Labradorite and Stardust Bracelet


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Labradorite and Stardust Bracelet
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About this Mala:

Wrist Mala Bracelet 8mm lightly faceted genuine labradorite with perfectly smooth 8mm wooden beads finished with stardust golden brass bead adornments and a charm. Imported.

About Labradorite:

Labradorite is a calcium-enriched feldspar mineral first identified in Labrador, Canada, which can display an iridescent effect.

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13 reviews for Labradorite and Stardust Bracelet

  1. Paul

    I love the smoothness of this wrist bracelet.
    It is exactly what I have been looking for.

  2. Roz (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase!

  3. Michael St.Germain (verified owner)

    Quality, comfort and great fit.

  4. Jlharw (verified owner)

    Beautiful, smooth beads coupled with sturdy and well crafted knotting.

  5. Ivy Overby (verified owner)


  6. Michael Leeds (verified owner)

    Quality product apparently sized for children
    Could not open the bracelet wide enough to slip over my knuckles
    I am returning for refund

  7. Mario (verified owner)

    Beautiful mala bracelet, excellent quality.

  8. steve (verified owner)

    Love this mala! This is the second one I’ve purchased. The first one I purchased about a year ago and it served me very well. Came a point where this mala was needed more by a friend, so I gladly gifted the mala to him. Turns out the second mala will be a gift as well for another friend. I’m sure she’ll love it!

  9. Daniel (verified owner)

    Nice bracelet but poor customer service. I asked after receiving them what to do with the left over string with head attached to them. Clearly couldn’t just let them hang. Looked kind silly. Pretty shocking I didin’t hear anything back at all but the generic leave a review email was sent to me twice.

    I figured on my own to wrap them around each side right next to the last bead. Then no slack. Not sure if it’s proper but it works.

    • Dawn Boiani

      Hi Dan, Try adjusting the length of the “dangling” beads, I’m glad we talked, let us know if we can help further.

  10. Kristy (verified owner)

    Beautiful bracelet—very elegant. It arrived quickly and was just as pictured.

    • Dawn Boiani

      Kristy, thanks and please share us on social media!

  11. Robert Huber (verified owner)

    Extremely hard to open or close the bracelet!
    Then once fitted, the bead pulls of the bracelet are in the way, dangling and getting caught in things!
    Not practical and difficult to take off or put on

    • Dawn Boiani

      Hi Robert, call for info/customer service and we also offer them on elastic, no dangling beads! :)

  12. Mick Winston (verified owner)

    Gonna buy a diff color for my wife!

  13. Susana Abdulayeva (verified owner)

    I really love my wrist bracelet onyx, I previously got three other Bracelet and I liked the quality that’s why I ordered another one. Thank you guys

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