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New Year’s Yoga for Weight Loss

Can Yoga Practice Help Me to Lose Weight?

It’s January, and time for New Year’s Yoga for Weight Loss. Ok we are there too, it’s after the Holidays, and we’ve stopped our family dinners, deserts, and overeating, and yet, too scared to look at our “karmic accumulation” on the scale. We must make some changes and it’s time to lose those extra pounds. Restarting our morning Yoga practice can help us to come back into inner, outer and spiritual balance where body naturally comes to it’s optimal weight. Doing yoga for fat loss is simply a small application of the incredible inner and outer technology which can open doors to a lot more, and it starts with the belly.

Stoke the Digestive Fire

In case our digestion was not optimal and our capacity to convert the food to energy has slowed down during these winter months, whenever we start practicing yoga, the digestive fire become triggered to help with digestion. The conversion of foods into energy will be more effective and you will start loosing weight, we promise! Now, if this digestive fire (or Agni in Sanskrit and Ayurvedic medicine), is activated, however much we eat, we’ll find we can reduce weight. If you are practicing yoga regularly, you may even find that if you eat a bigger quantity of food, you nevertheless do not put on weight, you lose weight. Yoga rejuvenates the system and creates a fast and powerful inner well being,  that you will not continue to overeat. The healthier we get, we are naturally more attracted to healthier food, people, places and lifestyle patterns.

Upa Yoga, All Day!

There is some thing called Upa Yoga – which means startup yoga, active yoga or useful methods of doing things with self care and mindfulness. Upa Yoga is a holistic way of life that starts with a commitment to daily yoga practice, even 15 minutes in the morning. If you practice Upa Yoga methods of yoga, then physical, mental, and emotional fitness is assured, or at least we can bring out our “best selves.” You can slowly develop strength, endurance and may build some muscle tone, and most importantly, gain inner calm. You can certainly gain muscle tone and light cardio with yoga as well, so it’s a heart strengthener and life extender. We can no longer say that we are too tired or don’t have the time, our self care practice can become the basis of everything.

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Better than the Gym

In yoga, we do not just focus on this muscular strength alone, like working out in a gym. Even when you’ve created more muscle, if your heart, liver and digestion are never working correctly, it’s not an effective exercise. It is extremely essential that your system is usable and flexible. We see body builders and weight lifters grow muscle mass but without flexibility, and certainly not connect to inner peace and well being. If you see individuals who’ve bulked up, they can’t do an Asana properly. Our Guru said that he looked once at the cover of a body builder magazine and said “the body looks good, but their mind is disturbed.” Upa Yoga, practiced daily is just as effective in building bodily strength as any fat training exercise, and it will not create any pointless stress on the system. Also, the gym with music blasting, our iPods on, multiple TVs., and other people, disconnects us from ourselves, whereas, taking essential, silent time alone, energizes us. Ok, tomorrow morning, from 6-7am, it’s Yoga- salute to the sun, a new year, a new day, a body transformation! Let’s do it- for 2018- New Year’s Yoga for Weight Loss.

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