Antique Bronze Buddha with Tiger Eye


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About this Mala:

Wrist Mala- Antique Bronze Buddha with Tiger Eye crafted with 8mm black matte Agate beads, with Tiger’s eye accent beads, a bronze Buddha bead, and bronze accents on stretchy cord. (Could be sent with style 1 or 2 depending on stock.) Imported.

About Agate:

Agate belongs to the Quartz family of minerals. Agate was first discovered sometime around the 3rd or 4th century B.C. by the Greek Philosopher Theophrastus, who named the stone after the river Achates, in which it was found. Although some colors occur more commonly than others, almost all agate will be multicolored due to unique banding.

Healing Properties:

Agate: Known as a stone of protection, protecting one from nightmares, stress and fatigue. Agate has the ability to quench thirst and protect from fevers.

Tiger’s Eye: The chosen material for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s own mala. It is folklored as a power stone. Tiger’s Eye has a wonderful reputation for attracting wealth, money, and luck. However, it has powerful spiritual uses as well. The liquid movement of light across the stone makes it an excellent tool for vision or divination work.

This product is imported and as with all imported items, our Sakura Designs 30 day craftsmanship guarantee is waived.

7 reviews for Antique Bronze Buddha with Tiger Eye

  1. Ken Kochevar (verified owner)

    I like the Wrist Mala very well, except that it fits a little tight on my wrist. I would rather have it a little larger so I wouldn’t have to take it off. It is tight enough that it leave impressions on my wrist and I worry about circulation over the long term.

    • Dawn B.

      Ken, Hi, these are one size fits most, you can add a bead or two that you get from a local Michael’s Crafts- “Imported malas strung on elastic, (stretch malas) can break after a very short time, so we recommend that you purchase a small spool of “Stretch Magic” from your local Michael’s Crafts to keep on-hand.”

  2. Jon (verified owner)

    Thank you for this mala I am pleased with the fit. The Buddha head has a little distortion but I am ok with it. I will be making more purchases through you guys in the future.

  3. Samantha Smith (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for me. I have small wrists so if you’re a male this will probably be way too tight! I love the little Buddha charm.

  4. John (verified owner)

    Beautiful mala. Perfect fit for me although I do have smaller wrists.

  5. Pier-Olivier Arsenault (verified owner)

    Beautiful mala in excellent condition.

  6. Harry Palmer (verified owner)

    very satisfied

  7. Carl (verified owner)

    I have been buying from Sakura for over 10 years. Have been happy a 100% of the time. Will continue to keep coming back each year as needed for replacements or new designs. Have given gifts to my daughters and others and everyone has loved them.

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