Essential Oil Lava Bracelet- Turquoise Howlite


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About this Mala:

Bracelet Wrist Mala Turquoise Howlite/ Azurite Howlite made using 8mm beads finished with an adjustable slip knot with genuine lava stones.

About Turquoise Howlite:

Magnesite is a carbonate mineral with a similar texture and hardness to real Turquoise, and is an attractive and affordable alternative. Turquoise Magnesite varies with each lot, and may range from brighter sky blues to greenish teal greens with varied matrix inclusions. Major deposits of white magnesite can be found in Austria, Italy, Poland, and the United States (Nevada).

Healing Properties:

Howlite: Balances calcium levels and strengthens the bones and teeth. It is also thought to be a calming stone that can relieve insomnia, therefore, some insomniacs place a piece of Howlite beneath their pillow to encourage restful sleep.


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