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Natural Gemstone Mala Beads

Sakura designs at offer a unique fusion of spiritual essence and natural beauty. As a boutique Mala making company based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, since 2005, we’ve been crafting exquisite Mala Prayer Bead Buddhist-Inspired Rosary Necklaces and Bracelets that resonate with authenticity and mindfulness.

Our Sakura designs draw inspiration from the delicate and ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms, a symbol deeply rooted in Buddhist culture, representing the transient nature of life. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, combining traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics to create stunning works of art that serve as potent tools for meditation and spiritual practice.

Using only the finest quality materials, including genuine gemstones, sacred woods, and hand-carved bone and seeds, we ensure that every Mala is imbued with the energy of intention and purpose. Whether it’s the soothing energy of rose quartz, the grounding properties of sandalwood, or the transformative power of rudraksha seeds, our Sakura designs offer a diverse range of options to cater to every individual’s spiritual journey.

Each Mala is thoughtfully designed to embody the essence of mindfulness and inner peace, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every bead and knot. Our necklaces and bracelets not only serve as beautiful adornments but also as powerful catalysts for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

At, we believe in the importance of sustainability and ethical practices. That’s why we source our materials responsibly, supporting fair trade practices and environmental conservation efforts whenever possible. By choosing Sakura designs, you’re not only investing in a beautiful piece of jewelry but also contributing to a more conscious and compassionate world.

Whether you’re seeking solace in times of turmoil, cultivating mindfulness in your daily life, or simply embracing the beauty of spiritual tradition, our Sakura designs offer a timeless expression of serenity and grace. Join us on the journey towards inner harmony and enlightenment with our exquisite Mala Prayer Bead Buddhist-Inspired Rosary Necklaces and Bracelets, crafted with love and devotion in the heart of Boulder, Colorado.

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For example, our Snow Lion Mala is a beautiful blend of bright blues and teal greens, which helps one connect with and tap into their mind’s eye. The turquoise magnesite unveils hidden truths about oneself, providing insights and strengthening the bond between one’s head and heart. Tiger’s eye, which is commonly known in folklore culture as a power stone, attracts to the wearer wealth and good fortune. Another powerfully grounding stone is the Smoky Quartz, a gem often used to help one center their being and to transmute negative energies.

If you are struggling to unearth certain chakras or if you’re simply looking for gemstones with specific healing energies, Sakura Designs is here for you! We offer custom designs and even bead repair! All of our carefully made products come from natural healing gemstones, quality wood and handpicked beads. We at Sakura Designs take great pride in being the leading American Mala company, and in sharing these Blissful Buddhist Inspired Beads with you!

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About Mantra Beads


Mala Prayer Beads are said to contain powerful healing energies that bring you peace and serenity while meditating. Like many other forms of prayer beads, they are traditional tools used by the practitioner to keep track when reciting their mantra(s). Chanting a deeply personal saying, reciting a prayer or even singing a song are just a few ways to focus one’s mind in preparation for channeled thought and enlightenment.

Many cultures have used Mala Beads for centuries, both for their beauty and spiritually healing properties. The sacred mala materials such as rudraksha beads and natural healing gemstones sometimes aid the wearer in their meditative practice. Adorning Mala Beads close to your chakras or near specific body energy points, they help ground you and encourage positive energy flow. Each set of beads are unique; being handcrafted for the wearer to help attach to and heal their energy centers.


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Dawn B.


Dawn founded Sakura Designs, in 2005 after studying Tibetan Meditation & Yoga, Eastern and Western Art, and Web Development. All malas made in Boulder are made by Dawn!


Julie K.


I'm a yoga photographer and model based in Boulder, Colorado. With a passion for yoga and meditation, I specialize in capturing the beauty and essence of this practice through photography.


Cassie P.


Cassie loves organization and is a Quickbooks virtuoso. She has an advanced diploma of yoga teaching and travels between Australian beaches and the mountains of Colorado.


Ben B.


Ben and his daughters are our mala models, he’s a spiritual/ yoga photographer in Boulder CO.

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Rebecca K.


Web Database, Specialty Designer and Organizer, and general multitasker that has been with us for many years! She is a reliable and passionate professional, and dear friend!


Lindsay V.


Lindsay, a passionate individual hailing from the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado, is an accomplished meditation practitioner and a cherished Dharma Brother.