Mala Design Options

“We would be honored to create a custom designed mala, just for your personal mantra practice.
Dawn Lhamo, the owner of Sakura Designs, will help to create and craft your special mala, with care.

A Custom mala, made just for you!

If you’d like a mala custom designed from any of our existing semiprecious stones, seeds or bone (most are 8mm), we’d be happy to make one.

There are many options to choose from, and we’d be honored to make your special mala.


Since our malas can be custom made to order, you can choose your own design elements for a $25.00 custom fee.

If you like our design already, we’ll send one as photographed and your mala may arrive sooner. (We do keep a most best-sellers ready made and on hand.)

There are different styles of traditional malas and marker placement.

Our malas, by default, are made “Tibetan (27 x 4) or Mantra (21,33)” style, but if you’d like any other option, choose a “custom designed mala,” available on most pages for you to choose your mala style, color of marker bead and color and style of of tassel.

You can also buy a Ready Made Mala  Making Kit!

custom designs malas onyx

*Custom Malas are made to order, and as with all natural stones and monitor variations, actual colors may vary slightly from web images.

Customers can specify the color and placement of the three “marker beads” used to divide Mala and tassel color. We will do our best to accommodate custom requests with materials available. Please read our full policy page for more info regarding custom requests and must waive all liability for custom designs, so please also see our Custom Design Policy. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and considered a “work of art,” as no two malas can be exactly the same. Malas will be sent as close to the web image as possible, or your vision depending on available materials, if no custom requests are required.

We prefer to use the sturdiest state-of-the-art “Soft Flex” bead cable. Soft Flex is a 49 micro-filament strand extremely durable bead cable cord, used in most designs with Tassels; Snakeknot/ Adjustable knot design require nylon line. The beads will easily slide when counting, as is the traditional method for Buddhist Malas, rather than having “knots” after each bead. (Hindu style) We aspire to leave about one bead length of space for counting, not too tight, not too loose! Your prayer beads are then properly and traditionally finished with a real three holed “guru bead” with well crafted 100% cotton tassel or beaded ends. Complimentary Silk Satin Mala bag is offered in assorted colors, and we make the best effort to choose a harmonious color and style, to go with your mala.

If you’d like you Mala redesigned or if your mala breaks after our warranty period, we will be right there to help and offer restringing service for $25 +Shipping Handling.

Different Mala Styles:

Bead Sizes:

Zen Mala

Mantra Mala

108 Bead Mala

Tibetan Mala