Amber Mala with Onyx


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About this Mala:

108 6mm Baltic Amber beads, with onyx markers, finished with a natural cotton tassel. These beads are very round, A grade, gem quality Real Amber with natural inclusions. Amber is getting more and more difficult for us to find, so we are delighted to offer this mala to you!

About Amber:

Amber is an ancient petrified pine tree resin. It is worn as jewelry and burned as incense by Tibetans and Native Americans for both social and sacred use. Amber diskette coins were also traded as currency by the Vikings.

Healing Properties:

Amber: Helps lift the heaviness of one’s burdens, allowing happiness to infuse one’s being. Amber absorbs impurities of the body and spirit, and should be cleansed or purified after being used for healing to dispense negative energy it may have absorbed. The golden color is associated with the Buddha Ratnasambhava, who helps to remove poverty by reminding us of our inherent richness and wealth.

All malas have a 30 day guarantee to protect from breakage. Complimentary Silky Mala Bag included!


About Real Amber

We at Sakura Designs, buy these from authentic, Baltic Amber Suppliers View Certificate and we are trained to determine and test for Amber’s authenticity. What to watch out for: Firstly, the faux amber has either circular diskette round inclusions and the plastic amber is flat and opaque. Secondly, the color is very regular and looks like plastic either clear or opaque, the beads often large, and the price “too good to be true.” Sakura Designs offers only real, golden honey Amber beads, with natural inclusions and grain. How we at Sakura Designs can appraise Amber- (Specific Gravity) There is a test to confirm that we are trading in authentic Amber. Amber will float in salt or ocean water. Copals together with various plastics sink. Amber can also be tested by burning, plastic will have a marked synthetic scent, and amber will burn black and smell organic and sweet as it is a light petrified resin. (Please don’t burn your mala though!) We want to assure you that we are offering certified real Amber and it has been tested. Faux Amber has currently saturated the marketplace, and is being represented as real amber. Please trust only the experts before investing. We guarantee that ours is indeed, authentic Baltic amber, made by autoclave, not pressed or reconstructed amber…Enjoy!  Download PDF about Amber Bead Making

4 reviews for Amber Mala with Onyx

  1. Tony G.

    This is my 6th Mala from Sakura/Buddhist Mala and one of my favorites. This is my 3rd 108 bead 8mm ambers, I’ve bought an 8mm Mammoth Ivory, an 8mm Tiger’s Eye and an 8mm Amber wrist Mala. I cord Malas with an 80lb C-Lon cord so my first two 8mm ambers we’re cut apart by me, separated and basically I made a perfect honey and a perfect cognac out of the two. You can find cheaper amber malas or beads out there BUT they sell AAA Baltic Amber that’s drilled properly and will accept a nice 1mm cording. I’ve had 8mm “Amber” beads fracture from trying to record them on my C-Lon but never a bead from a Sakura Mala. They use top notch beads! I’ve restrung everything I bought minus the wrist Mala but that’s just because I found a Mala cord I like that’s thin and very tough… plus I’ve been stringing them about 13 years. This newest addition I haven’t touched as it’s strung on a similar 1mm cord, has a lovely adjustable snake knot and it can go from taught and around my neck to opened up 1/2” and around my wrist in a heartbeat. I make a lot of malas but for my own I love awesome beads & Sakura has sent me 3 beautiful 8mm ambers & a Mammoth Tusk Ivory already. I’ve never had a bead or Guru bead break. My Ambers & Mammoth Ivory are my treasured Altar malas I usually leave home. Great Beads????????????????

  2. Ernesto Ortiz (verified owner)

    Your service was impecable. Thank you so much for everything.

  3. Lilian Wong (verified owner)

    I love it so much that I ordered a second one for my best friend. Thank you!

  4. Kevin Alfrey (verified owner)

    This is one of the finest amber malas I have ever seen. Beautiful work as always.

    • Dawn Boiani

      Thank you!

    • Dawn Boiani

      Thank you Kevin!

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