DIY-How To Make Knotted Mala Prayer Beads



Welcome to our company is Sakura designs and today we’d like to offer a do-it-yourself Mala making class how you can make mala bead prayer beads for your Mantra practice by knotted in-between each bead.

Now we offer a series of do-it-yourself kits so you could buy a kit and then follow this instructional video or if you happen to have your own prayer beads and you are understandably nervous about shipping them to us to have them redone or anyone, you can you restring them at home yourself.

So there are a few different types of Mala beads out there most of them are beads and they will either have a tassel at the end like you can see here with this rose quartz Mala, a well-constructed tassel or they will have a snake knot or an adjustable macrame knot at the end.


So I invite you to join me and we’ll get started on in the studio and I’ll show you how to make your own do-it-yourself Buddhist Mala with a tassel and a knot in between each bead.

You will need: Two small bowls, sharp scissors, a needle if you make a mistake to untie the knot and a lighter or match.

Here is your suggested mala pattern:

  1. Stretch your cord
  2. Start at the top crystal marker, place it on the end of your cord, do not knot after it yet
  3. Take one main gemstone bead, tie an overhand knot and push it close to the next bead, tighten after each bead 27 times
  4. Then a crystal marker into quadrants twice
  5. Put on three holed guru bead and tassel as shown in video
  6. String beads and knot back up for two more quadrants.
  7. Knot back through the top crystal marker to fasten.
  8. Cut off excess thread after the marker and burn with a lighter or match to fasten.
  9. No glue required!





As you’re doing this I put on new age music like singing bowls or water you can light a candle, you can light some incense or atomize some essential oils and create a really nice Sacred Space for yourselftibetan mala 1

You have the tools to be able to make your own Mala at home as part of your meditation practice thanks again!




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