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Custom Designed Mala Beads

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“We would be honored to create a custom designed mala, just for your personal inspiration and mantra practice.”

Custom Designed (Bespoke) Mala Prayer Beads, made just for you! More Info

Malas are the “innermost” personal, sacred tool for your meditation and spiritual practice. Each meditation practice is different and may require custom marker placement and materials.

You can choose your mala materials based on healing property, stone type or birthdate. Choose Your Material

*For Adjustable knot malas, some beads are too small to use a adjustable knot, we will let you know. For materials where an adjustable knot is available, we will choose a harmonious colored cord and beaded ends, these materials vary and are choice limited so cannot be customized.

Custom Designs can take one to two weeks to complete, please note the time for special occasions and holidays. Please see our Custom Design Policy.

Each piece uses variable, natural materials, and we will try to accommodate most custom requests. We look forward to creating a lovely, inspired mala, crafted just for you!

Design Choices:

What should we use? Stone/ Material Typeinfo

How would you like the end? Tassel Colorinfo or an Adjustable Knot

Metal Spacing Beads? Silver Color or Brass Spacers  info or none!

Bell & Dorje Counters? Sterling info or Metal Counters info

What type of mala would you like? Mala Type  (Marker Placement)info

Interval Marker bead color? Marker and Guru Bead Stone Choice info

and the Finally….the Guru Bead Stoneinfo

We will match the guru bead to with the material or the marker, depending on what looks best and materials. If you have a strong color preference, please email to

Additional information

Stone Type?

Black Onyx Mala Prayer Beads, African Turquoise, Amethyst Mala, Aventurine Jade Mala, Chrysocholla, Blue Green Turquoise, Carnelian Mala Prayer Beads, Denim Lapis Mala, Desert Picture Jasper Mala, Faceted Crystal Mala, Freshwater Pearl, Hematite, Jade (Dark) Mala, Amazonite Mala, Olivine Jade Mala, Lapis Lazuli Mala, Lapis Lazuli A Grade, Citrine Mala, Green Jasper Mala, Mother of Pearl (Shell), Moss Agate, New Jade Mala, Red Coral Mala, Red Jasper Mala, Rosewood, Red Tiger's Eye Mala, Rhodonite Mala, Rhodochrosite, Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz Mala, Rudraksha Mala, Sandalwood 8mm, Smoky Quartz 8mm, Swarovski Crystal, Tibetan Turquoise Mala, Green Turquoise, Tigers Eye Mala, White Bone Mala, White Agate, Fossil Ivory, African Jade, Natural Turquoise, Natural Mother of Pearl

Metal Spacers?

Silver Color Spacers, Gold Color Spacers, No Metal Spacers

Mala Type?

Tibetan Style (marker after 27 and 54), Mantra Style (marker after 21 and 54), Zen Style (marker after 7 and 21), 108 Beads(no markers, just 108 beads), Shambhala (markers after 25 and 54), Tasbih (99 beads with markers at 33)

Marker Colors?

No Markers (interval counting bead), Lapis Markers, Red Coral Markers, Black Onyx Markers, Clear Crystal Markers, Jade Markers, Carnelian Markers, Mother of Pearl Markers, Amethyst Markers, Tiger Eye Markers, Turquoise Markers

Knot or Tassel?

Adjustable Knot, Blue Tassel, Red Tassel, Black Tassel, Purple Tassel, Pink Tassel, Sage Tassel, Turquoise Tassel, Cream Tassel, Chocolate Tassel

8 reviews for Custom Designed Mala

  1. Mala Bead Fan

    The best custom designed mala beads!

  2. Chris merritt (verified owner)

    Awesome just like I ordered and fast and friendly highly recommended

  3. James Ross (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service I have NEVER been contacted by anyone I have ordered items from except this company. I wish I could give 10 stars but I couldn’t so I ordered a few more items Thank you

  4. Kiana (verified owner)

    The step-by-step process and multiple photos provided made it very easy for me to design my own mala beads. They turned out just as I imagined, and they’ve provided me great peace of mind as I’ve used them. Once I save up, I’d love to order another with different properties. I highly recommend Sakura Designs and their custom mala option :)

  5. Dr. Schavi M. Ali (verified owner)

    My especially-made Chrysocolla and Turquoise mala with a Tibetan Guru bead is gorgeous! The beads are shiny and smoothe, and the mala is very well made. I love it! It is like welcoming a good friend to my home!

  6. Dr.Schavi M. Ali (verified owner)

    My new especially-made Chrysocolla and Turquoise mala with a colorful Tibetan “Guru” bead is gorgeous! The beads are shiny and smoothe, and the mala is very well made. When it arrived, it was like welcoming a good friend to my home.

  7. matt.plotner (verified owner)

    It is exactly what I wanted. Beautiful and well-made. Thank you for the time to make my mala.

    • Dawn Boiani

      Thank you Matt, warmest Holidays to you!

  8. Christopher O (verified owner)

    Beautifully made and shipped very quickly.

    • Dawn Boiani

      Thank you!

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