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Using Mala Prayer Beads to Set Intentions for Yoga Practice

Yoga is a meditative practice that attends to both the spiritual components of the mind and the physical structures of the body. Aligning these elements is a crucial part of any yoga practice and is achieved by setting intentions which help us recognize changes we wish to see within ourselves. Intentions are difficult to manufacture for those just beginning yoga, but even experienced yogis have trouble identifying and honoring these goals during practice. Mala Prayer Beads are excellent for adding meaning to our practice and are useful for signifying our intentions and helping us focus on spiritual goals.

Mindfulness & Malas

Strengthening our ability to focus on intentions aids us in developing mindfulness skills that are carried with us through our daily lives. However, building focus requires effort. This exercise in intention is made no easier by the fact that yoga was designed to help us achieve a state of calm and peace. Oftentimes this means we must empty our minds of wandering thoughts, but doing so makes focusing on personal intentions challenging. By adding Mala Prayer Beads into our sessions, we can set a mental focal point and begin to associate our Mala with our intentions.

Onyx for Grounding & Healing

The Onyx Knotted Mala is a perfect tool for aiming intentions. Onyx has natural healing properties and motivates the growth of internal power to facilitate changing bad habits. The serpentine in these prayer beads is especially effective for someone who is looking to overcome emotional trauma and foster acceptance. During practice, these beads are held or worn around the neck to signify our practice goals. For example, if we want to learn to recognize love for ourselves, we will use these beads to remind ourselves that we are worthy of love and acceptance. In future practices, our beads will symbolize this intention and serve as a guide to keep us focused on the path our intentions create.