Japanese Jichimu Hand Mala


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Japanese Jichimu Hand Mala
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About this Hand Mala:

Japanese Jichimu Juzu- Wood Katate Mala 24 beads that can be used by people of all denominations. The material is 13mm polished Jichimu with smoky quartz markers and an 18 mm Jichimu parent bead is used as an accent, strung on durable Japanese nylon knotting cord with tassels.

About Jichimu:

Jichimu, literally translated as ‘chicken-wing wood’, describes a wood whose deep brown and gray patterns when cut tangentially resemble the patterns of bird feathers. The radial cut appears less dramatically with parallel lines of concentric layered tissue. It is botanically classified in the Ormosia genus of which as many as twenty-six species may grow in China. Jichimu is indigenous to Hainan Island, and the relatively large quantity of jichimu furniture found in Fujian province also corresponds to a source where seven different species are reportedly found today, and whose materials are virtually undifferentiated, yet bear varying leaf patterns. Hongdou (red bean), and xiangsi may also be other names for related species.

About Japanese Juzu Hand Malas:

These are made in Japan with excellent, durable craftsmanship. They are used for Buddhist  and Zen mantra prayer by various sects, and are perfect for bowing, or prostrations, or a pocket mala for travel. Imported.

4 reviews for Japanese Jichimu Hand Mala

  1. Iris (verified owner)

    Beautiful quality mala at an affordable price. Fast delivery!

  2. Khayla R (verified owner)

    Beautiful necklace. Didn’t expect it to come as fast as it did. Love the bag that comes with the necklace. I will be purchasing more from this website

  3. isleofthunderbird (verified owner)

    This is for my son, I love it as the turquoise is raw stone and more like the Native American Jewelry. My son is a Violin player and to have beads made of the wood of musical instruments is Just him. The only delay was customs and a label issue. Part of my address was missing so it took 2 extra days of contacting the parcel delivery people and getting it here. That is not a criticism, just an oops that could happen to anyone. I Love Both My Mala’s and will be back. My Wrist Mala is getting old…….. :)

  4. isleofthunderbird (verified owner)

    PS: The silk Bags where perfect. My sons was very much for a man and mine was very much for me… Perfect and Ty 4 the Love x

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