mala Bracelet contains 8mm prayer beads, that has 20 main heads, additionally a 10mm focal bead and spacers. All the gemstones are natural and original and crystals, well made. We have crystal and metal prayer beads that are designed to inspire by precious and semiprecious birthstones, there are also different color schemes for each sign, inspired precious and semi precious stones for each zodiac. The Mala beads are well made with with nylon and have an adjustable slipknot to suit different people and so that you have the right size that fits perfectly and comfortably. The birthstone mala bracelet also has a very special and potent stone named Opalite that features many positive and uplifting effects.

Opalite and Rose Quartz Mala

The birthstone for October is October and we offer Opalite, an opal- like silicate. The birthstone Mala Bracelet holds a gentle and calming stone that can act as a calming presence to make a person feel more bright and whole. Opalite (also known as opals) are great for when you’re mediating or if you want to improve mediation practices. It can also enhance own psychic abilities which can lead to higher communication levels that are spiritually enhancing overall. Furthermore opals bring hope to people in life and provides virtues of innocence and purity. Opals also stimulate healing processes and increase friendships with people that brings healthy emotions.
Along with the Opalite stone, there is a Quartz crystal that aids in focusing energy to achieve objectives and goals and zoom in on the potency of other amazing stones. The crystal enables people to experience clarity spiritually and generally. It is also very powerful to use during mediations were practicing a “mantra”.

Mala Gemstone Healing Properties

Opal is the astrological stone for October and has many healing properties, this includes the ability to love oneself and increase self-confidence, self-esteem and purpose, the ability to accept love from others. Another healing property from the stone is that it makes us see our positive qualities rather than the negative, so helps with self esteem. The stone also represents mothers lover, a form of protection to the person wearing. It protects them and makes them feel safe and secure within their selves and around other people.libra-mala1

Zodiac Sign for Libra

If you’re Libra, the main element is air, similarly to signs like Gemini and Aquarius. It dismisses the Third, Seventh and Eleventh Houses. The air is rarefied which generally surrounds those who are graced and uplifted by this element, with it also being the marker of intelligence and an intellect. Those who are airy are bright in their thinking and can reason abstractly well.

Written By: Dawn Lhamo with Sakura Staff Oct 17, 2016

Yoga Jewelry

Have you seen a child who just discovered a new toy; this is the kind of reaction you will see when a person discovers the world of yoga jewelry.

Malas- What are they really all about?

mala bracelets

Gemstone Wrist Mala Bracelets

About Mala Beads

Prayer beads have already been utilized for centuries as a devotion and meditation tool. An intention, prayer or mantra is recited for each one of the beads. Many religions have some kind of sacred prayer bead, Christianity-rosary, Hindu-jappa, Islam-subhah, and Buddhist-mala. We, at Sakura Designs feature Buddhist malas, and are Buddhist and Yoga practitioners. We use them with our daily mantra practice, and wear mala bracelets every day!

There are lots of traditions surrounding the usage of prayer beads. The kind of material the beads are produced from, symbols carved or painted to them, the amount of beads, the way they are used, and what religion they may be from. We have seen references suggest that Buddhism was the first one to use beads as to calm and stabilize the mind meditation and evoke devotion and compassion. Within the West, western Buddhists are forming their very own new traditions evolving from the Eastern traditions. The significance of mantra practices are kept, and malas are being integrated into modern western culture. This article will offer suggestions to use your mala to “create inner calmness” on the path.

Precisely what is a mala?

Creating a mala is similar to composing a poem or a piece of inspired art. We have a quantity of 108 beads, in some instances patterns of additional beads (where markers go), always a guru bead that ties the entire into one and often a tassel or knot, although the last is personal preference. The guru bead has three holes. The guru bead represents the guru or spiritual teacher and is not counted.

The kinds of malas are listed below.

Full Mala 108 beads, 3 markers spaced every 27 beads, as well as the guru bead.

Hand Mala: 27 beads, 2 makers, and guru.

Jappa: 99- 36 beads, such as the guru there are no marker beads.

Wrist mala: 18-24 beads, no guru or markers and is also usually, on the cord made adjustable with a  slip knot.

Verve Mala

Verve Mala

Why 108 Beads?

The astute reader will notice a pattern in the amount of beads… all of them are divisible by 3 or 9. They are considered holy numbers. 108 is divisible by both 3 and 9. And also at the guru bead this is the 108.

A 27 bead mala might be self explanatory, but to remain consistent, 2 7=9 and 27 is divisible by 3 and 9. In Hinduism, the amount 108 is really a holy number and several devotional practices should be repeated 108 times. Both Buddhism and Hinduism took this numerology from earlier Indian religion.

Mala Materials

Go with what inspires! There are no hard and fast rules, your teacher or tradition may suggest a material: birthstone, numerology or gemstone healing property. Malas may be produced from wood, bone, carved bone within the form of a human skull, semi-precious gemstones, sandalwood, red sandalwood, bodhi seed, rosewood, precious metals, lotus seed in the sunshine and moon pattern, genuine amber in Tibetan malas, crystal. Malas may be embellished with metal spacers, focal beads involving the guru as well as the tassel, the tassel being silky or cotton or knotted.

Carnelian, for example, an all natural stone of deep red, is a stone linked to the historical Shakyamuni Buddha, Gotama. Quartz crystal is often the stone related to Quan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion. Lapis lazuli is usually the stone from the Medicine Buddha Basaijaya Guru whose skin is definitely the color of lapis. The bodhi seed is wood from a bodhi tree, Ficus religiosa, under that the Buddha gained enlightenment, and is very precious and costly these days.

Sandalwood is  scented wood which will help an individual to achieve a greater purpose. Red sandalwood or rosewood are often used. Rosewood is endangered which is hard to find and is also expensive. Red sandalwood is substituted for this and frequently sold because it. The lotus seed is associated with purity. Up from your muck and decay towards the bottom from the pond, it rises towards the surface to open up pure, brilliantly white… a metaphor of the journey with the cycles of birth and suffering to finally gain the purity of enlightenment. The carved bone human skulls would be the reminder of impermanence. Everything is impermanent, so that as a reason for meditation, it is really an aid to realizing the reality of impermanence as well as an end towards the suffering brought on by the misconception that situations are permanent. Let it all go!

How to Use a Mala

The specific use of the beads depends upon the tradition or even the practitioner. Tibetans believe in case a mantra (a prayer) is recited 100,000 times, the practitioner will gain the wisdom and purification from the mantra practice. A mala for this specific purpose also offers counters to keep an eye on each round of recitation and something for teams of 10, as well as others could be put into keep an eye on thousands. For a lot of other Buddhists, the recitation of the mantra, along with receiving merit which is then committed to all beings, is a kind of meditation, a focusing or sharpening from the mind. Additionally, it brings calmness and stilling towards the body. Hindus, when using the beads, never cross the guru bead, but turn back from the guru bead. Buddhists also do not use the guru bead as a mantra, and it is skipped over out of respect. The beads are counted, one for every recitation from the prayer using the mala located in one hand as well as the beads counted using the thumb which advances the mala yet another bead and helps make the next ready for your count on the forefinger. We’ve often seen it referenced the goal is telling 100 recitations using the extra 8 in case one did a number of them imperfectly. We actually do not accept that because the merit and openhearted-ness is gained from your reciting of mantras, regardless of how imperfectly said! We believe it is the significance of the amount 108 towards the ancient numerology.

What are Mantras?

Mantras are powerful word and tone prayers that can be spoken or sung. Nearly all are connected with an aspiration, healing quality, Deity, Buddha or Bodhisattva. The mantras have syllables which have meanings however, not necessarily a sentence or phrase which is translatable literally. We have specific malas for several mantras, bodhi seed for your Buddha’s mantra: Om muni muni mahamunyea soha. We have also seen it as being Om muni muni Shakyamunyea soha. Om is the noise of the universe, this is the vibration that most beings are a part of. Muni roughly means great and soha is similar to amen. Therefore it is something similar to “connect me towards the universe, great Shakya (the clan Buddha belonged to) amen. This mantra is really a prayer for attaining wisdom and understanding. We have another mala for Quan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion. It really is black onyx, not particularly associated with Quan Yin. Her mantra is one of the most commonly known even by non-Buddhists. Om mani padme hum (or hung). Mani is really a jewel and padme is lotus so that all together this is the jewel within the lotus. This can be a prayer for attaining compassion. We have a lapis lazuli mala for your Medicine Buddha. His prayer is perfect for healing. Tagatha, Om bekendza, bekendza, maha bekendza rodza samugatha soha. It really continues on for around a paragraph, this is actually the shortened form. These mantras supplicate the enlightened Buddhas and guru for healing.

Additionally, there are a number of other Bodhisattva mantras which are just repetitions from the name again and again. Green Tara and White Tara are examples.  A personal, spiritual teacher explains a lot more about mantras in addition to a different uses of the mantras as well as their meanings together with pronunciation.

Full malas tend to be worn as an indication of devotion and protection around the neck when not in use, or being a wrist mala, wrapping the entire mala round the wrist. We don’t recommend this since it shortens the life span from the cord as well as the mala will break easily. Hand malas tend to be held during prostrations and we really like to make use of them during walking meditation being an unobtrusive way of counting. Obviously, wrist malas are worn daily a bracelet and have stretchy cord or an adjustable slipknot.

Stress Relief and Overcoming Habits and Addictions!

Tibetans always say that mantra “protects the mind.” Malas are helpful for any of us, as an invaluable stress reduction tool. Prayer beads are also referred to as worry beads. Malas have been used  to assist in overcoming negative habits like quitting smoking, or maintaining mindfulness in relationships. Mantras give the mind and hands something to accomplish once the urge to react, be impulsive or an addiction comes up. You can create your own very own personal mantra that helps to stay focused and meditate. This is a practice that will benefit everyone, a period of time where the mind is fully absorbed in something apart from negative patterns worries. Mala mantra practice provides the body and mind an opportunity to relax which by itself is healing, and we all need that these days!

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Using Mala Prayer Beads to Set Intentions for Yoga Practice

lotus mala beads

Yoga is a meditative practice that attends to both the spiritual components of the mind and the physical structures of the body. Aligning these elements is a crucial part of any yoga practice and is achieved by setting intentions which help us recognize changes we wish to see within ourselves. Intentions are difficult to manufacture for those just beginning yoga, but even experienced yogis have trouble identifying and honoring these goals during practice. Mala Prayer Beads are excellent for adding meaning to our practice and are useful for signifying our intentions and helping us focus on spiritual goals.

Mindfulness & Malas

Strengthening our ability to focus on intentions aids us in developing mindfulness skills that are carried with us through our daily lives. However, building focus requires effort. This exercise in intention is made no easier by the fact that yoga was designed to help us achieve a state of calm and peace. Oftentimes this means we must empty our minds of wandering thoughts, but doing so makes focusing on personal intentions challenging. By adding Mala Prayer Beads into our sessions, we can set a mental focal point and begin to associate our Mala with our intentions.

Onyx for Grounding & Healing

The Onyx Knotted Mala is a perfect tool for aiming intentions. Onyx has natural healing properties and motivates the growth of internal power to facilitate changing bad habits. The serpentine in these prayer beads is especially effective for someone who is looking to overcome emotional trauma and foster acceptance. During practice, these beads are held or worn around the neck to signify our practice goals. For example, if we want to learn to recognize love for ourselves, we will use these beads to remind ourselves that we are worthy of love and acceptance. In future practices, our beads will symbolize this intention and serve as a guide to keep us focused on the path our intentions create.

Mindful Meditative Yoga for Healing


yoga healing


In the fast-paced reality many of us have created for ourselves, we rarely have time to center our thoughts and our actions. Yoga for healing provides the body and mine some peace through mindfulness and relaxation. The benefits of yoga are endless, but the decrease of mental and physical pain may be the biggest advantage to exercise of this kind.

Yoga Makes You Appreciative

By taking 30-60 minutes to practice yoga, you are essentially celebrating the amazing things that your body can do. Yoga allows you to slow down and appreciate the miracles that occur within yourself each day. This type of exercise helps to better body image. Harvard Health Publications found yoga to be an effective treatment for those with body image issues. “…yoga has become an integral part in the treatment of eating disorders and programs that promote positive body image and self-esteem.” By tuning into what our bodies do for us, yogis are in a more positive place in life.

Yoga Gives You Peace

Our lives are so loud. Rarely do we take the time to pause and really feel the energy around us. Practicing yoga 3-5 times a week does just that. The breathing, combined with a positive mantra and physical challenge allows yogis to find a center in all of the chaos. As you meditatively practice yoga, your thoughts transcend trouble, worries, and stressors that can take years off of your life in the future and make you a lesser version of yourself in the present. Yoga helps you to find the peace within yourself for a better life.

Yoga Heals What Ails You

When people have aches and pains, they often turn to medications and expensive treatments to get relief. However, by practicing yoga, your body can create its own medicine. Yoga helps to heal migraines, back and neck pain, anxiety, and insomnia. According to, “Yoga’s relaxation techniques are thought to calm the body’s nervous system. This action on the nervous system is believed to reduce the activities in the brain that lead to migraines.” By practicing meaningful yoga, you are able to zero in on the aching part of the body, and self medicate through exercise of this kind. Before seeking drugs for pain relief, try yoga for 30 minutes. The difference is incredible. Please see our healing mala beads.

You only have one vessel, so you need to treat it well. Yoga is a vacation for the mind and a cure for what ails you. By giving your body what it needs, you are ready to face the challenges of the day with a clear mind and a healthy being.

Mala Prayer Beads of the Month – Kundalini Yoga Prayer Beads

kundalini yoga mala

Kundalini Yoga Prayer Beads

If you are a little more experienced in meditation, or are serious about taking your spiritual journey a step further, then consider the Kundalini Yoga Prayer Beads. It is a powerful healing mala in terms of mending one’s spirit. The inspiration for the chosen beads in this mala (sandalwood, amazonite, hematite, abalone shell) are the Dzogchen practices and Kundalini Yoga. While that might sound like a mouthful, the practices are simple to understand. Dzogchen meditation enables your Self to experience its true nature as well as the nature of mind. Kundalini Yoga unleashes your creative potential by awakening potent feminine energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine. When one combines this creative energy with an open, meditative mind that accepts the present moment, it creates an individual rooted in his or her spiritual path. Even those new to meditating with mala beads will discover great clarity and illumination with the Kundalini Yoga Prayer mala.


This bead is the core of the Kundalini Yoga Prayer Beads. Sandalwood works to connect the chakras when one is feeling stressed or rushed in working life. It facilitates meditation powers by wearing it, and is ideal for accessing deeper levels of consciousness when used frequently with a routine meditation practice. To meditate regularly sounds like a task, but it is simply mindfulness in daily activities, which is what Dzogchen is about.


Known as the Stone of Truth and Stone of Courage, Amazonite emboldens the wearer to embrace his or her own truths, values, and personal integrity without self-doubt or fear of judgments from others. It also soothes the overly emotional mental state by bringing it back to clarity. Amazonite is ideal for meditation to bring self-awareness and encourage living in truth, making it a rather empowering stone on a spiritual level.


Not a crystal, but a mineral with high iron content (often associated with Mars), Hematite brings strength, courage and will power. When used properly in meditation, it creates a protective layer around the aura so that unwanted energies do not intrude, while simultaneously grounding the root chakra. As you experience this grounding, the vibrations from the higher chakras easily connect to the lower ones. Hematite also serves to bring clarity and de-clutter the mind of negative thinking patterns.

Abalone shell

Beautiful due to its iridescent colors when it catches the light, it draws viewers in and instantly uplifts the spirit. The gentle powers of abalone shell are warm and loving: it calms nerves in times of stress, enhances communication and harmony in relationships, as well as in a community setting. When used in meditation it can open up intuitive and psychic abilities.

Kundalini Yoga Prayer Beads


The power of the Kundalini Yoga Prayer Beads is a wholesome combination of grounding energies, spiritual integrity, gentleness and strength. This set of Prayer Beads is highly recommended to those looking to grow in deeper ways while expanding consciousness and connecting to creative potential. The benefits are plentiful on different spiritual levels, depending on how deep you are willing to go. Only you can determine that. Remember, in the end, only you are responsible for your own spiritual progress.

Featured Mala- Magnetizing Mala Beads (Lotus Love)


Magnetizing Mala Necklace

Feeling confused, exhausted, and uninspired? Then you will benefit from the use of some magnetizing mala necklace, healing crystals to get you back on your true path with renewed vigor and heart. Consider the The Magnetizing Mala Necklace, created using a powerful and beautiful combination of lotus love mala beads. If you are needing a boost in energy, mental clarity and want to tap into your inner truth, then tiger’s eye, smoky quartz, turquoise and clear Quartz will most definitely bring about these healing abilities within yourself.

Tiger’s Eye

The meaning and name of the tiger’s eye has a lot do with the behavior of the tiger. According to The Healing Chest, tigers are adept at being patient and staying focused when hunting, and for this reason tiger’s eye is known for its ability to impart clarity and insight while remaining patient when the time is right for decision-making. Its deep shades of golden color and ability to shine and flash in the light offers protection from negative energies, dispels fear and anxiety, and clears emotions so that one’s mind is calm in complex situations.

A powerful stone to use for meditation, tiger’s eye opens one up to the psychic realms while offering spiritual grounding by connecting to both Solar and Earth energies.

Smoky Quartz

Like tiger’s eye, smoky quartz is ideal for meditation. It beautifully grounds higher energies to earth while also offering protection by absorbing and transforming negative energy. When used in meditation, it clears and purifies heavy feelings such as anxiety, fear and depression, creating emotional balance within the individual.


This beautiful blue stone is one of the oldest throughout history, used by warriors and shamans alike for its protective abilities from negative energies. Often associated with the fifth chakra, many refer to it as the Truth Stone as it gently encourages one to communicate the truth, either in the personal or observational sense. Not only does turquoise have many healing properties, it is also used in spiritual work providing connection to the psychic realms.

Clear Quartz

This crystal is one of the most common in the world, and very powerful in its healing abilities. It raises the vibrations of other crystals, and is also known as the Master Healer Stone due to its ability to bring balance to the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. It is a must have for anyone starting out in meditation, or seeking healing through crystals.

Healing Properties

lotus love

Overall, by using the Magnetizing Mala Necklace you will feel all the stones working in harmony: the tiger’s eye and smoky quartz work to bring spiritual grounding and confidence while offering protection from negativity, so that you may reach your goals and express yourself from a place of inner strength. Turquoise soothingly guides to the spiritual dimensions, facilitating you to voice your truth; and clear quartz amplifies the vibrations of all these stones while enhancing all connection from the physical to the spiritual within your being, bringing focus, purpose and inner harmony. xoxo

A Tassel Mala or Not, How to Choose?

mala nature

Our Buddhist Mala Beads without Tassels!

How to decide which mala bead necklace is right for me? We started to offer mala prayer beads without tassels a few years ago, using a Tibetan style macrame adjustable slipknot. Our model above is holding our best-selling African Turquoise Prayer Mala, so you can see the picture jasper, beaded ends. We are using a durable 1mm Asian Knotting Cord in a rainbow of different colors, and each mala is finished with 1-3 beads at the end, depending on design. These malas can now be used a prayer beads, necklaces or bracelets, since the ability to open and close permits more of a custom sizing when wrapping it around the wrist. The best part is, that over time, you don’t have to maintain the tassel, which can become matted and discolored  with age. See How To Care For Your Mala

By request, we now have a the #1 bestselling Lapis Mala on sale this week newly designed with no tassel, which can be found here:

Mala Restringing

We still prefer to make malas with natural cotton tassels as shown above, so that you can use the durable, state of the art cable – soft yet flexible string. Malas made with tassels still last the longest, we feel. Here is a closeup of our US made craftsmanship. Many imported tassels are carelessly made from synthetic materials and look “scraggly.” We pride ourselves on consistent and careful, heartfelt mala craft.

Tell Us Your Mala Story!

If you had experience with your malas breaking, or used one that lasted many years, we’d love to hear about it. In general, malas should last about 6 months to a year with regular mantra practice use before breaking and we’d be happy to repair it if it does. If you are wearing your mala every day, it may break more quickly, and its best to keep away from water, pools and sweat. We are devoted to our mala bead art as craftsmen and are always looking to improve and offer only the best mala beads possible!