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Good Morning Yoga!

Start the day out right with Good Morning Yoga, wherever you are, right at home! Yoga positions are the basic constitution of any yoga practice. Yoga postures are exercise for your body, heart and mind, they are not just for a physical, outer workout. The word yoga is from an ancient language Sanskrit, with the root word for “yoke” like a horse bridal, to take control and mastery of our own energy, the inner marriage of spirit and mind. Yoga began in India over 5 thousand years ago as it is still practiced today for the mind, body and the spirit’s wellness. There is a morning yoga practice, that can be created, your way!  You can create a flow of 10 simple yoga poses or asanas that you can do each morning. By practicing these 10 asanas begin your day energized, relaxed, and filled with joy, even in challenging times.

Morning Yoga Flow

Here is a suggested Morning Yoga Flow, you can go to Youtube for detailed instructions for these poses, or take a few drop in classes to learn a DIY sequence. Regular yoga practice is life changing, you’ll notice that you naturally drop all unhealthy habits.

Start with a comfortable Meditation Pose – begin by sitting in a position that’s comfortable, usually cross legged. Sit up straight, close your eyes, as it begins, taking slow exhalations and inhalations. You can use our mala beads to count breaths, mantras on intentions. Try to quiet your mind. Forget about that term paper due, the cleaning, or all of your daily tasks and emotional involvements, this is time just for you. For the next minutes, all of that matters is here and now, say “hi” your your own heart!

Surya Namaskara Namaste! This greeting means “the eternal light within me greets the eteral light within you!” It’s a perfect simple yoga flow to start the day, facing the sun if possible.

Cat/Cow Pose – The cat to cow stretch extends that movement along the entire spine, helping to awaken the entire body. Make certain to pay attention as you move between these poses.

Downward Facing Dog Pose – Press. Pedal the legs, then another and bending one knee. Flex your knees as it reach your rear up high. Then slowly straighten the legs. Take any other moves that allow you to settle into the pose. Whenever you feel ready, hold the posture to five to 10 breaths. This yoga pose opens up the base of the human body and is very energizing.

Morning Yoga Practice


Standing Forward Bend or  “Uttanasana Pose” – Swan dive down to standing forward bend uttanasana. Come that you flat back “uttanasana” with the fingertips on the floor or your hands on your shins, as it after that forward bend back into uttanasana. To get a fantastic hamstring stretch, do that slowly.

Warrior One Pose – begin by standing up straight, and after that step your left leg back 3 as it a half to 4 feet. Bend your right knee so its straight above the ankle, as it turn your left foot in slightly. Raise your arms straight above you, reaching opne-heartedly, and look up. This yoga pose stretches the back as it the body.

Warrior Two Pose – Warrior Two is derived comparable To Warrior One, but the arms would be held out that you the side with the head looking forward, as it the rear foot is derived at a 90 degree angle rather than turned in slightly.

Tree Pose – That is a standing yoga pose that can help to cultivate balance and strengthen your legs.

Once you learn a few postures or asanas, you can easily put together a simple and regular morning routine, discipline is the key. Here’s to bringing out the best within us, each morning, and a perfect, fresh and sunny start to each new day!

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