Essential Oil Bracelet- I Am Power

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Essential Oil Bracelet- I Am Power
$22.50 Original price was: $22.50.$8.95Current price is: $8.95.
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About this Mala:

Essential Oil Bracelet- Power + Protection 8mm Round Grey Jade with Lava rock beads crafted with a 12mm jade focal bead with rose gold vermeil. Gender Neutral.

About Lava Stone:

Lava Stone is a natural rock formed from magma erupted from a volcano. Natural lava stone beads include naturally formed voids and irregular surfaces, making each bead unique, and makes a perfect porous  aromatherapy diffuser. We combine these with  gray jade and aqua jade.

Healing Properties:

Lava Stone: Known for its grounding and calming properties. It centers the root chakra.  We include 1 dram of  genuine Lavender and Citrus essential oil blend for you to drop on one bead for all day aromatherapy, complete with a natural muslin gift pouch.

1 review for Essential Oil Bracelet- I Am Power

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    I really like the two bracelets I ordered, and they both seem to be made really well. But after wearing them, the beads are digging into my wrist and leaving marks. I know the elastic in the bracelet is supposed to make it a one size fits all without the need of people having to measure their wrist size and then have custom made bracelets. But now I’m thinking the elastic bracelet isn’t going to work for me. But I believe most people wouldn’t have any problem with it.

    • Dawn B.

      Hi, these are one size fits most, you can add a bead or two that you get from a local Michael’s Crafts- “Imported malas strung on elastic, (stretch malas) can break after a very short time, so we recommend that you purchase a small spool of “Stretch Magic” from your local Michael’s Crafts to keep on-hand.”

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