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FREE MALA GIVEAWAY- Lavastone and Tibetan Dzi

  FREE MALA GIVEAWAY- Our Lavastone and Tibetan Dzi Mala   This offer is for our kind customers who have purchased mala beads from us here at Sakura Designs, our way of saying thank you! You can keep it or ship your mala as a gift to anyone in the US. Please email us your […]

Rubies and Garnet- The Birthstones for Capricorn

The Breast Of Aaron Happy Birthday Capricorn! Capricorns are the children of the magical winter solstice, earth signs, and are strong, hard workers and usually very successful at their careers or whatever they put their minds to. Is there any truth to astrological gemstones- why is there a gemstone connected to a sign? No one […]

How To Use Mala Beads For Mantra and Wellness

A Japa mala or mantra mala (Sanskrit: mala, meaning “garland”) is typically a corded collection of 108 prayer beads made from gemstone beads, seeds or wood. The word “japa” means “quite or sub-audible recitation” in Sanskrit and it is used to describe a repetitive chanting of sacred Sanskrit or Tibetan mantra prayers or syllables. Mantra […]

What Are Gemstone Mala Prayer Beads And Why Use Them?

What are Malas and how can you use them to heal? A Japa Mala is a series of specially made string of 108 prayer beads typically used in Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and other Eastern religious traditions for spiritual practice called Japa Meditation or Mantra in Sanskrit. They are used as a place holder to […]

How Unblocking Our Chakras Can Bring Us Inner Peace

We make our way through our daily lives searching for inner peace and satisfaction. We often find ourselves searching for ways to connect with and find joy in our surroundings—we search for new musical events to go to, new healthy restaurants to try, new thrift stores to shop. But what happens when that search for […]

Malas for Prisoners~ The Mindfulness Peace Project

Hi, it’s Dawn, the owner of Sakura Designs. I had the good fortune over the years of helping with prison projects in a number of different ways. I always believe that people are not confined to mistakes they’ve made, and all of us are redeemable and have basic goodness, and the capacity to evolve. There’s […]

The 8 Pillars of Wellness and Health- The New Dharma?

These 8 dimensions, also known as the 8 Pillars of Wellness offer an invaluable, forward thinking model and map to becoming a flourishing, productive and well person. Too many people assume that whenever they’re not ill, they’re healthy. We do yoga or meditation, eat well, and all seems just fine, but we feel that there […]

Native Stone Age Camp- Earthen Spirituality

I’d like to share stories from our family’s summer Native Stone Age Camp. I must admit, I didn’t grow up as a Girl Scout and I’ve spent my entire life studying Tibetan Buddhism and yoga with a lot of lengthy texts and meditation practices. So much of that training was helpful, but now I’ve finally […]

On a Bus, Remembering my Guru Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

I so love and miss my truly perfect teacher. He passed away in 1996, and I was there the night he died and stayed there for a day afterwards to meditate with him. It was a powerful time. After our global #dharmametoo revelations, so many dharma and yoga teachers and men everywhere, have been called […]

What is Enlightenment? Series Part 1.- Looking

During the recent global religious scandals I’ve been reflecting on what it really means to me as a meditation and yoga practitioner to attain enlightenment. I’ve been a spiritual seeker since I was 16 years old and devoted a good part of my life as the owner of Sakura Designs to meditation, yoga introspection and […]

Gratitude is Enlightened- Goodbye Dad

My dad passed away tonite. The last thing he said to me was that he was grateful for so much: his home, his wife and dogs, having me, so many experiences. He only lived until 70 but he said “that’s a lot longer than many have, I’ve had a such a good life, I can’t […]

Uncovering Our Inner Divine with Affirmation Mantras

  Positive affirmations can change our lives. We experience all reality on the basis of our personal mind, so if we change this mind, our experience changes too.  Indeed, we can reveal our natural divinity with Affirmation Mantras.  Affirmations are simple messages, a word or phrase that expresses an intention of what we’d like to […]

Discover How Gemstone Mala Jewelry Cаn Improve Your Life

    HEALING PROPERTIES OF GEMSTONE MALA JEWELRY Gemstone Mala Jewelry cаn be much more thаn а lovely аccessory to mаtch аn outfit; it cаn improve your life. Gemstones аttrаct аnd mаgnify specific energies which cаn enhаnce or diminish mаny situаtions in life. For thousаnds of yeаrs, people hаve worn organic gemstone jewelry to help […]

About Mantra Beads

Mantra Beads Mantra bracelets are powerful and beautiful prayer beads that are used for reciting mantras and we are here to tell you some interesting information about Mantra Beads! There is a mantra bracelet also known as a wrist mala. Our beads aren’t just valued for their innate beauty, they have a practical use to […]

Mindfulness for healing relationships… It works!

  So much can be cured by mindfulness meditation. It boosts our mental wellness and reduces stress, nervousness, depression, and  can help with chronic pain, as well as help to heal, improve and even fix relationships. A new study suggests that for individuals with tempers or anxiety, mindfulness for healing relationships programs might be beneficial […]

Mala Beads by Color for Reiki Healing

What are the healing properties of mala beads by color?   Mala Meditation Bead Meanings by Using  Gemstone Jewel Tones Light is energy and white light when broken down and refracted becomes a rainbow spectrum of colors. Those colors oscillate different wave vibrational frequencies, and according to Reiki (subtle light energy healing), these colors can […]

Workout… with Shiva Rea Yoga!

Shiva Rea is an accomplished western yoga workout teacher that we highly recommend, from Southern California. She created a form of yoga called Shiva Rea yoga which is a very strong,  joyful method of combining a moderate workout with yoga exercise. It was designed to improve the energy flow of the individuals regardless of what […]

Healing Spring Cleaning Detox… Inside and Out!

Outer Spring Cleaning Detox Spring is our favorite time of year because it always feels that we can have a fresh start, like a whole new life, filled with growth and possibility. We like to take this time of year to begin the new renewal process with cleaning our homes, bodies and mind, to start […]

Quartz Crystal, A Master Healing Stone

What Is Quartz? Quartz crystal, a master healing stone, should become an important part of everyone’s daily life. With crystals as pale and surreal as a wisp of smoke, as dark and clear as midnight waters, or as warm and rich as a cognac by the fire, this mineral honors its connection with Mother Earth. […]

Good Morning Yoga!

Start the day out right with Good Morning Yoga, wherever you are, right at home! Yoga positions are the basic constitution of any yoga practice. Yoga postures are exercise for your body, heart and mind, they are not just for a physical, outer workout. The word yoga is from an ancient language Sanskrit, with the […]

New Year’s Yoga for Weight Loss

Can Yoga Practice Help Me to Lose Weight? It’s January, and time for New Year’s Yoga for Weight Loss. Ok we are there too, it’s after the Holidays, and we’ve stopped our family dinners, deserts, and overeating, and yet, too scared to look at our “karmic accumulation” on the scale. We must make some changes […]

5 Way to Make A (Yoga Practice) Great Again for 2018

The colorful, light-infused, holiday season is once more upon us and with of the holidays come our beloved traditions and it’s time to Make Yoga Practice Great Again! After time with family, eating, more eating, celebrating, traveling, we then have the… both dreaded and inspiring…. New Year’s Resolutions! The source of this tradition dates all […]

Holiday Blues? Try Meditation!

  Cures for Holiday Stress Holiday Depression got you down… try meditation! The Holidays for many can be a stressful and for some, a poignant, lonely time. As winter sets in, memories of lost family and (for some of us) youth, the shopping craze etc. can trigger feelings that are not always wholly joyful. There […]

The Calming Power of Mantra

What is Mantra? Depressed, Anxious these days, well we are too, when we don’t practice our manta and meditation. There’s an ancient history of chanting mantras for everything from health to prosperity, and mainly to calm our nervous system. The Calming Power of Mantra offers insight into chanting can shed some light on the advantages […]

The Empowering Mala Necklace

ABOUT THIS INSPIRED DESIGN Lavish in the luxurious allure of the Empowering Mala Necklace from Sakura Designs. Bestowing the wearer with healing energies and providing protection from negativity, this Mala takes action for you. The Empowering Mala showcases two essential stones that band together to create a stunning representation of personal power. Black Onyx and […]

Ancient Prayer Beads & Bodhi Mala History

  Everything has a history, we are especially interested in the bodhi mala history, here at buddhistmala. Sometimes we forget that with the mundane things in life. Everything we see around us that we take for granted all has an origin story that one could call fascinating. This is about the origin of our inspired, […]

Tiger’s Eye Astrology Mala for Scorpio

November Birthstone Mala Beads: Tiger’s Eye for Scorpio The winds are picking up, the temperatures are dropping, and the trees are shedding their final leaves: November is upon us, the month of the Scorpio. Known for their fierce loyalty, bravery, and passion, Scorpios have a reputation of being the most intense zodiac. Often misunderstood, Scorpio energy […]

Amber Mala Prayer Beads for November

Golden Prayer Bead Choices for November Warm up with Golden Sunshine as it gets colder! Prayer Beads, made with one of our birthstone of the month prayer beads, are not only created to be beautiful to your eyes, but also to your yoga soul and spirit. And why not? Our prayers are messages our souls […]

Riding the Winds Change with Yoga, Meditation and Mantra

Go with the Flow… Sometimes it feels like change is the only constant in life, and some people are more adaptable than others.  While a go with the flow attitude is second nature to some, many feel paralyzed with indecision in the face of big changes that require life decisions. In those moments of uncertainty, […]

How to Use a Mala for Japa Mantra Meditation

Japa Mantra Meditation and the Use of Malas   Japa Mantra Meditation is an ancient Buddhist practice where a chosen mantra is repeated out loud 108 times in Sanskrit. Japa meditation is a sound meditation. Each sound of the Sanskrit language has a unique vibration which affects the energetic makeup of your mind and body. […]

October Birthstone Mala Beads & Bracelet for Libra

About October Birthstone Libra Mala Beads Our October Libra Mala Beads  are traditionally used for prayer and spiritual practices, such as meditation and mantra recitations. The beads are normally worn around wrists, like bracelets, or dangle from fingers while repeating the mantra. Mantras are typically repeated several or even thousands of times, and the beads […]

Featured Mala of the Month: Lapis Lazuli

  Deep Ocean Blue Evokes Emotional Depth With the coming of the new Millennium also came a drastic change in how we live our daily lives. We are currently living in the age of information, of technology, and of worldly pleasures. Many of us, though with good intentions, still fall victims to the technological dangers […]

September Birthstone Mala for Virgo

Oh sweet September, Virgo’s are the stars of your month! September is the months for celebrating Virgo, the kind, hardworking, and practical sign. Virgos are also known for their intellect, tend to love art, science, literature, and mathematics, and usually excel at detailed work. Why not remind yourself how amazing your mind is everyday with a […]

Mantra Beads for a Broken Heart

Most everyone who walks this beautiful planet has experienced a broken heart. When emotional wounds are raw, it is crucial to nourish your physical and spiritual health. The gentle, but rigorous, challenges of mantra practice or a yoga flow, help keep you grounded in your body. Feel the support of, and connection with, the earth […]

Leo Birthstone Prayer Beads for August!

Leo it’s your month in August! Leo’s are natural-born leaders, and like their lion embodiment, love to take charge always seeking new challenges. We have made sure that this fiery sign will fall in love with our Leo mala bracelet. This amazing bracelet allows you to take your spirituality wherever your search for self-awareness takes […]

An Introduction To The Popular Forms of Yoga

Yoga, Health and Wellness: healthy living through your choice of yoga traditions-   Entering into the world of yoga can be a bit overwhelming.  A quick search of local classes will often return a seemingly unending selection of different styles.  An aspiring yogi can quickly become lost if they do not know what they are […]

4 Ways to Choose Your Mala

When selecting your first mala, the choices can seem overwhelming. The varieties of colors, styles, and intentions might dissuade  potential mala users away from utilizing this beautiful tool. Allow this brief guide to help make that decision a bit easier. Why Malas? Step into any yoga studio or meditation center, and you are bound to […]

June Birthstone Prayer Beads for Gemini

Gemini comes across as a flighty, social but often amicable sign. However, there is more to this sunny, friendly personality. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, which means they are dual-natured and can seem to have two sides to their personality; oftentimes one side is more socially and intellectually expressive while the other is fraught […]

Jade Birthstone Prayer Beads: Taurus Gemstone Mala

The month of May is the time of year that represents change, rebirth, and growth. Sakura’s Taurus Mala Bracelet is a beautiful representation of the lush, vibrant greens that appear in this month. All facets of nature sing in harmony as winter fades away and spring comes to life, and many individuals embrace this season […]

Our Mini Mala Collection-Imported

 What Are Mini Malas?? See Our Collection Here…   Mala beads are traditionally 8mm in diameter, to be precise, 0.3149606 of an inch, about 1/3rd, the size of an edamame.  We presume all of our readers can relate to that! The mini malas are 6mm, smaller than the norm, about the size of a pea. […]

Sacred Beads, Rosaries and Calming the Mind

How Sacred Bead Rosaries are Used in Various Spiritual Traditions Rosaries are used in nearly every world religion, prayer beads  to mark the repetition of some devotion, usually a specific prayer or mantra. Using the beads to keep track of breaths, mantras, or recitations allows those engaged in meditation to devote themselves entirely to their spiritual […]

February Birthstone Malas- Aquarius

Aquarius Your individual nature and broad-mindedness are what makes you Aquarius.  You belong to the air element and as such are full of ideas which can inspire and insight, but sometimes cause you to easily lose patience and have feelings of non-fulfillment.  But like everything in life, nature has a way of counteracting negativity with […]

Garnet Prayer Beads: The Mala of the Month

In honor of this wonderful New Year of starting fresh, it seemed fitting that we focus this month on the importance of gratitude. It’s hard to believe we’re starting a whole new year. As you’re beginning to make preparations for 2017, take a moment every once in a while to reflect on all the beautiful […]

Healing Properties of our Mala Beads

If you are wondering which set of mala beads to choose from, we have a really cool Gemstone Numerology Birthstone Calculator at the bottom of this page. Just type in your birthdate and the suggested healing  stones specific to you will appear! But in general, how is your spiritual life? Do you find it easy […]

December Birthstone Mala Beads- Sagittarius

Birthstone Prayer Beads for December December celebrates Sagittarius, the sign that represents those who love adventure and freedom. It’s the perfect month for you as you’ll be surrounded by family and friends during the holiday season. They will flock to you because of your excellent skill in conversation and fun nature. Gift yourself this year […]

Featured Mala: Black Onyx Mala Beads

Mala Prayer Beads of the Month- Balance by Black Onyx Life has a way of becoming stagnant. It is easy to lose connection with oneself as well as with the world around us. Bad habits can form and behaviors start to take place that no longer serve us or help us grow. If these feelings […]

Birthstone Mala Bracelet for November- Scorpio

November is here! This is your month, Scorpio. Time to shine your brightest. The birthstone for the month of November is Citrine, a stone of brilliant oranges and yellows with the warmth of the sun. In honor of our Scorpio friends, we have a specially made combination of mala beads, created to complement your wonderfully unique […]

The Mala Prayer Beads of the Month: The Well-Being Mala

Evoke Inner Joy with our Well-Being Mala Beads! With the holidays quickly approaching, it seems there’s no better time than the present to focus on family and living in harmony, reminding ourselves how fortunate we are to be surrounded by those we love during this special time of the year. This month, we will highlight the […]

Mala Beads for October- Opalite

Birthstone Mala of the Month for October – Opal Zodiac bracelets with mala beads connect you to your inner animal spirit or element with an astrological gemstone bracelet. Our gemstone bracelets are adjustable and natural and can provide wisdom, prosperity and healing to the wearer. You can even stack many together for additional accessorizing. The […]

Yoga Jewelry

Have you seen a child who just discovered a new toy; this is the kind of reaction you will see when a person discovers the world of yoga jewelry.

Malas- What are they really all about?

About Mala Beads Prayer beads have already been utilized for centuries as a devotion and meditation tool. An intention, prayer or mantra is recited for each one of the beads. Many religions have some kind of sacred prayer bead, Christianity-rosary, Hindu-jappa, Islam-subhah, and Buddhist-mala. We, at Sakura Designs feature Buddhist malas, and are Buddhist and […]

Using Mala Prayer Beads to Set Intentions for Yoga Practice

Yoga is a meditative practice that attends to both the spiritual components of the mind and the physical structures of the body. Aligning these elements is a crucial part of any yoga practice and is achieved by setting intentions which help us recognize changes we wish to see within ourselves. Intentions are difficult to manufacture […]

Mindful Meditative Yoga for Healing

    In the fast-paced reality many of us have created for ourselves, we rarely have time to center our thoughts and our actions. Yoga for healing provides the body and mine some peace through mindfulness and relaxation. The benefits of yoga are endless, but the decrease of mental and physical pain may be the biggest […]

Featured Mala- Magnetizing Mala Beads (Lotus Love)

  Feeling confused, exhausted, and uninspired? Then you will benefit from the use of some magnetizing mala necklace, healing crystals to get you back on your true path with renewed vigor and heart. Consider the The Magnetizing Mala Necklace, created using a powerful and beautiful combination of lotus love mala beads. If you are needing a […]