Mantra for Meditation & Prayer

A Buddhist Mala is a great tool for anyone who wants to enhance their mantra meditations; the Buddhist mala is used for the sole purpose of focusing your meditation while you are adding the unique properties of the mala as a way of improving the power of your mantra meditations.

All about Malas - Tibetan style mala

Anatomy of a Mala:

The Buddhist mala is made of a string of beads that are used for prayer; they are made using the principle of the sacredness of number 108. This is why the malas normally have either 108 beads or they can be divisible by that number such as 27 or 54 beads. The beads are strung on a knotted silk thread made in such a way that each bead maintains its consistent space and place. There is also a larger bead that is known as the guru bead that has a tassel hanging over it; this tassel is considered a symbol of one thousand lotus petals.

Mala for Meditation:

The greatest thing about using beads mala for your meditation is that you are able to combine mediation, yoga, gemstone therapy, acupressure and a deep meditative practice. The mala is used by holding it with either hand even though traditionally it is held using the left hand. You start just after the Guru bead and do your mantra meditations while holding every single bead between your thumb and the index finger. You are supposed to drape the mala over your finger after you have recited a mantra; this allows the bead to pass over the finger towards your body as you move on to the next bead at the end of each recitation so that the bead easily passes over the intended meridian point. When you are through with a complete circle of the mala you will have come back to the Guru bead; at this point, you should start again with either switching hands or reversing the mala so that you go backward.

Holding the Mala with Meditation:

The different fingers have different acupressure points that are known to have different impacts on a person’s brain and psyche. When the mala beads are allowed to press the meridian points in those fingers, they are supposed to work a different but specific effect. The meridian points that should be activated are located on the side of the fingers; this is to be found in the center point between the tip of your finger and the upper knuckle.

There are different properties of the meridian points on each finger as follows: The index finger is known as the Jupiter’s finger and deals with wisdom, prosperity, and knowledge; the middle finger is known as the Saturn finger and has to do with patience; the ring finger also known as the Sun finger attracts health, vitality and the strength of the nervous system while the little finger that is known as the mercury finger affects intelligence and communication.

This article is written by Lora Davis for Sakura Designs, a US based Yoga jewelry design that offers authentic mala beads and other buddhist malas for mantra meditation.