Medicine Buddha Sapphire & Quartz Mala


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Medicine Buddha Sapphire Quartz Mala
Medicine Buddha Sapphire & Quartz Mala
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About this Mala:

Medicine Buddha Sapphire & Quartz Mala, Genuine 8mm and 3mm Sapphire with 8mm faceted rock quartz crystal beads, with genuine 8mm frosted sapphire markers, finished with blue natural cotton tassel.


“I am healed, I am whole, every cell is renewed every second.” Evoke the healing qualities of Medicine Buddha or Shiva with this powerful gemstone mala necklace.

Healing Properties:

Quartz Crystal: THE master healer. Assists in focusing energy to achieve goals and magnifies the power of other stones. It helps bring spiritual clarity to one’s life. Clear Quartz is perfect for purification meditation practices such as healing “mantra.” The blue sapphire evokes the power of the blue ray deities, Shiva and Medicine Buddha.

All malas have a 30 day guarantee to protect from breakage. Complimentary Brocade Mala Bag included!



2 reviews for Medicine Buddha Sapphire & Quartz Mala

  1. Leona B.

    Helpful. Great gift!

  2. Mark jeromin (verified owner)

    This MALA is beautiful I wear it everyday and will continue to wear it .thank you

    • Dawn Boiani

      Thank you Mark, that is genuine quartz crystal, look at it in sunlight sometime!

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