Wrist Mala Faceted Opalite Crystal


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About this Mala:

Wrist Mala Faceted Opalite Crystal with 8mm Opalite and golden contrast beads, finished with an adjustable Snakeknot and golden adornments. Imported.

About Opalite:

Opalite, also known as sea opal glass, is a manmade stone formed when glass is layered with metal oxides and bonded together. Opalite’s opacity ranges from clear to milky, and the stones take on a luminous blue glow especially when placed against a dark backdrop. However, light passing through Opalite causes the stone to cast a warm amber glow. These are opalite faceted crystal with an AB finish.

Healing Properties:

Opalite: Gentle and calming stone. It can take the “hard edges” off the soul. Opalite is good for meditation and can enhance our psychic abilities. It can increase communication abilities at all levels, and especially on the spiritual level.

This product is imported and as with all imported items, our Sakura Designs 30 day craftsmanship guarantee is waived.


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