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  • We now offer simple mala restringing service for mala necklaces or bracelets that we made or simple designs similar to ours for $30. Materials like a new cotton tassel or macrame knot and new mala bag included.
  • If your mala is knotted like the image below please choose the quantity of 2 for repair ($60) as knots take 2x as long, and we will use complimentary colored seed bead “knots.”
  • We recommend shipping your mala carefully packed via US Priority Mail, with delivery confirmation (insurance and signature confirmation can delay orders) with simple restringing instructions to the address below.
  • Please also choose US Priority Mail for traceable, insured outbound shipping, SO PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THE FREE SHIPPING OPTION FOR MALA REPAIR LABOR ORDERS.* Also, please do not send us your repairs without placing an order first.
  • If your mala that was made in the US by Sakura Designs, (non imported or stretchy, not knotted) breaks within the 30 day warranty from date of order and has not been worn daily, or mishandled, we still offer free restringing service, less shipping charges. If it is a warranty restring, please send it back to us at the below address with your Invoice Number.

  • Step 1. Please an order here for however many malas you’d like us to repair. Remember to choose the quantity of 2 for a mala with knots after each bead.
  • Step 2. On the checkout page, please let us know about any other design or stringing requests.
  • Step 3. Carefully package your malas and ship via traceable mail like US Priority, they offer free padded flat rate mailers at your post and insurance is included!
  • Step 4.  Send it to:





You can call or text questions to: 1-(720)-350-6905

Please do allow a maximum “cue” of 5–10 days for us to restring after we receive your mala. You will be emailed your tracking number when we process your order, sometimes before it ships, and you can check with the post to see when it shipped. We will treat your mala with great care and do our best to restore and renew it!


About Knotted Malas– If you have a “knotted japa mala” (knots after each bead) that you’d like restrung, we can do so by removing each knotted bead and “upgrading” to our break resistant “Soft Flex” bead cord. We do have to use a tassel with “Soft Flex”, to properly fasten the finishing knot for extended use. There will no longer be knots after each bead so you can better use it for counting.

We can re-knot your Japa Mala with seed beads knots after each bead, recommend the use of “Soft Flex” rather than cord knotting, as this lasts much longer and does not stretch and fray. If you send us a knotted mala to restring, please choose the quantity of 2 ($60) for your repair, and seed beads “knotting” takes 2x the time!

17 reviews for Mala Restringing

  1. Jordan G. (verified owner)

    Quality work and great communication. Exactly what I needed! Thanks.

  2. Homefry Niles (verified owner)

    Great service.

  3. Ivan R. (verified owner)

    Everything you’d expect from this fine company: fast, dependable, fair. Thank you!

  4. Mindi Bower (verified owner)

    Fixed my necklace and had it back to me very quickly. I was very happy.
    Thank you

  5. danny fair (verified owner)

    Perfect workmanship!

  6. danny fair (verified owner)


  7. ssr (verified owner)


  8. Brandon (verified owner)

    Dawn and her team were efficient, kind, and courteous (despite my stress around the holiday season). They are a wonderful group of people.

  9. Brandon (verified owner)

    Dawn and her team were an amazing, efficient, kind, and courteous group (despite my stress around the holiday season). They are a wonderful group of people.

  10. Brandon (verified owner)

    Dawn and the company were wonderful to work with and did the work efficiently. They answered my questions quickly despite my holiday stress and made everything great.

  11. Shawn Thurber (verified owner)

    I had Sakura designs restring my beautiful red coral mala which I had purchased from them a few years ago. I was so pleased when the mala returned to me in better than new condition! Polished and cleaned beautifully! Thank you for your service!

  12. Christine P (verified owner)

    They did a fantastic job!

    • Dawn Boiani (verified owner)

      Thank you Christine, please visit us at often!

  13. Kory Tydon (verified owner)

    You outdid yourself! What a beautiful restring. My concern to not have it restrung exactly the same (bad luck!), was beautiful, The 6 turquoise beads end match perfectly with the Lapis. Also you didn’t have to send it back in another lovely bag. You are too sweet.
    Thank you for the call before the starting work and it is so nice to have a Mala I’ve lived with for 2 years back in my presence.
    Mahalo and Namaste. Loni.

    • Dawn Boiani (verified owner)

      U rock Kory, well wishes always!

  14. Matthew Citrigla (verified owner)

    Dawn and team! Thank you for a fast, effortless and easy restringing! The mala bracelet just arrived and it looks great! I have a tiger eye bracelet on elastic that I will send next as it is several years old. Better to take care of it now before it snaps unexpectedly. Sorry, I don’t have any SM accounts, but I do tell everyone that compliments the bracelet where to get them. Namaste – Matt

  15. John OC (verified owner)

    Went above and beyond the restringing of my Mala. Reached out with questions and options before completion. Excellent job. Provided ‘extras’ as they felt their labor was less than had planned for.

    • Dawn Boiani (verified owner)

      Thank you John, please remember us for gifts!

  16. Harry Palmer (verified owner)

    Dawn did wonderfully restringing 3 of my malas. The work was beautiful, done quickly and at reasonable cost.
    In additionDawn ws very pleasant to interact with.


    • Dawn Boiani (verified owner)

      Thanks Harry, warmest thanks!

  17. Marsha (verified owner)

    I found Dawn and Sakura Designs online. From the moment I interacted with Dawn by email and phone, I knew I had found the right person and the right place! I had four malas that needed to be restrung. Brainstorming with Dawn about the best way to proceed was helpful and enjoyable. I very much appreciated her warmth, expertise, creativity, and ideas. When the malas arrived today, I was so happy to see how beautifully they were restrung! If I need restringing of malas in the future, I will not hesitate to contact Dawn. This is a quality company that is both professional and personal in its approach. Thank you so much, Dawn, for taking such care and interest in the work you provide for us.

    • Dawn Boiani (verified owner)

      Thanks Marsha~

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