Tibetan Malas


Most customers are very happy with our  Tibetan Mala Bead items over the past many years but sometimes something is not just “right.” Please don’t just charge anything back, ever! Paypal/ Bankcards charge a $20 charge-back fee that you will be liable for, and will be billed to you, along with any applicable restocking fees and original shipping charges, and you agree to this policy by placing an order. In the rare event that you don’t like something, just send it right back within 10 days for a refund less 15% + s/h for our time and cost. Refunds will post within 1-2 billing cycles, please allow time for credit to post back to your card or Paypal Account.

Chargebacks instigated as a way to “bully” us to make bankcard return times faster or to avoid shipping and restocking fees will be invoiced as noted above, and unpaid invoices will be sent to our collections agency. We are a small artisan company with wholesale, very low margins. We ship using USPS and cannot issue prepaid return tags like mega-vendors, unless we had a clear mistake. If we sent a wrong or damaged item, please contact us to return it and we will credit or reimburse your return Priority Mail postage ($5.95) and replace item immediately as noted above. If there is ever a billing question or charge in question please contact us anytime and we will help right away 1-720-350-6905… again do *not* just issue a chargeback.


We have a high security shopping cart. Sometimes, if you are having trouble ordering, there can be a few credit card “authorizations” from your bankcard that will drop off after a few days, we only collect money for confirmed orders, and do not store you card data, nor bill anything to you outside of the order you type in directly through our site.


“If someone walks into a store and takes something without paying, the shopkeeper will call the police. It is theft, and the internet is no different.” 

We are sorry to have to post this, but there’s been a recent increase in internet product theft, but we have that covered!

If you falsely initiate a chargeback for an item that was proven delivered, there is a $20 Paypal chargeback fee that will be billed to you by mail along with original unpaid invoice, so please, instead, just contact us first and we will help. If you do not like an item, please follow our posted return policy. If you chargeback an order received and tracked by the USPS and do not return items (= theft or “friendly fraud”), we may forward the bill to a collection agency and possibly your local authorities if items are not returned or paid for. If you attempt any type of mail or credit card dispute fraud (resulting in you hoping to acquire items for free without returning them, or to avoid return fees) we may also file a police report for theft. Regardless of credit card polices, the simple and basic “old fashioned” business model is still the law of the land. If you buy something you have to pay for it or you must return it in good condition.

If a parcel got “lost” on your premises, that is not our fault or responsibility, it’s yours, just like as if anyone stole anything from you, or one of your items was lost. Just don’t try Chargeback Theft, we have been trading for decades and friendly fraud won’t work with us! If the post un-securely delivers an item, and it was stolen from your premises, you must file a police report for theft with your local authorities and a trace with your local post after 60 days. Title of ownership of merchandise transfers after the postal service scans for successful delivery, but upon approval, we accept unused items for returns before 30 days from order date for domestic orders. Use of this site constitutes an agreement to these terms.


We reserve the express right to refuse service or cancel and refund or terminate any and all contact with customer and/or any order at our discretion. If a customer, former or prospective: threatens, defames, slanders, insults or expresses an intent to cause defamation or harm in any way to our company or any person’s in our company, we will not accept a credit card or Paypal payment on any open invoice.

If anything went wrong, it is our policy to email or call us first before writing negative reviews, anywhere and we promise to help! It is illegal to threaten “feedback extortion,” threats to publish defamatory statements online to bully us to offer a refund prior to returning items. It is also illegal to publish libelous, defamatory statements against our company is there is: postal error, delay, confiscation or damage in the US or any other country that is due to factors beyond our control, or anything inaccurate. We can not guarantee the efficacy of third party shipping companies, but will help to file traces, insurance claims, repairs or replacements if there are shipping problems, in most cases.

If you need to file a Postal Complaint for any of the before mentioned situations, please do so here for suspected mail theft to the Postal Inspector, or customer service here for delays, confiscations and mis-deliveries. We, at Sakura, promise to do everything to help you as well and accept returns within the time frame posted. If a US missing parcel has not been scanned as delivered (possible loss or theft at your location), and it’s still in the mail system, we will also file a trace after 30 days if it does not arrive. For international shipments, we waive all liability, for factors outside of our US control, please see policy page for more info.

We can also, at our discretion, decline the acceptance of a credit card even post transaction, if we feel, for whatever reason, that it is unsafe for us to ship or retain payment for an order. The only method accepted is a money order until good terms or trust is established. Items charged back by customer, or canceled and refunded by us will still be due for any merchandise retained, along with any applicable fees. All unpaid invoices for items delivered and not shipped back, including fees, may be submitted to a collection agency. Please, just work with us if there is ever any problem, we are decent, caring people, who love our Tibetan mala art, run a fair and ethical business, A+ rated by the BBB, and open to helping anytime!