Buddhist Wrist Malas & Mala Bracelets

Buddhist Wrist Malas & Mala Bracelets

gemstone + natural woods

Our select offering of natural gemstone mala bracelets and spiritual jewelry. Free Mala Bag!






About Our Gemstone Mala Bracelets

An inspiring array of stacked, natural gemstone colors encircling your wrist in the form of intricately crafted, mala bracelets is enough to draw you into our world of Buddhist wrist malas. These bracelets are a version of the traditional prayer beads that are more easily worn in your everyday life while still maintaining their purpose.

It would be easy to sift through our selection solely based on which mala bracelet strikes your aesthetic side, and you would find many that do. However, it’s in considering the combined properties and healing powers of these beads that you will find the perfect bracelet to help bring harmony into your life. Focus on an aspect of yourself (physical, mental, or spiritual) that you feel needs attention, and let that guide you. Turquoise for the anxious or angry. Aventurine for those with poor blood circulation, allergies, or congestion. Quartz crystal for those seeking spiritual clarity. Our variety of wrist malas has something to offer everyone. Can’t decide on just one? Don’t let that stop you! We suggest wearing them in a fashionable stack, each one’s individual properties complimenting each other and bestowing general benefit upon you. We also offer prostration hand malas for meditation and mantra practice. These one size fits most bracelets either stretch or adjust, we do not offer custom sizes since, they already are! They are all about the equivalent of 23 beads +-/ about 18cm, 7.25″ before stretching or opening.


About Buddhist Wrist Malas

Our Mala Bracelet Cafe, create your own stack! Wrist Malas feature 18-25 +- beads. Sakura Designs creates and imports these beautiful mala bracelets. The most common wrist malas are known as “mala bracelets” and have approx. 21+- beads on stretchy cord, or an adjustable knot.

We are pleased to offer these select imported malas, directly crafted from Fair Trade artisans in Tibet, Nepal, Hong Kong and India. Please remember to include a mala bag to store your beads in when not in use. These smaller, handheld malas are often used for daily wear or travel. These recently entered popular culture and were known as power beads or wrist malas. These are usually made from semi-precious stone or wood and have about 21 beads, strung on a stretchy cord to be worn around the wrist.


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