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Pure Sandalwood Mala Prayer Beads

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  • Made in the USA by Sakura Designs, unless otherwise noted
  • Free Brocade Mala Bags with Malas made by Sakura
  • Craftsmanship Guarantee, 30 Day Warranty for our Malas  
  • Sakura Designs hand-selects natural materials used in crafting each mala
  • 108 main counting beads with various additional markers on full Malas
  • Our beads are carefully "calibrated," to ensure regularity, and range from A to B grade
  • Traditional 8mm beads, and approx. 18-21" long (36" circumference) unless otherwise noted
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About this Mala:

108 8mm pure genuine Mysore sandalwood beads, with Red Tigers Eye markers, three-holed sandalwood guru bead, finished with a matching handmade brown adjustable knot. Strung here in the US on durable bead cord and using very fragrant, and excellent quality Sandalwood.

About Sandalwood:

Sandalwood (Santalum Album) is a very fragrant, fine-grained, yellow wood from India. Treasured for centuries, sandalwood maintains its unique fragrance for decades, unlike most aromatic woods. This variety is indigenous to southern India, and high-quality wood comes out of Mysore.

Healing Properties:

Tigers Eye: Folklore holds this as a power stone Tiger Eye has a wonderful reputation for attracting wealth, money and luck. However it has some powerful spiritual uses as well. The liquid movement of light across the stone makes it an excellent tool for vision or divination work.

We make a point to offer only the finest quality and fragrant authentic sandalwood from Mysore in South India, and hand cut and made into beads by a family in Varanasi, India. We directly import these beads and then create a well strung mala for you.

(If you are price comparing, we avoid purchasing inexpensive wooden beads that are simply soaked in sandalwood oil, that are sometimes called "sandalwood." View Faux "Sandalwood" and commonly traded Green Sandalwood is a different, non scented species altogether) Our real sandalwood scent will last a very long time. Trade is now limited as the makers have to have time to replenish crops, so the prices have gone up for real sandalwood, so your's will be a true treasure.

All malas have a 30 day guarantee to protect from breakage. Complimentary Silk Mala Bag included!

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