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We offer Next Day Shipping and ship to over 60 countries via fast, USPS Priority Mail and we offer US Second Day Express Mail too!

Made in the USA!

Buddhist Prayer Beads: All full sized malas are crafted by designers, in Boulder Colorado, USA, and some are imported as noted. Many of our select  Yoga Mantra Beads are made in Bali or India.

Free Mala Bags!

All full sized malas, made by us are offered a free assorted colored brocaded mala bag, a $6.00 value, complimentary!  Store and protect your mala beads when not in use.

Free shipping

All US orders over $150 are offered a free ground shipping option! Our prices are lower than most US made mala bead shops, so the free shipping will appear as soon as you reach $150.

Welcome to our Mala Design Shop!


  • What are Malas? Sacred Buddhist mala beads have been used for centuries by many spiritual traditions as a tool to help to calm the mind, center oneself and connect to the best that is within us. The word “Mala” means necklace or garland in Sanskrit, and refers to a strand or beads used for prayer.
  • Design your own! We also offer custom designs if you have a special creation in mind, and mala repairs when your beads breaks. Our mala prayer beads are made with select, natural healing gemstones and quality mala woods, bodhi malas and rudraksha beads, and even genuine Swarovski Crystal!
  • Our Promise. We have an A+ Rating from the BBB, and have been crafting bead designs since 2005, making us the largest and longest standing mala company in the USA. Complimentary mala bags are offered, with purchase of one of our full mala necklaces, as well as a 30 day craftsmanship guarantee. Warmest thanks to all for your many years of support, and welcome new friends!

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