Dried Flower Mala Reliquary Rosary


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About this Mala:

Dried Flower Mala Reliquary Rosary- 108, 8mm rhodonite beads with a custom handmade dried flower polymer clay guru bead and golden and pearl ornaments. All of our guru beads are handmade of a bonded polymer material. They are water resistant and one flower is all that is needed to make each mala.

About Buddhist Reliquary Rosaries:

Your can buy these ready made as photoed or send us one flower, dried or fresh, from your special occasion like a wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary or funeral, and we will handmade a 12-15mm guru bead from your materials!

If you like, you can add keepsake memorial items like ashes of a loved one or pet or hair to the bead, and we will blend whatever you wish into the dried flower bead. We also have a brown, jasper version of our Dried Flower Memorial Mala Rosary for men.

(Optional) Address to send flower/relics:

Sakura Designs

4707 Devonshire St.

Boulder CO. 80301

Please send via traceable Priority Mail, and include your order number. We will carefully create a reliquary bead from your precious materials if you wish.

Again, these are also available as ready made malas using our dried flowers. Free brocaded mala pouch!

1 review for Dried Flower Mala Reliquary Rosary

  1. Starla A.

    Beautiful reminder to meditate and embrace calm

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