Lotus Bracelet Prehnite with Rose Quartz


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About this Mala:

Lotus Bracelet Prehnite with Rose Quartz 8mm, made with genuine prehnite beads, rose quartz and a lotus pendant on stretch cord.

About Prehnite:

A light emerald-like semiprecious stone calcium aluminum silicate hydroxide minerals that fall into the phyllosilicate sub-class of minerals. Colonel Hendrick von Prehn discovered it in Cape Province in South Africa in the 1700’s. Prehnite remains primarily known in South Africa, although large deposits have been found in Australia as well.

Healing Properties:

Reportedly strengthens kidneys and kidney function. Prehnite was said to be derived from the Spanish words “Piedra de ijada”, translated to a stone for the kidneys. In addition, the mineral nephrite deposits inside the prehnite stones are derived from the Greek term “nephros” which also translated to “kidney” in English.

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