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Gift Wrapping

Mala’s make a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. Tibetans always say that mantra “protects the mind.” Malas are helpful for any of us, as an invaluable stress reduction tool. Prayer beads are also referred to as worry beads. Malas have been used  to assist in overcoming negative habits like quitting smoking, or maintaining mindfulness in relationships. Mantras give the mind and hands something to accomplish once the urge to react, be impulsive or an addiction comes up. You can create your own very own personal mantra that helps to stay focused and meditate. This is a practice that will benefit everyone, a period of time where the mind is fully absorbed in something apart from negative patterns worries. Mala mantra practice provides the body and mind an opportunity to relax which by itself is healing, and we all need that these days! We offering gift wrapping options for all of our mala beads.