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Zodiac Birthstone Mala Beads

Choose your natural gemstone mala bracelet from your Zodiac, astrological sign and birthstone! Evoke personal strength and healing by wearing bracelets inspired by your personal birthstones and sun sign and connecting to your personal animal or elements. Each of these delightful mala bracelets are designed and made exclusively by Sakura Designs, Boulder, Colorado.

For those fascinated by astrology, we introduce our new zodiac collection. You can proudly show off your sun sign or birthstone with these mala bracelets while reaping the beneficial effects that the coordinating beads and stones have to offer.

At Sakura Designs, we have a large selection of malas so that our customers can find a product fitting their individual needs. These are pieces made of durable materials and quality stones handcrafted by our team of meditation practitioners. Our mala bracelets are strung on an elastic cord or tightened with an adjustable knot and are quickly shipped using ‘green’ packing material. Check out our mala necklaces, as well!