Heart Bracelet Wrist Mala Carnelian


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Heart Bracelet Wrist Mala Carnelian
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About this Mala:

Heart Bracelet Wrist Mala Carnelian made with 8mm carnelian beads, crystal quartz beads framed by silver and cubic zirconia spacers, and finished with a carnelian heart pendant on stretchy cord. Imported.

About Carnelian:

Carnelian is a brownish-red to orange variety of chalcedony Quartz, colored by trace amounts of iron. Carnelian is one of the oldest traded gemstones, used for commerce and jewelry, and dates back to ancient Egypt. The most significant sources of Carnelian can be found in Brazil, Uruguay, India, Madagascar, and the United States.

Healing Properties:

Carnelian: Helps balance creativity and mental processes, and increase passion and compassion. In the Feng Shui tradition, orange is associated with creativity, abundance, organization and is “Yang.” This stone is associated with the second chakra and folklored to evoke fertility and inspire passion.

Clear Quartz: Assists in focusing energy to achieve goals and magnifies the power of other stones. It helps bring spiritual clarity to one’s life. Clear Quartz is perfect for purification meditation practices such as “mantra.”



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