Mantra Meditation for Creating Abundance


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Mantra Meditation for Creating Abundance
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Mantra Meditation for Creating Abundance

A 40-Day Program Using the Power of Sacred Sound

According to the Vedic tradition, the term “abundance” applies to every dimension of our lives, from material wealth to spiritual sustenance and growth. With Mantra Meditation for Creating Abundance, you are invited to engage the practice of sacred sound to invite positive changes in your finances, your career, your creative pursuits, and your search for inner wisdom.

Thomas Ashley-Farrand teaches that mantras are highly evolved sound formulas first developed in ancient India, which can influence the subtle energies both around us and within us. Now, with a leading teacher of the tradition, you will learn to use 20 classic mantras created specifically to remove hidden obstacles and open the doorways to more materially and spiritually favorable conditions.

These sacred sound chants require only a few minutes per session. Try them for 40 days, the traditional amount of time required to achieve their desired effects, and be prepared to observe the beneficial changes that lie ahead! Complete with printed reference guide.


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