healing girl

Whether you appreciate the outcome of the recent presidential elections or not, it is clear that many of us are dealing with a tremendous amount of emotions, thoughts, feelings and anxieties concerning the current state of society and how we play a role in it.  With the overwhelming reaction on a global scale of fear and unknowing when it comes to the views of the next American leader, many of us have simply forgot how to calm, and harness our emotions and anxieties. We want to know how to take control by taking a moment to self-reflect and meditate, seeking calm even in the middle of a seemingly global storm.

Meditation in several forms is consistently used for centuries by spiritual practitioners  to calm anxiety and bring a balance to life through the recollection of inner peace.  Using mala beads is an added benefit to this practice; the various stone beads hold healing properties and can help to restore spiritual and emotional balance. Hindu and Buddhist practitioners have used mala beads to calm the mind, regulate breathing during meditation  as well as to recite spiritual mantras and intentions. Wear Peace, and when you have free time, when you wake up, driving, lunch break, take your beads and recite a calming mantra to restore balance, it’s always within us, no matter what is happening “out there.”

The healing properties of natural gemstones, the smoothness of the stones against the skin as well as a reminder of our spiritual practice can calm nerves, and we need that these days!  We recommend malas made with Lepidolite, a naturally occurring form of Lithium.  The minerals in the stones may react positively with internal chemical imbalances to create a general feeling of peace.  What better way to heal from all the rush and sometimes toxic situation we face post-election and going forward.  Mala beads can be worn around the neck as a reminder that even when our world seems unsure or unfair and life is weary, taking.

Lastly, mala beads can be worn around the neck as a reminder that even when our world seems unsure or unfair and life is weary, taking some time to reflect- whether through meditation or silent surrender to the calmness that is within our reach- is a great healing too. Make an effort to enjoy life and rebalance.  Seek the calm we have within us,  moving forward from Post Election Stress Disorder and check out how mala beads and mantra meditation can help to get though this time!