Mala Bracelet I Am Love


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Mala Bracelet I Am Love
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About this Mala:

Mala Bracelet- I Am Love crafted with 8mm White natural shell and Barbie pink rose jade beads and a silver adornments and lotus pendant on a stretchy cord.

Muse: The powerful- Mala Bracelet I Am Love awakens us to the love we already are.  Fostering forgiveness, empathy and reconciliation. You are love.

About Natural Shell:

Natural shell is calcium carbonate with slight lined patterns, or “pearl-essence.” It is a smooth, shining, iridescent substance forming the inner layer of the shell of some mollusks, especially oysters and abalones, often used in ornamentation.

Healing Properties:

Shell helps to remove blocks by stimulating intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability. Shell treats hearing disorders and calcium deficiencies.

3 reviews for Mala Bracelet I Am Love

  1. Tara N.

    A delightful reminder to embrace love and all its benefits❤

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    She loves them. Just what she wanted.

  3. Lisa (verified owner)

    This bracelet is very pretty. The lotus design is on both sides of the charm, so it looks good any way it hangs. Sometimes the rubber band pinches a bit, and it’s a little loose on my small wrist, but I could not find any small sized bracelets advertised on this site.

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