Lapis Lazuli Mala Prayer Beads


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About this Mala:

8mm excellent, dark radiant blue A-AB quality Lapis Lazuli Mala Prayer Beads, with Turquoise Magnesite markers offset by silver spacers and a natural Lapis-blue cotton tassel.

You won’t find this fine of a mala for this price anywhere else. Each and every bead used in your mala was hand-selected by a designer at Sakura.

About Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli has been used for more than 6,000 years for jewelry and ornamental objects. Lapis Lazuli is made up of 25 to 40 percent lazurite, plus several minerals (sodalite, hauyne, calcite, and pyrite) that influence the stones colors and inclusions. Mines in northeast Afghanistan and Pakistan are the major source of Lapis Lazuli.

Healing Properties:

Lapis Lazuli: Provides relief for headaches, sore throats, and varicose veins. It is also known to help with alleviating cramps, stiffness, and fertility problems. For people around the world, Lapis Lazuli is considered a stone of truth and friendship. The blue stone is reputed to promote harmony in relationships.

Turquoise Magnesite: Activates the inner eye and provides insight into truths one may be unaware of. It assists in removing blinders to truth, providing great insights to one’s state of being, and enhances the connection between the heart and the higher mind.

All malas have a 30 day guarantee to protect from breakage. Complimentary Brocaded Mala Bag included!


14 reviews for Lapis Lazuli Mala Prayer Beads

  1. Maria B.

    Happy with the purchase.

  2. Harper I.

    Lapis lazuli is such a striking stone. One of my faves ?

  3. David Maki

    My wife loved the mala and it arrived on time. The gift box and card I asked for weren’t included in with this gift; a trivial problem

  4. Taryn (verified owner)

    Purchased this as a gift for my sister and she is in love with the necklace. Beautiful stones, with a lovely weight and very well made.

  5. Wendy (verified owner)

    Beatutiful stone and beautifully made r

  6. Fred C. Duerr

    Very solid and beautiful mala. I especially appreciate the fact that it was strung using bead wire which makes it particularly durable and resistant to breaking. This is most needed with such a heavy bead like Lapis Lazuli.

  7. Dan (verified owner)

    While the quality of the stone is not as pure as shown in the photo, it’s a well made mala and is a pleasure to hold and use. Happy with the purchase.

  8. Angie (verified owner)

    Exactly what I expected. The beads are good quality. The chain works well for when I’m reciting my mantras.

    • Dawn Boiani

      Thanks Angie! Please be an ambassador and Tweet or Pinterest Share us using the buttons below, share, and come back soon.

  9. Rose

    Exactly what I need. It is a wonderful mala! !

  10. Carol (verified owner)

    Beautifully made, with very good color in the lapis beads. Perfectly strung for use in counting mantras — just the right amount of ease without the least bit of extra wire showing. Many thanks for a lovely mala that is delightful to use.

  11. Calvin Phan (verified owner)

    Love it. Very nice

  12. LC (verified owner)

    The quality is excellent and the mala bags are also beautiful! These are the best malas I’ve ever purchased. So grateful for your work. Thank you so much!!

  13. Kate (verified owner)

    Beautiful Mala. Arrived in a timely manner. Appears to be well strung. I am using it every day.
    good clue.

    • Dawn Boiani

      Thanks Kate!

  14. Charles (verified owner)

    Lovely beads. They feel great to wear, which I find myself doing everyday.

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