8mm Lapis + Citrine Mala


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Lapis Citrine Mala
8mm Lapis + Citrine Mala
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About this Mala:

8mm Lapis & Citrine Mala beads, with citrine and golden brass markers, finished with golden brass guru bead, an adjustable snakeknot, and lapis lazuli and golden adornments.

About Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli has been used for more than 6,000 years for jewelry and ornamental objects. Lapis Lazuli is made up of 25 to 40 percent lazurite, plus several minerals (sodalite, hauyne, calcite, and pyrite) that influence the stones colors and inclusions. Mines in northeast Afghanistan and Pakistan are the major source of Lapis Lazuli.

Healing Properties:

Lapis Lazuli: Provides relief for headaches, sore throats, and varicose veins. It is also known to help with alleviating cramps, stiffness, and fertility problems. For people around the world, Lapis Lazuli is considered a stone of truth and friendship. The blue stone is reputed to promote harmony in relationships.

Citrine: Opens the higher mind to accept joy in one’s life, releasing anger and negative feelings, deep-seated fears, and destructive tendencies. Citrine reduces sensitivity to criticism and inspires creativity and self-expression. It raises self-esteem, and by letting go of the past, allows one to move forward optimistically to enjoy new experiences.

All malas have a 30 day guarantee to protect from breakage. Complimentary Silky Brocade Mala Bag included!

4 reviews for 8mm Lapis + Citrine Mala

  1. Erin L.


  2. Barbara Sheridan (verified owner)

    Beautiful beads and workmanship! Exactly what I was hoping to receive. Great quality!

  3. Matthew (verified owner)

    I do love this new mala I’ve received from Sakura, just would feel better if I knew the lapis beads were of the same quality, or even a close quality, or natural…..
    In the description for the Lapis Mala with Gold and Turqoise: “108 8mm excellent, dark radiant blue AB quality Lapis Lazuli beads”.

    In this mala’s description: 8mm Lapis & Citrine Mala beads.
    My tigers eye and citirine mala from Sakura was the best mala of my life; nothing has compared until I finally ordwered from sakura again. It’s beautiful and good quality and would recommend for anyone who practucices mantra, or for crystal healing, or for aesthetes alike.

    • Dawn Boiani

      Hi Matthew, thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation and yes you are correct that’s our standard genuine lapis, and then we do have one higher grade that is undyed, but that one has a lot more calcium and pyrite inclusions and imperfections. We really appreciate you taking the time to write a review and please remember us whenever you need your mala (typo) :) repaired or for gifts for friends and family.

  4. Holly (verified owner)

    Just a beautiful color and really a piece of sacred art. I have to say also the thread feels very strong.
    Thank you so much for being patient with me❤️

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