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Mala Beads by Intention

Shop Sakura Design’s Mala Beads by intention. Heal, Empower, Create and Thrive! Our mala bead artists heave created powerful and well designed gemstone healing beads used as a protective talisman. Choose your personal set of prayer beads for mantra or to wear to create just the right personal balance.

About Mala Materials

There are no hard and fast rules, your teacher or tradition may suggest a material: birthstone, numerology or gemstone healing property. Malas may be produced from wood, bone, carved bone within the form of a human skull, semi-precious gemstones, sandalwood, red sandalwood, bodhi seed, rosewood, precious metals, lotus seed in the sunshine and moon pattern…white with black speckles for your stars along with a small hole drilled for your moon, genuine amber in Tibetan malas, crystal. Malas may be embellished with metal spacers, focal beads involving the guru as well as the tassel, the tassel being silky or cotton or knotted. Carnelian, for example, an all natural stone of deep red, is a stone linked to the historical Shakyamuni Buddha, Gotama. Quartz crystal is often the stone related to Quan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion. Lapis lazuli is usually the stone from the Medicine Buddha Basaijaya Guru whose skin is definitely the color of lapis. The bodhi seed is wood from a bodhi tree, Ficus religiosa, under that the Buddha gained enlightenment, and is very precious and costly these days.