The Bliss Mala


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The Bliss Malas
The Bliss Mala
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About this Bliss Mala:

The Bliss Mala, made of 8mm lepidolite beads, with golden brass markers, and finished with a rose quartz guru bead, snakeknot, and rose quartz adornments.

About Lepidolite:

Lepidolite is a lilac-gray or rose-colored phyllosilicate mineral of the mica group that is a secondary source of lithium. Lepidolite is not technically a gemstone, but a very beautiful multicolored pink and green type of mica. Lepidolite is mined Brazil, Russia, the United States (California), and Canada (Manitoba).

Healing Properties:

Lepidolite: Calming stone that quiets anxieties, balances rocky emotions, releases stress and guides one to the most even course through life’s difficulties. It brings serenity and the ability to perceive beauty in all things. Healers recommend wearing this stone against the skin.

Rose Quartz: Said to be the stone of unconditional love. This crystal opens the Heart Chakra and is believed to encourage forgiveness and to help release anger, resentment, and jealousy. Rose Quartz helps balance and express emotions and is wonderfully soothing.

All malas have a 30 day guarantee to protect from breakage. Complimentary Silk Mala Bag included!

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10 reviews for The Bliss Mala

  1. Leslie

    Bought these for a friend who’s been super stressed. Beautiful!

  2. Cassandra (verified owner)

    Love it, wear/use it everyday, beautifully crafted.

  3. Courtney (verified owner)

    I love this mala. It is beautiful and very comfortable to wear. It is loose and moveable on the thread so it doesn’t pinch at the neck. Its’ light colour is very natural and soft, blending on the skin nicely and matching with any clothes, as I wear it often. I really love it.

  4. Karen A

    I absolutely love this special mala. I get so many people asking me what is the name of the stone. I get great energy from the mala. Blends with my outfits. Made very well.

  5. Gina Vie (verified owner)


  6. Hope

    I was surprised by the rough texture of the beads at first but I’ve found that the off texture helps me to stay mindful and in the present Because the beads are less smooth than usual. I also love the colors they transfer from bead to bead as a wave of color. It reminds me of rocks at the bottom of a stream or river.

  7. Taylor (verified owner)

    This mala is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t want to leave the house without it! The texture of the beads is smooth, but not glossy. The colors are beautiful. Would definitely recommend to someone looking to strengthen their heart chakra.

  8. Tamah (verified owner)

    This mala was absolutely beautiful! The mala was well-made; the beads were smooth but not shiny and a lovely shade. I would recommend the work from Sakura to anyone.

  9. Lateef (verified owner)

    Very nice!

  10. Tina K (verified owner)

    I have other malas but this one I’ve been using regularly. The weight of the mala is perfect as it keeps me focused as I do my chanting. This one is also so incredibly beautiful so I really enjoy looking at it as I use it. Also I wasn’t expecting the gorgeous pouch that came with it (pink and gold) just perfect for this mala necklace. I don’t anticipate wearing it like jewelry. I treat it like I would my other crystal necklaces too. Thank you for creating such a beautiful mala!

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