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About Meditation Spiritual Jewelry

Sacred Meditation Spiritual Jewelry for Prayer or Wear! Some of our designs can be used as either prayer beads or worn as a protective talisman. Most are too lovely to keep concealed!

We offer full sized meditation beads, and often have matching bracelets. You can choose a stone for it’s healing properties, or birthstone. Sakura Designs hand-selects the materials used in crafting your mala.

Prayer beads have already been utilized for centuries as a devotion and meditation tool. An intention, prayer or mantra is recited for each one of the beads. Many religions have some kind of sacred prayer bead, Christianity-rosary, Hindu-jappa, Islam-subhah, and Buddhist-mala. We, at Sakura Designs feature Buddhist malas, and are Buddhist and Yoga practitioners. We use them with our daily mantra practice, and wear mala bracelets every day!